Seugne & Ruan

I love to read all the stories about how brides got engaged and now it is finally my turn to tell our wonderful engagement story. We met at University in our first year and have been dating for 5 years. What follows is how Ruan asked me the special question on the 5th of April 2013, a day after our 5 year anniversary.

We have been planning a weekend away with friends for a while and as the weekend got closer I just thought to myself it’s going to be lots of fun just relaxing and having a good time with our friends ….or so I thought.

When we arrived at the Private Game Reserve of our friend, still driving on the dirt road, Ruan looked at me and asked me in a serious tone if I could trust him, slightly caught off guard I told him yes I do trust you and I asked why. Where he responded with, “You can’t ask why.” As we proceeded towards the house he told me that when I get out of the car I must go to the room and take a nice relaxing shower and wear something comfortable when I am finished, then I am only allowed to leave the room at 17:30, not a minute before that.

At exactly 17:29 I stepped out of the room (because the excitement was too much) and saw a beautiful table draped with purple and white, with flowers and a small wooden box with my first clue. It read that I must follow the lanterns on the road and into the veld to the place where I will find my next clue. So I followed the path that were marked with lit lanterns and little white stones every few steps all along the path. In the distance I saw this beautiful white draped tent that stood out in-between the grass and trees in the bush. As I got to the tent I found my next small box with my second clue on the table, it read that I had to put on the beautiful white dress and purple shoes (which he bought without me knowing, and it fit) and read the third clue in another small box when I finished changing into the dress. I also had the opportunity to do my make-up, do my hare, put on a pretty necklace and earrings. He thought of everything! As I came to the next clue, which was my last, it read that I must follow the path with the candles where he will be waiting for me.

As I was walking towards him I could feel my heart beating faster, I can only imagine how he would’ve felt. When I reached him, he was sitting on a little garden bench with purple cushions and candles surrounding the area around us. It was the perfect setting, with huge Mopani trees surrounding us, and for that special moment leaving us alone, on our own, in the middle of the bush. We embraced each other and giggled a little just to ease the nerves. We sat on the bench and talked a while, which was followed with a movie he made portraying pictures, videos and our favorite songs playing in the background of our special moments the past 5 years.

After the slide show he let me read the most beautiful poem written by him for me. I was stunned, didn’t know he could write poems so beautiful.

As the sun was setting in the background he got down on one knee and told me how much I meant to him and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me (he said a lot more, I was just too overwhelmed to remember). He reached into his pocket, took out the last little box and asked me if I would be his wife.


After taking in what just happened we went back to the tent where we enjoyed some snacks and champagne. Spending a few minutes at the tent having snacks and talking he said that we could go back to the house, as we walked back through the bush and got closer to the house I saw both our families standing there ready to celebrate with us. Sjampers for all!!!

It was the most wonderful weekend and definitely my ideal proposal, I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend the rest of my life with!! We thank God that he blessed us with each other’s love.


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