Sindy and Trevor

Sindy and Trevor

[three_fifth] [dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap] met Trevor on the side of the road. He was fooling around with friends on their skateboards and i was walking home from school. We were 15yrs old and so so silly at that age. We became friends and moved onto the elite level of girlfriend and boyfriend 6 months later.

The year 2010 was the ultimate year of my life. I turn 21 and little did i know, he was going to pop the question in a way that will blow my mind. His plan started from the february of 2010. He had planned a beautiful little holiday away to this magical place called Zwahili in Limpopo. He managed to convince me that we were going away for my birthday as a gift from him…. He gave me some money and said that i had to go buy a red dress. I could not understand why and he would not give anything away. All i was told was that it was for my birthday dinner….hmmm. So strange i thought…. On the sunday morning before we left, he snuck through to my mother, and secretly told her he planned to propose to me. Being the romantic and slightly traditional fella, he requested her permission. Which of course he got. I did not know about this until afterwards.

When we arrived at Zwahili, we settled down and made ourselves comfortable. He carried all the bags to the room and made me have some wine at the bar. He said it was all about me and my birthday. We had a safari drive with a romantic drink while the sun set. As we got back, he told me to go to bed as tomorrow will be a very busy day.

I awoke on my birthday, to a man standing by my side with coffee and clothes set out for me. Happy birthday my puppy he says with this cutest smile on his face. With a kiss on my forehead, he smirks and says, rise and shine sleepy head. Time to get up. Its a long and exciting day ahead. I see a trace of wonder on his face and chose to ignore it…

I bathed and got ready. I was going to do my hair, but before putting on the hairdryer he told me that its worthless doing it as it will get messed up anyway….what a strange thing to say i thought.

Come, time to go he says with excitement rich in his voice.

We climb into his car and drive out of the lodge while seeing animals prepare for the day ahead. We drive and drive and drive….hmm where is he asking me. Eventually we get to this airport. Oh wow. Are we going flying??? No…even better. We are going to have a private sky dive session he has organized just for me. Happy birthday my puppy… I know you wanted to always do this, so here we are!!! I remember screaming and squealing with excitement. Oh wow. This is the ultimate birthday gift ever. But little did i know this was just the start of a unforgettable day. So we set up, ready to go…. We did it. Him first and me second. As i land, there he is holding a bouquet of 21 red roses….. A smile  big on his face. Go freshen up while i make a quick call….that smirk of a mischievous little boy shining through…. As i come back he grabs my hand and thanks the guys for the awesome experience. Time to go. We don’t want to be late… Hmm….what else does he have planned i wondered. We climb into the car and stop at the local spur. Have something to drink and chat about the experience.  Completely lost in his eyes and the chatter of the experience, little did i see the waiter coming with my birthday ice cream…oh no, how embarrassing. Happy birthday puppy. No eat up. Time is of the essence….. With brain freeze gripping me, we get up and we leave. We drive back to the lodge but at a ever so slow pace. How could this be…he was always saying time is running out.hmm. How weird…. We eventually get back to the parking area and park the car. There, the jeep is waiting for us to do another sensual sunset safari drive. Blankets on the seats and drinks in the cooler box. We stop in the plain where zebra are a whisker length away, watching the beautiful sun set over the mountain. It was so beautiful. Breath taking, and romantic….we drive back to the reception where a helper has warm sherry to drink. “Your room awaits you sir” he says while trying to hide the excitement. Trevor takes my hand and gives it a slight squeeze while taking a breath…we head for our room. The door is open. He stops and smiles and says ever so softly, that i must go inside and get dressed. He will be back in a moment. Wow this is weird but ok. I go inside and lay my eyes on the most romantic, dinner setting. The dress he made me buy a while back was laid on the bed with rose petals. A sign saying put me on and await my return. My heart was swelling with happiness and surprise. I freshen up and get dressed. I take the time to appreciate the set up that has been done. The bath was filled with bubbles and rose petals and floating candles. Candles were placed all over the room and bathroom. There was this table set up made in heaven with champagne in the middle. He appears at the door all dressed up in a black shirt with the top button undone. His hair is done and a big smile on his face. He takes my hand and leads me to the table. We sit and as if on cue the chief and waiter appear. They explain what they have prepared for us for our meal. Wow. The food was amazing. Tears start to prick in my eyes. He lifts my chin and coos that i should leave the tears for later. But why? Im emotional now. All this has been so over whelming. The best birthday ever! Hush now. Lets enjoy this moment and hide those tears okay…..okay…. We continue eating as if we were kings and queens. But i just cant stop noticing he seems fidgety and anxious of sorts…..hmm. With our mains done and dessert on its way, he takes my hand and starts giving me a speech…. My puppy, since the day i saw you, i knew you were the one. You have helped me to grow into the man i am today. You give me nothing but happiness and love and so much to be grateful for. These past few months all i have had on my mind is how i want you to be with me forever….therefore Sindy, my puppy, will you be my forever and more mrs. Dawkins. To have me by your side. To grow old and continue growing into wonderful people….he slides off his chair onto his knee. Fumbles something out his pocket and opens it…. Will you do me the biggest pleasure and marry me!!!!! I was shocked. I did not see that coming…no ways… I mean, yes. Of course i will.yes yes yes…. Slipping the ring on, the tears come flowing. Im on cloud nine….we eat our dessert, drink laugh drink and laugh some more! Suffice to say, the smile never left my face…. All the planning and romance. Its difficult to put to paper…. But you get the gist. We getting married next year. Unfortunately finances were bad and my paramedic shifts have been in the way. But now we set our date for the 21st of september. The same day he proposed. Yay me!!!!


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