Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Traditionally wedding cake was made from a fruit cake mix with one of the layers being carefully kept for the christening of your first child, but thank goodness that has all changed as fruit cake is definitely not everyone’s favourite! There was also the belief that if you put a piece of wedding cake under your pillow at night and you dreamed about a man, then that was the man that you would marry! So single ladies would dutifully wrap their piece of wedding cake in a serviette and take it home and try it out!

That tradition has now all but disappeared and brides are choosing cakes in the flavours and colours that they want. The cake is no longer something to be handed out at the end of the wedding, but is in most cases incorporated into the wedding reception banquet or dinner. Many brides choose not to have deserts but rather serve the cake as desert. Some brides choose to have a sweet or desert table where they can display their wedding cake as well as delicious deserts and cupcakes. There is also a trend to have cheese display instead of a wedding cake. This suits those who do not have a sweet tooth, and also the cheeses can be used as part of the meal as a starter or after the main course instead of desert.

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