Natasha and Marc

Natasha and Marc

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]T[/dropcap]hey say one just knows when you have met “the Right One”. For many years I considered this as nonsense, belonging in fairytales and nursery rhymes and, after all, this is the real world, right?

This firm belief in “the Right One” being unrealistic came to a crashing halt on November 23, 2011! The day I “met” the man I was going to marry one day! I place “met” in inverted commas, because I had casually met him before. On this given evening, however, at his sister’s birthday party, we connected!

This said, my stubborn nature kicked in and at a request for a date, I suggested a casual braai with friends instead. What? Alone… on a date? I don’t think so!!! What if I REALLY like him? Hence… a braai… with friends would probably be ‘safer’.

Needless to say, two days after the braai I caved and agreed to a lunch date, ehmmm which turned into a dinner date as well J and this is where it all starts! We both knew that this relationship was just a bit different to the previous ones, and this was not going to come to an end… not any time soon.

On Saturday the 18th of August 2012 very excited Marc suggested we go fly the Extra 200 the plane he flies in aerobatic competitions (The Extra is a small, powerful two seat aerobatic plane where the passenger sits in the front tandem seat.)

I was not keen; rather fancying a lazy Saturday at home, but he looked so excited… I couldn’t let him down and agreed to meet him at the airfield later. On arrival I spotted Marc dancing in the sky and gracefully landing the plane. As usual, all the pilots at the airfield were jumping up and down and standing in line for a flip! Marc paid no attention and politely said “Nope- I am only taking Tash for a flight today.” Like a proud peacock I jumped into the front seat of the Extra and buckled up nice and tight for some rolls and loops in the sky. Aerobatics always puts me in a good mood!

After the sequence Marc had practiced the week before (well so I thought) and close to landing, Marc suggested one more manoeuvre, this to be different to ANY one I have EVER had before!!! As we were upside down staring at the ground through the clear hood, a little black item dangling to my left caught my eye… I quickly looked away thinking “Oh NOOOOOOO, what have I done or touched… I broke the plane!!!” When I realized that it was a jewelry box… my head almost ripped of my shoulders as I turned back to the little  black box tied to a piece of string and decorated with a purple ribbon. My heart raced and the world around me disappeared… the only thing that could come out my mouth was… “ M_A_R_C!!!!!” to which he replied  “don’t open it until we land” Marc had obviously spent a lot of time and effort to rig the little box to drop down at the moment critique. I think it was most probably Marc’s most difficult landing, and also the most tense 30 seconds of our lives and felt like a lifetime! It is AMAZING how much can go through one’s mind in just 30 seconds, for example “Oh no Tash, you have made such a fool of yourself, it is probably just some earrings or a bracelet.. oh you silly girl!! Ahhh, there is no way you can recover from this one!!! ” As we come to a halt Marc was out the plane before you can say “fly”.. hands shaking and heart in my throat I struggle to undo my buckles and before I know it Marc is on one knee with the box in his hand staring up at me and said “will you marry me?”

I fell to my knees and hugged him sobbing an “ah-hu” which was all I could manage…

As we opened a bottle of Champagne and grabbed two glasses from the boot of Marc’s car all I could do was sob with excitement and happiness, the start of the rest of our lives together was here!!!

For about an hour afterwards I was completely speechless and the most that I could do was utter… ehhm, ahhh, and wow… thank goodness my mum understood that to be “Mum, Marc just proposed”

Such a happy day for us both!! Now for the big day in September 2013.


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