Casa Toscana Wedding Venue – Casa Toscana Lodge has become a jewel in the crown of Tshwane hospitality. Breathtakingly beautiful, Casa Toscana captures the style and character of Tuscany, seamlessly blending this warm, intimate theme into all its pillars of services.

Casa Toscana boasts a variety of remarkable venues that can cater for all needs, from cherished wedding events in the breathtaking Rubica Hall & Chapel, to private wine tasting events in our unique underground wine cellar. No matter the occasion, Casa Toscana has the venue and the passion to make it a truly unforgettable experience.

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Casa Toscana Weddings

Rubica Hall, the flagship venue of Casa Toscana, is the quintessence of our tireless dedication to the pursuit of perfection. The Rubica Hall is ideal for any occasion as it was designed and built to be convenient, practical and inimitably beautiful. The stylish, warm and intimate ambiance makes Rubica the ideal venue for breathtaking and unforgettable weddings.

There is no sight more awe-inspiring than Rubica Hall setup for a wedding. With its masterfully painted murals, warm lighting and simply unforgettable atmosphere, Rubica is truly a Tuscan heaven.

This unrivalled ambiance blends seamlessly with the chapel, which reaffirms Casa Toscana’s unbridled style and class.

The wine cellar is a traditional underground wine cellar, but done with more style and less clutter. It’s a fusion of the classic and the modern, giving it a special, yet versatile ambiance, that has in the past, been used for dazzling weddings, jovial wine tastings and even formal corporate presentations. Due to this versatility, the wine cellar can be setup to suit almost any theme or décor.

The venue is best suited to set menus, but can accommodate buffets and cocktail functions as well.

Set in Casa Toscana’s beautiful gardens, are two dazzling venues. The Garden Venue combines practicality with natural beauty to create the perfect outdoors venue. Towering trees and a majestic oak tree in the centre provides the venue with natural shade while, at the same time, creating a unity with nature as birds celebrate in song, the joining of two souls.

The gazebo is a Tuscan fairytale and is the perfect venue for an intimate wedding ceremony. Surrounded by stylish Tuscan gardens, this venue is a monument to Casa Toscana’s affinity for romance and style.

The wedding packages have been setup in such a way so that they are transparent, easy to understand, convenient and offer a high level of quality at an amazing value.

A variety of menu options are available that can cater for any need, ranging from delicious buffet menus to meticulously plated set menus that are as magnificent to look at as they are on the palate.

The wedding co-ordinator will guide and assist you in the planning and coordination of your wedding or function, from helping select the perfect décor to assisting you with the dynamics of the day.

Special Events

At Casa Toscana we will find any reason to celebrate and thus host plenty of special events through out the year. From jovial monthly wine tastings to all the calendar’s big days, Casa Toscana makes style fun.


Casa Toscana offers an amazing variety of luxury accommodation packages that can cater for all needs. The 20 rooms are perfect for romantic weekend getaways with a classic, dreamy atmosphere that is accentuated by specifically crafted packages that will give rise to unforgettably special memories.

Casa Toscana’s location combined with its focus on convenience and economic viability makes it the ideal venue for the travelling business person. The classically styled rooms offer all the modern luxuries from LCD TV’s to WI-FI connectivity.

The onsite award winning Le-Si restaurant adds to the convenience, offering a stunning dining experience without the need to travel.

Le-Si Restaurant

Born from the fires of Casa Toscana’s passion for romance and distinctive style, the Le-Si Restaurant is shrouded in a cloak of intimacy and warmth that intrigues you and charms your senses with its flawless ambiance, exquisite meals and unmistakable exclusivity.

Le-Si, a radiant, shinning jewel that soars above the mediocre.

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