Elize and Steyn


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Elize & Steyn

[dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]y fiancé, Steyn and I always shared an incredible passion for classic cinema, film etc. it was the basis of how we began when we struck up a conversation at a friends party about movies, soon after, we started dating. Our combined collection of movies ranges between 400-500 titles of which many are classic love stories, such as When Harry met Sally, etc.

So what better way to propose – using the cinema as a proposal medium. He took me to the cinema on date night to see Cloud Atlas. We were sitting in the cinema, waiting for the movie to start, playing our usual game of guessing the adverts and trailers. All of a sudden, our song started to play, an instrumental version of Friends and Lovers by Incubus. At this point I thought it to be a mere coincidence and kept trying to guess the trailer….my focus point when watching a trailer is to read the fine print at the bottom of the screen to see who the Director is, as I’ve followed the work of many Directors over the years. This was where I saw his name and it dawned on me!!!!!

I was immediately shy and tried to hide behind my popcorn. The lights came on, he was down on one knee, holding a ring his two friends passed to him through the back of his seat, who were also filming the whole proposal. My parents and his parents walked in at this point, everyone in the cinema gave us a standing ovation. I said yes!!!

To me it was the most romantic proposal as it really was ‘the story of us’ something we can show our children one day, the perfect, classic, above all else, timeless romantic clip – our moment in cinematic history.


I truly do hope our story will be considered, a true life love story. We are planning the wedding for Oct 2013.


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  • Pieter van Niekerk

    We were there, watching the movie trailer he (Steyn) had created, complete with script, pictures, music and their proposed wedding date. It was brilliant.

  • Kurt

    What a fantastic proposal!!! So apt, so refreshing and original, congratulations you 2!!

  • Emma Taylor

    What a beautiful, well thought out and personalized proposal. All the best Elize and Steyn xxx

  • Megan

    What a beautiful story and couple. Best proposal I have ever heard of or seen so far! Well done Steyn. X

  • Sam

    Was a stunning proposal and if you dont get goosebumps from watching the proposal then you don’t have a romantic bone in your body!! Lovely couple + stunning proposal = A definite win for this competition!! Good Luck Steyn and Elize!!! Can’t wait to see the wedding if this is the proposal!! 🙂

    Much love!

  • Charissa

    Most definitely a winner!!! THE most romantic,sweet thoughtful proposal!! <3

  • Louise van der Westhuizen

    Elize & Steyn – this is truly a unique story which makes us cry – every time we hear it! A lifetime of happiness & joy & laughter & love to you. ♥

  • Miles

    This is such a cute story 🙂
    So impressed that Steyn got the cinema to play his own video during the trailers!
    Wishing you guys all the best!!

  • Marika Malan

    Such a unique way to propose. Good job Steyn! You really went all out! 🙂

  • Lynton

    Stunning! With this as the start to the journey to a beautiful wedding they can only succeed.

    Good luck guys. Wedding video better live up to this 🙂

  • Ann Stewart

    That’s Fantastic! You have my vote!

  • Steyn

    I will never forget her pushing the popcorn in front of my face, so I can’t see the screen and guess the adds. Thank you all for the support and sharing in our story.

    Love you little-bear xxx

  • Hazel Stilianou

    Loved It!

  • Francois Dames

    This is stuff movies are made of. A sweet combination of creativity, passion and romance. Well done Steyn, this is unheard of. Congrats to both of you!

  • Laurence Greeff

    So touching and beautiful. You deserve to win and I wish you all the joy and happiness forever!

  • Riaan van der Westhuizen

    So impressed with this creative idea Steyn, well done! I vote for you guys for sure!

    Happiness forever!

  • Pieter Krige

    Very nicely done Steyn! Best proposal I have heard of in a long while, you just see this sort of thing on TV.

  • Carla

    Such a stunning proposal. Congrats guys. 🙂

  • Bruce

    I vote this one! Steyn you champ!

  • Denise

    WOW, very cute guys.

  • Karen

    I felt the wonderful chill down my spine just reading your story and proposal.

    Best of luck and a wonderful life shared.

  • Annemari Ruthven

    Truly so beautiful! Congratulations and I hope you win!

