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[dropcap color=”rosy”]T[/dropcap]o start off with, I feel that I. have the most amazing and romantic Proposal and Love story, whether I win this or not.. I got engaged to my best friend, of 12 years and a bit.. (We’ve been friends for 12 yrs, and I’ve had a secret crush on him and loved him since the day I layed my eyes on him 12yrs and 8months ago) loved him forever, and we only started dating in October 2012. I still get those butterflies when I think just how lucky I am to be engaged to my best friend..

Well, to start with the proposal.. He proposed to me on Christmas eve 2012, waited for my entire family to hand out and receive their gifts from loved the last gift was handed, I was asked to go and stand with him next to the beautifully lid up xmas tree.. I was amazed, shocked and didn’t know what to expect.. When I finally got to him (which felt like forever) he took my hand, and thanked me for allowing him into myself and my son’s lives (he is now 5yrs old) and thanked me for accepting him and loving him the way I do. He then told me how much he loves us, and how he has always pictured us as the happy couples he’s always seen, which he has always longed for, and that he can only see me in his picture of “forever after” and if I would do him the honor by completing his love story by saying yes to his proposal. I was speechless, couldn’t get a word out, except a swear word! Oops!! But I was astonished and in shock, as this was the last thing I expected to happen, reason being, we’ve only been dating since 13 October 2012, and then got engaged on 24 December 2012.. I couldn’t have been happier, God has finally given me the person that I have loved for over 12 years.. And I know even with our ups and downs, we will live happily ever after..


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