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Some Ideas for your Wedding Hair

Remember for great looking wedding hair on your wedding day you can’t just rely on a pretty hairstyle and a bit of last minute touching up. You have to start getting your hair into tip top condition at least 6 months before your wedding.

The first thing to decide is what type of hair you have. Whether it is fine and greasy or coarse and dry it is important to find the right products. Give them about 3 months to decide whether they work for you or not.

Look through pictures of wedding hair and when you have decided what style of dress you will be wearing, and whether you will have a veil, or fresh flowers in your hair share these thoughts with your hairdresser so he/she can advise you on whether it will suit your hair type and face. Start with a great trim to get rid of split ends, and if you colour your hair, you can experiment  at this stage with some highlights or low lights until you have a look you are satisfied with.

While you are getting your body into shape for your wedding day, the same goes for your wedding right, exercise and get enough sleep! When you are tired and run down it is not only your skin that reflects this, but also your hair which can look dull and lifeless. Try some special treatments and conditioners that your hairdresser can recommend.

Remember to treat your hair gently and with respect. Try and cut down on the amount of heat you use on your hair, and if you can’t bear not to use hairdryers and your GHD, please remember to use a heat protector at all times.

Here are some gorgeous wedding hair styles for long hair.

long natural

half up romantic

great for one shoulder gown

beach wedding hair




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