  • Karina Solomi

    Wow what an original idea and a superb romantic moment for the two of you WOW it blew my mind and gave me goose bumps throughout the entire clip. I wisk you guys all the love and happiness that you so clearly already have for each other! Good luck with the competition.

  • Lesley Smith

    ..that is so thoughtful and romantic on Styen’s part and exactly what Elize would of wanted. It shows how he cares for Elize. Gorgeous, good luck to you both and may the wedding be even more amazing…. Enjoy both of you xxx

  • Kiara

    How absolutely lovely! Proof of how well he knows you and how very special he wanted to make it all for you. What a gorgeous memory 🙂 Wishing you both the most amazing future together, with your perfect other halves x

  • Koba

    it is by far the most romantic proposal i have ever seen,Elize and Steyn you definitely deserve to win.Good luck and may your love inspire the people to vote for you,because the love you both have for each other is incredible.x x

  • Raymond Salzwedel

    Hey, you have set the bar too high for the rest of men – that is like something from a movie. It does not happen in real life – surely?

  • Cara

    AMAZING!!! definitely one of the BEST proposals EVER! I cant WAIT to be part of this amazing , special wedding 🙂

  • Tertius Strydom

    Very well done and definitely one of the most romantic proposals I’ve seen!

  • Llewelynn Greeff

    I have yet to see a more romantic proposal! Awesome!

  • Sonet

    Best proposal EVER!!

  • chris

    The best I’ve seen

  • Bennie

    WOW!! Well done. Truely inspiring to see that people still go to these lengths to “get their girl”.

  • Candice

    Wow what a romantic and innovative proposal! 🙂 Congrats and wishing you all the happiness in the world! 🙂

  • Eunice

    WOW! WOW!
    This is the MOST Romantic Proposal, one of the BEST…..

  • Hanlie

    This is a great and very positive heartwarming one.

  • Petie

    Steyn & Elize

    This was a beautiful proposal.
    The evening was full of excitement, tears of joy and a beautiful ring.
    May this be the beginning of a wonderful life together.



  • Glennis Wallbutton

    Perfect Match – movie goers and your names in bright lights to let the world know how happy you are (credit to you for being so romantic and thoughtful). Bring on the wedding (I bet the bride has already booked your seats and knows who the Director is)! Goodluck – definately got my vote.

  • Kashka

    Absolute stunner…. Congrats! I wanna see a man top that. U deserve it girl!

  • Judy Coetzee

    What a lucky girl you are to have such a romantic husband-to-be!! Congratualtions to the 2 of you and I wish you a wonderful life together.

  • Hayley

    You’re simply the BEST!

  • Elize Smit

    What an innovative brain Steyn..and romantic.. A couple born to be together. I’m convinced that your presence at any wedding venue will be a valuable testimonial for them.

  • Lidia

    This is soooo beautiful! So romantic. Well done, Steyn!

  • Shelbeigh

    Beautiful, unique and romantic. Everything that a proposal should be, and most certainly one that Elize deserved!
    Wishing you both all the love and happiness in the world.

    If this is just the beginning, imagine what else is in store 😀


  • Jana

    This was perfect!!!!!!!

  • Lynette van Wyk

    Hi, i just watched your clip, it was soooo romantic. When my hubby proposed, he wrote me a poem about our lives together. The ups and the downs and it was the best for me. Seeing your proposal is sooo special, it took me back to the day of my hubby’s proposal! I’m really happy for you guys. You will have a great life together because you can see how radiant your faces look when you look at each other. Congrats guys!

  • Wesley

    Creative, original and beautiful. Congrats!


    How awesome!! Very original. Wishing you all the happiness!

  • Sharon Davies

    The most ROMANTIC proposal I have ever seen! (In real life or in the Movies). What a lot of trouble Steyn has gone to to make this proposal so unique….. An awesome couple!
    Winners indeed!

  • Madeleine Zwanepoel

    Well done Steyn ! ! This amazingly special lady was destined to meet a guy like you !

    Make SURE the end of this awesome “story” : And they lived happily ever after ….

  • Ouma Lu

    Elize and Steyn, that is the MOST ROMANTIC PROPOSAL I have even heard of, in my 85 years. Congratulations again.

