Natania and David

Natania & David

Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will.”

The first time I met David it was as if I knew this man would change my life and everything I ever had planned for myself.

I came to Cape Town for the first time in October 2011 to visit my friend Sumarie who had moved down from Johannesburg, I had just ended an extremely abusive relationship that wasted four years of my life – so men was the last thing on my mind, All I wanted to do was sip cocktails on the beach with my best friend and forget about everything going on at home for a few days, but like most things in life, it did not work out this way (Good thing this time). The moment I walked through the arrivals door at Cape Town International Airport and laid eyes on David was the moment my entire life changed forever.

David and I fell completely head over heels in love that first holiday in October, I then came down from Joburg to visit him and his 6 year old son Damian every month after that until June 2nd 2012.

I came down for my monthly visit as usual but something about David seemed different, he was not his usual carefree surfer self and it immediately worried me, had I done something wrong? Did I not look as good as I usually did? has he met someone else? Is this long distance thing not working for him???? All of these thoughts were running wildly through my mind that weekend, On Saturday afternoon he announced that we were going for a picnic at the Langebaan Nature Reserve, Awesome I thought, some alone time, and hopefully I can figure out what’s bothering him, Upon entering the reserve I noticed that he started driving even slower than the 30km per hour sign. I still joked about tortoises passing us, (I remember counting 12 at the side of the road that day), He took me to a small secluded beach called “Preekstoel”, We set up our picnic blanket, opened a bottle of wine and had some sandwiches I had made for us.

After a while I went in search of the bathroom – for those of you familiar with “Preekstoel”. I climbed the steps that led up to the ablution blocks only to return with my fiancé on one knee at the bottom of the steps. This was by far the single most romantic moment of my entire life, walking down those stairs, saying YES with each step, him slipping the most beautiful ring on my finger and then both of us bursting into tears, lol it all actually feels like a dream now. I resigned from my then current position in Joburg upon my return on Monday and returned to my fiance “sak en pak” 15 days later.

Poor David later admitted to having the ring in his pocket the entire time I was there and he was so worried I would see it before the big moment came

Till today I would not change one thing about him or our relationship, not for one day do I regret leaving everything behind.

We will be getting married on Sept 21st in Langebaan, the only day I can ever imagine topping the day I got engaged.

I went from down in the dumps ,newly single to having two gorgeous men in my life – David and Damian, Thank you for reading my story. Sharing it has reminded me of what a wonderful man my David is




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