Renewal of Wedding Vows


There are many reasons why a couple would want to say “I do still” and renew their wedding vows! Maybe it is a special anniversary, a celebration of something great that has happened to them, or the fact that they have weathered a bad time together and feel that it has brought them closer. It may also be that at the time of their original wedding they never had the finances, but now wish to splash out on the wedding they never had.

The size of the celebration depends on the reasons you wish to have a vow renewal ceremony. Some may want a very small intimate celebration with just their children, or their immediate family present, while others may want a big bash with friends and family.

There are no rules and traditions for a vow renewal. Unlike a wedding which is steeped in what you should and shouldn’t do, you can let your imagination run riot when planning your wedding vow renewal. Your wedding vow renewal is an opportunity to have the celebration at a destination you have been dreaming of. That exclusive 5 star spa and retreat may be just the spot to spend a romantic weekend with your partner. Utilise this time to renew your vows in a romantic setting. If it is a country retreat or an urban setting the choice is yours. It is an ideal time to spend some quality family time with your children. They will also appreciate the fact that you are declaring your love and devotion to each other. And you can involve them in the process, either as letting them present a little speech to you both or even if they can help prepare a dessert for the meal. They will definitely want to be included every step of the way in all your planning for this occasion.

It is a great idea to organise a photographer and/or a videographer to capture your special day. The most important aspect to capture will be the exchanging of vows. You may wish to repeat your wedding vows or you may wish to write new ones that are more relevant to your current situation, but whatever you choose, a vow renewal ceremony is definitely growing in popularity.


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