  • Loura

    Sooooooooooooooo beutiful!!!!!! Well done Steyn!!

  • Ross


  • Nicola Longworth

    I work with Elize and we were joking around about how steyn would propose and this idea was one that came up, to elize’s horror- “as long as he doesnt do it in the hobbit” was her response to our joke. However after watching the video steyn created our whole office was in tears at the fact that true love really does exist and his idea was more romantic and wonderful then any of us could of imagined. i wish them all the best for their future together

  • Anita Venter

    Soooooo romanties! Elize en Steyn, baie geluk met jul verlowing!!! xxx

  • Wilna van Gass

    Congratulations Steyn, I’m so glad to see there are still some romantic men around, I thought they were extinct.

  • Sharel Sophos


  • Reza

    Great idea. Love it!

  • Muano

    Wow hey, there should be a movie about this. That’s so romantic!

  • Ross

    Pretty story.

    You have my vote 🙂

  • Dean

    VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! very cool! Especially dig the intro

  • Stacey Duvenage

    WOW!!!!! How romantic…. Congrats…. Awesome way to be asked to marry someone!!!! Well done to Steyn for the creativity and most definately thinking out the box!!!!

  • Laura

    Very romantic- you have my vote

  • Betsy Sharpe

    Since Steyn was a little boy he was my favourite pick in the family! So kindhearted and romantic! Well done! Fantastic to know that there is still some shy girls around! Elize I believe with my whole heart that you will be loved and cherished by this wonderful young man. You have my vote

  • Phil

    Legen…Wait For It…Dary

  • Deborah

    What a lovely way to start your lives together! All the very best for the future!

  • Janrie

    Wow Steyn! You did it guy! A lifetime of happiness to you and Elize ❤

  • Erna

    Steyn, that was brilliant! And congratulations on your choice of such a lovely girl! May romance never leave your relationship!

  • Linda

    Crazy beautiful proposal Steyno. Geluk julle twee

  • Nuvin

    Congratulations both of you. Hope you win!!!

  • Marius Jooste

    Awesome guys ! Really happy for you ! Blessings and good things ! You had us at “ElizebI’m speaking to you …” Brilliant !

  • Garreth Grobbler


  • Sandra Mans

    Pratig. Tien uit tien Steyn. In die tyd waarin ons leef is so-iets ‘n inspirasie vir ander. Ek hoop dat julle baie baie gelukkig sal wees.

  • Alice Vogt

    GREAT proposal!!!!!!

  • joeleen smith

    aaaahhhhh this is so sweet

  • leonie


  • Wilma van der Westhuizen

    This is the kind of stuff you only see in movies! An enthusiastic two thumbs up! And the Oscar goes to…

  • Bronwyn

    That is really such a awesome proposal!!! Congrats guys… May your new journey together be a true love story!!! 😉

  • Katy

    Goosebumps all over! So beautiful! Congratulations to you both!

  • Getha Greeff

    Elize & Steyn
    You two were made for each other!
    The proposal is the start of your amazing journey together!
    Congrats on an awesome proposal and SO looking forward to the wedding 🙂
    Love u guys very much!
    Giets xx

  • Robyn

    Congrats guys! such a special proposal !! so happy for you xx

  • Jane Berry

    Wow! That’s the loveliest proposal, for one of the loveliest people I know! *sends champagne*

  • Patrick

    Wow, congratulations to both of you. Pat

  • ilse steyl

    What an awesome proposal: a memory to be framed. Congrats

  • Lianda

    Very original and a awesome proposal!

  • Kevina Sookha

    Congratulations guys, and they say romance is dead?! Wishing you both all the best.

  • Ryna

    Well done Steyn! You ticked all of the boxes. Romantic, meaningful, creative, surprising….

  • Karen

    Wonderful proposal, I hope you guys will have a wonderful life together

  • Geo Smit

    Baie goe gedoen

  • Rene

    You have my vote!! 🙂

  • Emma


  • kim smith

    What an amazing, fairytale proposal for one of my beautiful former students! Brought tears to my eyes! Best wishes xxx

  • Hildegard


  • Kate Hodge

    Lucky girl to have such a romantic partner! Lots of best wishes for your future together.

