Zani and Ryno

Zani & Ryno

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap] think that most brides feel that their proposal was the best, but I think mine really takes the cake! My boyfriend (Ryno) took me to Drakensberg, at Cathedral peak! We went hiking in the mountains, with this being our first time hiking, we got lost! More than ones! Ending up sleeping at the foot of the mountain, when we were supposed to sleep on the top! But we did not expect it to be that hectic!

Second day, we started walking again, and we got lost AGAIN, because the mist was so bad and because of the GPS did not want to work! So we carried on and eventually found the right path when we eventually turned around but being so tired we decided to rather turn around, because the mist was to bad and on top of that the thunder also started! For a few days we camped in the camp site, we were so sore and stiff! The second last day, my boyfriend insited on going to the hotel for lunch, but I really just wanted to sleep, and with him nagging me, i gave in and went with him to the hotel, but we went past the hotel to the helicopter! There the yellow helicopter was waiting for me and Ryno. But before we could get into the helicopter, my Dad phone me with bad news, my dog is missing, with all this the emotions were so high, because my dog is my baby. We were hoping it is a April fool’s joke, it was the 1st of April after all. But we still went up with the helicopter, I think this helped him a bit, because I was still not expecting anything!

It was the most amazing view.

Flying over the mountain tops where we were hiking. The next moment we landed on the mountain but still not expecting anything! As Ryno took me to the edge of the mountain he went on his knee and asked me, I cried so much that I could not even answer him! I said Yes, with lots of tears, after hugging and kissing he realized he forgot the ring, he went down on his knee again and gave it to me. He could have taken me for an April fool. It was so special, with him giving such a nice speech, he had to repeat it to me afterwards! Then we had champaign on the mountain, before we went back to the hotel. At the lodge he had booked a room for the night!

Wow Wow Wow what an amazing feeling, and this coming from a guy that is not very romantic! He did so well and gave me the most amazing ring! Love him so much! In love again and this after dating for 10 years!



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