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Organise a Bush Wedding

Organize a Bush Wedding

One of the privileges of our existence is being able to go on an African Safari to see the amazing array of nature on display and in such beautiful surroundings! Not only the Big 5, but also all the buck and smaller animals, birds and insects in their glorious natural environment. A bush holiday is like no other!

It is no wonder that brides from throughout the world are choosing a bush wedding for their wedding day! It is a perfect way of combining your wedding with a safari holiday honeymoon.


The first hurdle is to find a suitable venue for your wedding and one that suits your budget. Most bush wedding venues are small and intimate. There are a few though, for example The Protea Hotel Kruger Gate Lodge, which is perfect for larger weddings. It has a magical setting overlooking the Kruger National Park and has plenty of activities to keep the wedding party happy!  Any private game lodge venue that is situated in a Big 5 Reserve is going to be more expensive on the accommodation side than a venue that may be situated in the bush but in a reserve that does not have the Big 5. Because you will have to organise your wedding from a distance it is important that you develop an open communication with the person who will be on the ground. Be honest about what you want and what you don’t want. Remember to listen to their advice as well, as they know better than anyone what is possible, and they may have some good ideas for you to consider. It is imperative that you trust each other otherwise it is going to be a very tough journey for you.

Once you have chosen your venue you will be able to decide on accommodation. Unless you have a small, intimate wedding, this will involve some of your guests staying at nearby lodges. It is important to realise that not all guests will be able to afford expensive accommodation, so it is a good idea to try and find camping accommodation nearby or self-catering accommodation. An important consideration now is the logistics of how the guests will be transported from their accommodation to the venue for the ceremony and reception. Many lodges have their own game drive vehicles which they will make available. As you can see, it is important to have the accommodation in fairly close proximity.

I think for the best weddings, it is important for the guests to spend at least 2 nights at the venue. In our next article we will be discussing the ceremony, reception and party at your bush wedding.


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