Organise a Bush Wedding – More Tips

Organise a Bush Wedding – More Tips

Your next challenge when planning your bush wedding is to organise your actual wedding day once you have sorted out accommodation and travelling logistics. For your decor you have probably already decided on your colour scheme. The best thing about a bush wedding venue is that very little decor is needed as nature supplies its own beauty. Your venue will be able to provide you with local flower artists for your flowers. And lighting at the lodge is very important. Lanterns and candles are amazing and create such a romantic atmosphere.


Your venue will be able to help you with service providers such as a wedding officiate. It is a good idea to try and meet him/her before the wedding if possible so as to ensure that you get on well with each other. If this is impossible, you can email them all your questions and also your wedding vows if you are writing your own. You may even ask him/her what sort of clothes they will wear on your big day so you can be sure they fit in with what your idea of what a wedding officiate should be.

For your photographer you can either find your own or you can ask your wedding lodge to recommend a local one. Expect this to be one of the largest expenses in your budget as there will be travelling expenses involved. You will also have to provide accommodation for your photographer. The upside is that they will be there the entire day and night, so you should have great photographs.

Your hairdresser and makeup artist will probably be experienced in preparing for a wedding at this location. Again you will have to rely on emails as there probably won’t be time for a trial. Send them both loads of pictures with your ideas on how you want to look so you both know what to expect. Ask them to send you pictures of their other weddings they have done so you can see whether they are the style you are looking for.

Once you have found your bush wedding venue you will have to choose where to have your ceremony. You may wish to have it under a big tree or maybe in a dry river bed. Your contact at the lodge will be able to advise you and give you a choice of venues. Choose the time of day so your photographer is able to make best use of the light and sunset.


When you and your husband go out for your wedding photographs it will probably be a game drive as well. This is why it is important to have canapés and cocktails or drinks for your guests. These canapés can comprise your starter as well.

Your menu can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. A traditional barbeque with delicious salads goes down well, but you can be led by the venue. As far as music is concerned, it depends on where you are, but please consider the resident animals! If you do not have exclusive use of the venue there will probably be a no music policy. Ask if they can maybe organise a choir or traditional dancers if you wish to add an African feel.

The success of your bush wedding will largely depend on your relationship with the lodge and if that is good, your day will be a great success and you will be relaxed enough to enjoy it!


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