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It seems a shame that all the planning that goes into a wedding will be for only 4 or 5 hours! Why not make a wedding weekend of it? This is particularly relevant when many of your friends and family live in different parts of the country, and also if you have your heart set on a particular type of wedding situated in the bush, country or even a beach wedding. Guests will be very happy to have a weekend break from their day to day existence and join in for a weekend of festivities. We are lucky to live in Gauteng as there are some amazing Gauteng venues South Africa that offer not only unforgettable weddings but also will be enjoyed by all your guests.

It will obviously cost your guests more to attend your wedding, but may even work out cheaper for out of town guests who would have needed accommodation any way. And if you choose a stunning venue for your destination wedding your guests will definitely attend. If you have family that live far away or if you have overseas guests, this type of wedding makes perfect sense as it allows you to spend some time with everyone.

Bushfellows bride

Normally it is customary to arrive at the venue on the Friday if your wedding is on the Saturday. Some guests may wish to arrive a day or 2 earlier to enjoy some of the local sites. This brings me to another important consideration. It is a good idea to choose a wedding venue with your guests in mind so ensure that there are activities to keep them busy and occupied.

One such venue that ticks all of these boxes is Bushfellows Game Lodge that is situated about an hour and a half from Johannesburg near Marble Hall. It has a real safari feel to it, although it is so close to the city. With gorgeous surroundings and a relaxed ambience they are known as a wedding utopia. Sleeping up to 80 guests, it is the perfect venue to have your weekend wedding. It has a quaint chapel for your ceremony or, if you prefer, you can have your ceremony overlooking the waterhole or under a marula tree. Your reception venue overlooks a waterhole where it is possible to see plains game, or you may choose to have it on their tented patio overlooking the waterhole. They are a four star venue but have packages to suit any budget.

So when you are planning your wedding it is a great idea to consider making a weekend of it.


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