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Elize and Steyn


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Elize & Steyn

[dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]y fiancé, Steyn and I always shared an incredible passion for classic cinema, film etc. it was the basis of how we began when we struck up a conversation at a friends party about movies, soon after, we started dating. Our combined collection of movies ranges between 400-500 titles of which many are classic love stories, such as When Harry met Sally, etc.

So what better way to propose – using the cinema as a proposal medium. He took me to the cinema on date night to see Cloud Atlas. We were sitting in the cinema, waiting for the movie to start, playing our usual game of guessing the adverts and trailers. All of a sudden, our song started to play, an instrumental version of Friends and Lovers by Incubus. At this point I thought it to be a mere coincidence and kept trying to guess the trailer….my focus point when watching a trailer is to read the fine print at the bottom of the screen to see who the Director is, as I’ve followed the work of many Directors over the years. This was where I saw his name and it dawned on me!!!!!

I was immediately shy and tried to hide behind my popcorn. The lights came on, he was down on one knee, holding a ring his two friends passed to him through the back of his seat, who were also filming the whole proposal. My parents and his parents walked in at this point, everyone in the cinema gave us a standing ovation. I said yes!!!

To me it was the most romantic proposal as it really was ‘the story of us’ something we can show our children one day, the perfect, classic, above all else, timeless romantic clip – our moment in cinematic history.


I truly do hope our story will be considered, a true life love story. We are planning the wedding for Oct 2013.


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