Nedean and Eben

Nedean & Eben

[dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e were dating for a year on the 10th of February 2013 which was on a Sunday. So the weekend we had this whole planned just me and him weekend spending time together. The Saturday night we had a braai outside and chatted the night away. After going to bed that night at 12 the morning, knowing the next day we would celebrate our big one year!!!

Now the plan was that on the Sunday we would go to the botanical gardens for a nice day. But at 3.30am on Sunday morning he woke me up, (I was not very happy about this, we only went to bed at 12am) Now he’s excuse was that he planned a morning pick-nick at the Walter Sisulu botanical gardens (but who does a morning pick-nick was my thought)so I was immediately suspect.

We went to Heia Safari ranch – out on Beyer’s Naude, (by this time I knew something was up)

When we arrived there he had booked a hot air balloon trip for us, and I then immediately calmed down and was excited as this was the big surprise for our 1 year anniversary.

So we went on the hot air balloon trip, came down. And it was fun and beautiful (there was these photographers snapping away at us every moment they get, which I thought was a bit funny, but Eben convinced me that they thought we were a nice couple…something like that…)

After the whole trip we went back to heia safari lodge, and the bus took us down to the waterfall were everyone took photo’s etc.

I took my camera and headed of taking a much photo’s of this waterfall as I can.

Eventually he kept calling me to him, ( where he was standing in the middle of the bridge)

So I walked over to him, we posed for a photo and the photographers were snapping away again.

Then suddenly he turns to me and says that we not here for our 1year anniversary, but in this time we have been together he knows there is no-one in his life he would rather be with for the rest of his life, as I am his best friend (at this point I knew what was happening so I can’t completely remember what he said…)

The next moment he went down on his one knee took at the ring and said, Nedean Rudolph will you marry me.

At which I started laughing and say yes, you ‘idiot’ off course I will!

And so after that everyone congratulated us and we had breakfast.

I can truly say I can wait to marry him.


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