Rune & Gert

My mom always tells me, when Gert, my fiance, came into my primary school in Grade 2 I rushed home that afternoon and told her I found the boy I want to marry some day. It took him a little longer to realise, but in Grade 11 we started dating and we have never been apart since!! 7 years along the line and still feel so lucky!!

My fiance proposed to me 28 March 2013, just before my birthday, so when he suggested we go out, I thought nothing about it he was just taking me out for my birthday. He took me to Thaba Ya Botswana to play with the lion cubs they have there (I Have been wanting to go for months!) We played with the cubs in the cage for about 40 minutes when he asked the lady if they weren’t suppose to have another white lion cub. (At that moment I thought to myself don’t be rude, there is already 4 other lion cubs, more than enough, it doesn’t matter) She said the other white cub was just next door he can fetch him if he likes. I just kept playing with the other lions while he left. He came back with the most beautiful white lion cub named Mojo, and when he handed him to me the ring was tied around his neck with a red ribbon.

I love this photo, where the cub is nibbling on my fiance’s leg while he is being all romantic 🙂

So he went down on one knee and asked me if I would do him the honour of becoming his wife, OF COURSE I SAID YES!!

He even asked the ladies at Thaba Ya Botswana to take photos, and I love that I have the moment on film.

After we played with the cubs for a little while longer he suggested we might as well eat there, seeing that we are already there, once again I thought nothing about it. We walked to the restaurant and when we got there he already booked us a table outside under the cabana just for us. Champagne, rose petals candles the works!!

We spend the rest of the night sipping cocktails, eating desserts and looking at the stars.

Everything was perfect, I can not wait to marry my high school sweet heart and become Mrs Cramer!

2013-03-30 23.26.06

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