Samantha & Garth

Saturday ….the 8th of June, dawned, with faint thunder rumbling in the air and storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

“Yay!” I thought. “The perfect chance to redeem my long overdue Massage voucher!”

I glanced at the shower, hair wash and fresh clothes, but exchanged that idea for re-cycled Friday work clothes and the decision to “freshen up” in the space between the massage and meeting Garth for lunch.

The Massage was heavenly. I managed to rouse myself from post-massage slumber, and mumble a “thankyousomuch…. do I reallly need to leave!” to the Therapist, as she handed me my bill, through the curtain.

In my happy delirium, I fumbled the envelope open and blinked twice….no bill, but instead… the most beautifully worded invitation to the World’s most Romantic Treasure Hunt!!!!

Outside the Salon, our Mutual friend Brad, decked out to the nines in his best suit, was waiting to chauffeur me.  No details were given!

So there was I, Samantha Kate Tobias, tears flowing down her cheeks, dirty hair and dressed in yesterday’s clothes, about to experience the most exciting 3 hours of her LIFE!!!

What followed can only be described as the MOST wonderfully romantic, magnificently co-ordinated, lovingly planned marriage proposal ever designed by one very special man for one very lucky woman!  With Brad as my chauffeur and comrade, and all plans for the afternoon left to unfold mysteriously, we travelled to five different locations around Cape Town.  Each spot had been carefully selected by Garth, for its sentimental value.  At each venue, I was met by friends who have played a special role in both of our lives: Our cell group leaders, who were there to pray for us and send me on my way, Gordy at Marcel’s frozen Yoghurt, ready with my favourite English Toffee and a beautiful letter filled with his thoughts and Blessings.  Starke Ayres, for my favourite lunch sandwich and Debs and Jess to celebrate with me and lastly Narona to meet up with Lindi and Niel for a delicious hot chocolate.

At each of the designated, favourite locations, I got to spend time with close friends. We shared many tears, good laughs and a special letter that Garth had given each of them, to read to me. These followed a beautiful theme, based on the Wedding Vow and reflected our journey thus far as a couple and our hopes and dreams for the future.

By the time the afternoon was drawing to a close, I was feeling so affirmed as a person, as a friend and as a wife-to-be…….. and I hadn’t even arrived at the Treasure yet!

The last stop of our Treasure Hunt was at Newlands Forest. Brad walked me up to the Lookout Point, the place where we had gone on our very first date, two years ago. .  There, he hugged me sweetly and said:  “You’re on your own now Sam.  Just keep walking!”   With heart pounding and tears flowing, I bravely marched on alone and over the hill.  Just to add drama to the moment, the heavens opened up and it began to pour!

Suddenly Garth was there, standing a few metres away, in his very best suit, smiling broadly and looking like the Prince that he is, despite the downpour! Neither of us cared!  As I got closer he dropped to one knee in the mud and proposed. I was speechless! It was all so beautiful and all so perfect.


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