  • Charlotte

    This is awesome!!! Breathtaking….. the beginning of an amazing adventure of a love story!!!

  • Kobus

    Congratulations, Steyn! You set the bar to a new height. Good luck to those those who try to follow….

  • Carli

    Steyn, you deserve an oscar nomination for most romantic proposal!

  • Rosalie

    Love it

  • Kobus Hugo

    Congratulations, Steyn! You set the bar to a new height. Good luck to those who intend to follow..

  • Marié Morrison

    Knop-in-die-keel-mooiste-mooi proposal!!! Steyn & Elize moet wen! 🙂

  • Anton

    Well done Steyn! Inspirational!

  • Ange

    My eyes welled and a lump of sheer admiration for this beautiful effort of original thinking to make an unforgettable experience..Good luck!

  • Ulandi du Toit

    I was sooo amazed when I watched this clipped after Elize posted it on her FB wall, it is so well thought out and the fact that he actually got a cinema to play it is sooooo cool! Other girls can only hope for proposals as cool as this!

  • lou howie

    Just beautiful, nice to see romance does not only happen in the movies.

  • Tiekie Lessing

    Pragtig! Jy verdien al die geluk Elize!Jy en Steyn saam. xx

  • Reinette Scholtz

    Baie romanties en oorspronklik.

  • Dianne

    Congrats to both! What a stunning proposal. Well planned and excellently excecuted. Best wishes for your future together xxx

  • Shaun

    Amazing proposal! Well done! Congratulations you 2!

  • Rademeyer Vermaak

    Awesome proposal! Vote!

  • Tinus


  • Johan Kok

    Out of the box thinking and very romantic !
    Congratulations with this incredible proposal and all the best for your future together.
    [Colleague of Elize father DEVELIN at Kusile]

  • Paula Craigen

    Wow how romantic! Congrats and I hope you guys win!

  • Bruce Crankshaw

    Really romantic and thoughful. I admire this type of effort, we live in a world where so many things are rushed or gaudy but this proposal seemed completely old fashioned and a perfect representation of true love.

  • Leigh

    So special and so romantic! So happy for the both of you!

  • Munier

    Awesome proposal!!!

  • rebecca

    Definitely one of the best proposal stories ever! Vote!

  • Grant

    Very clever. Well done!

  • Carrie Vermaak

    Goosebumps all over! What an amazing story! Love like that is inspirational!

  • Adri

    Awesome!! Congratulations Elize & Steyn

  • Katharine James

    Such an original, romantic and thoughtful proposal!! Definitely a winner! 🙂 xx

  • Seyton

    Elize awesome proposal you got my Vote

  • Antigone

    How could Elize say no, after all the planning and love that went into it. Wishing you a liftime of watching movies together.

  • Etrecia Potgieter

    Truely unique. This is definately my favourite. Hope your “free”honeymoon is as unique and romantic.

  • Christiaan Nel

    Wow! Die coolste proposal ooit!!! 50,000 punte vir julle 😀

  • Tammy Perry

    That is such a unique proposal! Absolutely love it and wish Elize and Steyn all the best for the rest of their “movie” together! They win hands down!! XX

  • Stephanie

    You guys brought me to tears! COngrats and you have my vote

  • Megan w

    WO! I nearly started crying when I watched the video!

  • Morne

    I to, find myself to be a a bit of a romantic at times. My wish for you is to hold on to your love forever, beyond eternity… Young love reminds me of how strong Bill Parish believed in it… So from Meet Joe Black may Bill’s words carry you through your life, and may you be an inspiration people can believe in. Live your life with passion and sing with rapture and dance like a dervish …

    How perfect for you — to take
    whatever you want because it
    pleases you. It’s not love —

    Then what is it?

    Some aimless infatuation in which,
    for the moment, you feel like in-
    dulging. It’s missing everything
    that matters.

    Which is what?

    Trust, responsibility, taking the
    weight, for your choices and feel-
    ings and spending the rest of your
    life living up to them. And above
    all, not hurting the object of your

    So that’s what love is?

    Multiply it by infinity and take it
    to the death of forever and you will
    still have barely a glimpse of what
    I am talking about.

