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I met my fiancé through my aunt and uncle in April 2011, but due to us both having just come out of horrible relationships with the parents of our sons, we were very wary of starting anything new. A few months later we were “matched up” by my family to go to a 21st birthday together. After that party, on the 27th August 2011, and since then, we have been inseparable. Due to us both having 3yr old sons (barely 2 months apart in age) we took things slowly and have really tried our best to do things right this time around.

For our 1st anniversary Steven (my then boyfriend) started sending me a bunch of roses and a piece of a puzzle he had made each day from 12 days before our anniversary. On one side of the puzzle piece was a part of a photo taken of us on holiday several months previously and on the back was a list of reasons why he loved me. With every 2 pieces of the puzzle i received i could read one or two lines of the “10 things i love about you” list on the back. It was the sweetest gesture i had ever been shown and i found it so romantic!

For our actual anniversary he had booked us in somewhere and we were to spend the weekend there in celebration of how far we had come together! I was given no details except to pack warm and to relax and enjoy our gettaway. Having 2 boys (aged 4 at that time) does not leave much time to spoil ourselves! It ended up being the little town of Hogsback that he took us to and the cabin was a solitary cabin called Nibelheim. Truly a beautiful little cabin on stilts overlooking the most beautiful view with the sounds of waterfalls all around us

Before all of this, and only told to me afterwards, he had approached my mom during that week and asked her permission to ask me to marry him! Such a gentleman!

We were up early that following saturday morning and since Hogsback is known for its waterfalls and hiking trails with stunning views we hit the road so early! We had packed a picnic lunch and took a long and very bumpy road to the Madonna and Child waterfalls which is the most famous there and to most people in the Eastern Cape. It was a long, but beautiful hike down to the actual falls! Stunning trees, sounds and an absolute sense of belonging. When we reached the falls we rested up and then explored the area around it. We then sat on the rocks at the bottom of the falls and just enjoyed the peace

He then told me how happy he is and how much he loves me and details about us. Steven then said i had done well on the hike down and i deserved the last piece of the puzzle… which he gave me with some flowers he had picked along the way, as well as a stunning silver container with a butterfly on top of it in my favorite color, PURPLE. The last piece of the puzzle said at the back “….will you marry me?” and as i opened the container i was so shocked at the beautiful ring inside! 7 diamonds in the shape of a flower! It was the most romantic and perfect proposal i could ever have asked for! I didn’t have a clue at any time, as he is generally a romantic and sensitive man who always does such sweet and caring things without even realizing it for me! I took a while before i could actually reply, but eventually managed to choke out something like yes, of course!

Needless to say, the trip back up the hillside through rocks and over walkways was much easier as i couldn’t take my eyes off him and the ring! People would of sworn i was drunk the way i was swaying and tripping from not watching where i was going.

We then spent the following days exploring and just enjoying each other. Since then, in this past year, we have been swept away with finding our own place and starting to build up a home. With two 5yr olds, the main focus for us is making sure they have a happy and safe environment with all they need to feel safe and secure. We don’t have the luxury of only ourselves to think about and be able to put all else on hold to finance and plan a wedding due to these different priorities and the tough times being experienced by all at the moment, but we do still talk about “if only” and “what if” almost daily. Which is why i decided to send in our proposal story. It might be simple, but it blew me away. We sometimes in desperation even consider Home Affairs. Luckily both of us are way to sentimental to take that seriously!

I know there are many women out their with equally amazing stories about their proposals, but each of us ladies only truly and personally can explain in our minds to ourselves how incredible it was when our loves popped the big question!

GR Sharon and Steven

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