Sihle and Themba

Sihle & Themba

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]y story is not romantic except that I was mad at him ,you know moss how we African people do things , there is a Lobola then a wedding so this is how it went:I got pregnant our first  child so he needed to pay for damages (for getting me pregnant)when his family got home they said to  my uncles they are not only there (at my home) to pay damages but to pay Lobola which I knew nothing about , so my uncles came to another room to consult with me if I know anything about getting married because my man wants the hand of marriage I was like what??????? No uncle I don’t know anything about that , imagine telling your uncles yes you will marry him it was awkward I kept quiet for 2 min and the uncles were pressurising me to gv them an answer until I said yes tell them il marry their son they went back in the house to report I agreed to d proposal …my man was sitting in the car so I went to him straight to ask him why he didnt warn me or propose first then go pay Lobola at home he said because I didnt want to make your uncles prepared LOL ,

I told him I still want my romantic proposal with flowers n campaigns n him kneeling down what he did is he bought the ring and he just said Lets make it official lol and that was the end of the proposal.

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