Natalie and Greg

Natalie and Greg

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]hile I believe every proposal is probably the best day of any woman’s life, for me, what makes it that much more special is the amount of thought and planning your husband to be puts into making it the most memorable moment of your life. That is exactly what my fiancé did.

My boyfriend (now fiancé) and I have been dating for 9 years, high school sweethearts some liked to call us, I preferred soul mates. We met in high school and have spent probably the best time of our lives so far side by side. We matriculated, graduated and entered the big bad working world all together and we have loved every minute of it.

As we had been dating for so long, we were constantly the target of all conversations and jokes, “when are you ever going to get married” people would say– and to be honest, it never bugged us. We both extremely ambitious people and have always put each other’s personal and professional goals first. We saved, we travelled and we experienced as much as we could, bringing us all the more closer together. It was never about what everyone else had to say, it was only ever about what was right for us. We had a plan, to buy a house and move in together first.

Every December we try to take a short holiday, usually to Cape Town as his family has accommodation there. So at the end of last year was no different. Greg told me he had booked flights on Mango to Cape Town and we would be there from 26 – 30 December. It’s not nearly enough time, but he had to be back at work on the 31st, so I was taking any breakaway we could get. As we arrived at the airport I noticed us detouring towards the SAA check in counter. When I asked Greg why we were going to SAA he politely said, “I couldn’t get the cheaper tickets on Mango and was worried you wouldn’t want to pay the price just for 5 days”. Slightly annoyed at him feeling the need to lie about the tickets, I shrugged it off and walked towards the check in. The lady asked, “So where to?” “Cape Town” I shouted out. It was at this point Greg stepped forward and said, “no, we are going to Livingston” and presented her with our passports.

“Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Babe,” he said (My birthday is near the end of the year). I had no idea where Livingston was, I was so utterly and completely moved at his gift that I didn’t even care.

Once we landed in Zambia, I realised we were off to one of our bucket list destinations, Victoria Falls. Greg’s mom was originally from Rhodesia and we had both said it is one place we have to see in our lifetime.

I was ecstatic until I realised all the extreme sporting activities he had planned for us. While Greg is a daredevil, I prefer not to be, but he always seems to convince (con) me into taking part. In all honesty, if he didn’t push me, I wouldn’t experience half the things life has to offer because of fear – he never allows me to miss out and always makes me feel safe enough to trust that all will be ok. Helicopter ride, tandem Gorge Swing and White Water River rafting on the Zambezi River were all on the agenda (Gulp!).

On the second last day of our trip, we decided to tour the Vic Falls. There are 16 view points along the falls of the Zimbabwean side and from approximately point 8 you get completely soaked in the torrential rain that is the spray from the Vic Falls. Hard to believe how wet you get from water spray. Needless to say he waited until we were both soaked, my long straight hair had curled in all kinds of places and my fringe looked like a cow licked it. We returned to points one and two to retake some photos, these were also two of our most favourite view points as you could see both sides of the falls.

Greg stopped a family passing by and asked the daughter to take a photo of us together (or so I thought). While I held our spot for the photo, tourists were flocking in at this point, he had asked the young girl to actually take a video. I stood waiting and waiting for the tourists to move until the girl taking the video piped up and asked the tourists to move. I was so embarrassed and couldn’t understand why she was shoving them out of the way. I apologised in all kinds of languages and sign languages and explained we would be two minutes. It was then that I turned around to look at the falls and position myself for the photo only to turn around and find Greg on his knee.

At that moment there were two sets of falls, the one behind me and the Niagara Falls streaming out of my eyes. His words were, “You took a leap of faith with me off the gorge swing and throughout our lives together, please take the last leap of faith and marry me”. In my muffled snot and red eyes, I managed to scream “YES!!!”

We then turned around to find an audience of tourists who had gathered around us all caught up in this amazing moment. We took photos with them as they too will forever be a part of our special story.

Once we had returned to the hotel room, Greg started to explain all the ins and outs and planning it took to pull the holiday off without me knowing a thing – passports, yellow fever vaccination and having the ring designed just to name a few. He had been planning this surprise for 3 months and included just enough people that needed to be included to keep the surprise going. The attention to detail and effort he took to make our engagement day the most memorable day of my life proves to me once again how lucky I am to be marrying such an amazing man.



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