Stacy & Mike

In January 2013 Mike moved to Australia. We had been dating for four years and his move was not a decision that was made easily, but his sister was over there and he had been stuck in a rut work wise. So after many discussions (and lots of tears) we both decided that it would be the best option.

We had always spoken about marriage – I was ready to settle down, but Mike was always wary. With divorce rates on the rise he was not one to rush into it anytime soon – and I respected that and never pushed him. And what I didn’t realize at the time is that we both still had a lot of growing to do, in our relationship and as individuals.

Having him leave was the hardest thing ever. There was no guarantee whether it would work out for him over in Australia or for how long he would be gone for. Not to mention the fact that long distance relationships are tough – especially with the time difference. Whatsapp and Skype became our new best friends!

After a while he managed to get a job and really started to find himself there. He had really grown as a person. And the time apart turned out to be the best thing ever for us!

As Mike was coming down in December we decided that when he came we would start looking into how we could get me a visa to go over and join him -Little did I know at the time was that Mike had everything all planned out already!

During one of our Skype sessions Mike suggested that I get both our families together to discuss the options and just so that they could all officially meet. Of course I thought this was a brilliant idea so I set about planning the dinner with my mom and his.

His mom chose the venue and as they live in Zinkwazi she chose Chantilly resort which is absolutely beautiful and also held fond memories for me as it was where Mike and I had spent our first romantic getaway together.

After much discussion we set the date and all was planned for Friday the 23rd August.

My Nana was down from JHB at the time so I was really happy that she could come and meet Mikes grandparents.

The Tuesday night (wed Morning in Aus) before the dinner Mike told me that he was going away with some work mates and that he wouldn’t have signal, but that he would try make a plan so that we could Skype on the weekend. That was the last time him and I spoke – it was the longest week of my life as Mike and I would chat on whatsapp every day.

Thankfully I had the dinner to look forward to so my mind was otherwise occupied.

That Friday my whole family and I got all dressed up and made our way to the supper venue.

On the way there I was complaining to my sister that I hadn’t spoken to Mike since Tuesday night and how much I was missing him.

We arrive at the venue and after all the hello’s and introductions we make our way to our table, all take our seats and place drink orders. My sister then tells me that she has a surprise for me and that she has organized for Mike to Skype while we are at the dinner – I was so surprised and a little hurt that Mike had contacted her and not me, but I was happy nonetheless.

So we set up the laptop and get Skype started. The whole family starts to crowd around me and we all say our hello’s to Mike who is sitting there in a hoodie looking all tired (as its 4am in Oz) and start chatting.

Mike says how much he misses me and wishes he was there.

I tell him that I miss him so much and wish he was he was there as well…

That’s when Mike says:

“Well let me see what I can do..”

and he completely disappears off the screen – now just to fill you in Mike is a big joker and is always doing stuff like this – disappearing and then coming back on the screen again whenever we Skyped in the past so I thought nothing of it.

Except this time he just wasn’t coming back on the screen!!

So after looking at an empty screen for a few seconds too long I say:

“Okay you can come back now!!”

That’s when his Grandfather taps me on the shoulder and points behind me.

I look to where he is pointing and cannot believe my eyes.. There Mike is!!

And dressed so unbelievably smart!

I was so shocked! I had not seen him for 8 months, I was just talking to him thinking he was in Australia and now here he was standing in front of me!

I just walked up to him and hugged him so hard!

He then gets down on one knee and says:

“If there’s one thing leaving has shown me, it’s that I can’t live without you.

Will you marry me?”


Of course I said yes!!!

He then puts the most beautiful and special ring on my finger I have ever seen.

– The diamond was the first Diamond his Grandfather ever gave his grandmother and the actual ring was designed by Mike himself!!

I truly feel like I am the luckiest lady ever. He flew all the way from Australia to surprise me had planned everything with my family behind my back and I had absolutely NO clue. ♥


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