Ulrike & Werner

Hi there this is how my fiancé Werner Nieuwoudt proposed.

His mother had booked us on a flight to Mossel Bay to visit them over Easter weekend. He never changed my surname on the ticket (his mom booked me under Nieuwoudt) and I wasn’t allowed on the flight with him, his sister and her fiancé. He was furious and kept ranting about how this had messed up the weekend because there goes his proposal.

It was devastating to think I “would” have been getting engaged but none the less I got a ticket for later that day.

The first night we went to go play putt putt on a glow in the dark course and his sister said do I think he’ll still propose and I said highly doubtful because he said something and knowing him he wants to keep the date a surprise!

The next day he vanished without his phone and I was fuming because he knows I have a strict policy if you leave the house for those “just in case” moments ALWAYS take your phone!!

By the time he got home I had gone into panic because no one could reach him or his brother!

FINALLY after what felt like a lifetime they arrived home both apologising furiously claiming car problems as the reason for being away so long!

So of course he received the “I told you so “speech about his phone!

He asked me if I wanted to go for a drive to all his old hang outs so he could share his memories with me.

So we got in the car and off we went.

About half an hour later he stopped in the parking lot of his old job and was pointing a few things out.

He told me not to get a fright and blindfolded me; it honestly didn’t even cross my mind that he was going to propose!

He led me up the rockiest path ever and he supported me all the way up.

By this time it had started drizzling and I nearly fell a few times but he was there to catch me.

Eventually he told me to stop and he took the blindfold off.

He’d set up a blanket with roses and chocolates at my favourite place in the entire world, The Point lighthouse in Mossel Bay.

The drizzling rain had created the most amazing view over the ocean!

The chocolates were Lindor Lindt dark chocolates in a heart shaped tin and I proceeded to give him one not realising it was the one with my ring on!

He looked at me and said “I’ve just trusted him to lead me up the rockiest path full of hazards even with the rain. Will you trust me the rest of your life through all the bad times? Ulrike Nortje will you marry me?”

I looked down and burst into tears as did he.

The rain started to come down properly mixing in with our tears as the ring went on and to this day never will I ever forget the day I said yes to my soul mate.


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