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[dropcap color=”rosy”]O[/dropcap]ne evening, shortly after our first daughter was born.  I had just finished bathing her when he came into the room.  At first he was just hanging around like a “slap chip” and then sat down on the bed as I was packing her things away.  He seemed trouble and confused and nervous all at the same time.

When I passed him he pulled me into his arms and said: “ I have been racking my brain trying to think of the perfect way to ask you and still I am non the wiser… so here it is… Will you marry me?”  My first response was: “ Are you serious?” as he was never one to believe in the institution.  His face kinda fell, assuming that my answer was not what hê had hoped for. Hê then continued to say that hê has been carrying the ring around for weeks waiting fro the perfect moment but hê did not want to wait any longer.  I had to know how hê felt.

I then commented on my outfit… dressed in his comfy shorts and an old t-shirt, hair caught in a clip standing in every direction… His answer was: “Your are my gorgeous… The only day you were more beautiful than you are right now is the day you gave me my precious daughter.  I love you with all of me and I want the world to know that… please marry me…

And of course… I said yes..


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