What Table Shape Will Work for Your Wedding

Round, Square, Rectangular or Long?

Your choice of table shape for your wedding reception can make even the most boring looking hall or venue look fabulous! Round tables are classic but you can change the entire flow of a room by using square. For an eclectic look you can mix them all up!

round tables

Round tables are classic and can seat from 6 up to 10 guests comfortably. Round tables work very well and are a very sociable way of setting up your reception so that guests can communicate easily with each other as no-one is seated too far away from each other.



Square tables also enable guests to chat to each other easily.



The look we loving is this eclectic mix of long and round. It adds so much interest to the reception and we think that this looks stunning!


u shape

For an outdoor wedding reception or a contained courtyard, a long row or a U-shape may fit the shape of the area perfectly. At the top of the U is  where you could put the bridal party.


x table

If your reception space is large, how about these “X” shapes? Only one centre piece is needed and the guests are seated close enough to each other to encourage a good party.



Isn’t this an inspirational layout of tables that perfectly fits this beach space. If your wedding reception is in an unusual place this could work perfectly for you!

curved table rustic wedding

We love this curved table at this rustic wedding! The use of the overhead lights adds a beautiful finishing touch to this wedding reception set up!

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