    Love each other from now on, and every minute in between…


  • Caz

    Wow how romantic

  • Ilana

    What a LOVELY story!!! Well done Steyn and enjoy this special time Elize!!!!

  • Charl

    What a beautiful proposal; wish I could have been there to see Elize’s face.

  • Lindy

    Congrats Steyn & Elize
    Blessings for a wonderful life together <3

  • Alison

    You guys are made for each other!

  • Jenn

    Absolutely AMAZING and AWESOME 🙂

  • Ami


  • Suretha Botha

    Beautiful, inspirational, thoughtful, fabulous and romantic. You definitely have my vote!

  • Karin van Heerden

    You’ve succeeded in putting your own personal stamp on this! Awesome!

  • Jacky

    Wow what a romantic proposal! I hope the two of you will be happy longlasting marriage.

  • Jacques Naude

    It was epic! <3

  • Graeme

    Great video!
    You’ve got my vote!

  • Sally

    This is definitely the most creative proposal that I have come across. I hope Elize and Steyn win–they deserve it!

  • Christoff van den Berg

    Brilliant! Congratulations you two.

  • Miempie

    Very nice , good luck & happiness for a lifetime ahead of you Elize & Steyn. You have my vote!

  • lisa

    Still gives me goosebumps, what a proposal!! You two are such an incredible couple…hope you win!!

  • Mariaan

    Awesome proposal! All the best and enjoy your journey together!!!

  • Kelly

    Stunning stunning guys!!! You had me in tears hahahha

  • michelle nel

    what a beautiful couple, love you both

  • leonie Day

    wow wow wow 🙂 hope you two win 🙂

  • Bevan

    most romantic proposal ever

  • candice

    very nice guys, all the best

  • claire

    wow guys, what a story 🙂

  • Katie

    wow!!!! hope you win

  • Brittany

    my vote is for you guys

  • Bronwen M

    good luck you two, hope you win

  • Yolandie

    Good Luck 🙂

  • melanie

    Best of luck guys you deserve this

  • Marco da Silva

    I have known Steyn for many, many years and i consider him to be one of my best friends – those that stay a part of your life, your whole life – and i have never seen him happier than he is now with his wife to be, Elize.

    His (Steyn) proposal was not only the height of romanticism and love but it has raised the bar for any other man who wants to get married. (Thanks a lot dude, why’d you have to be so smart and romantic.. hehe :P)

    I wish nothing but the best for the two of them, with all my heart!

    P.S. saweddingvenues – you may conclude the competition. The clear, deserving winners are Elize & Steyn.

  • John Bradnow

    good luck 🙂

  • alain

    wishing you the best

  • Marnelle

    good luck guys, you deserve this

  • Pierre

    True Love

  • Jacques


  • Zelda Meyers

    wow i just love you guys so much

  • letitia Green

    I vote for you

  • Tina Kay

    good luck

  • Jane Little


  • Neil Jantjies

    love this

  • Belinda

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Shelley

    I luv this storey so mutch

  • Daniel Leven

    good luck people

  • Roxanne Strydom

    you deserve this

  • Nikki S

    good luck, holding thumbs

  • Melody Smith

    wishing you the best

  • brendan O

    what a proposal friends

  • Melody VH

    best of luck

  • Francios Steyn

    Best of luck my boy!

  • Trinanda

    what beautiful people

  • Nadia Smith

    you deserve this

  • Adam

    fantastic story, sounds like movie scene

  • Gerard

    best of luck

  • Iman Mirza

    win guys

  • Lulu

    hope you win

  • Gus


  • Emma Grey

    this is a true love story

  • Rebecca E

    i hope i receive a proposal like this, best story by far

  • Miguel Sanchez

    Baie Mooi

  • Anthony M

    beautiful like the two of you 🙂

  • Claire Saddan


  • lee B

    stunning stunning stunning

  • Wedding KU

    best wishes

  • Ron Baim

    best story ever

  • Antru le Roux

    A truly unique and wonderful proposal for an equally wonderful and unique couple. Well done Steyn. Many Blessings for your upcoming wedding.

  • Ria Mey

    SO romantic! Congratulations!!

  • Angelique

    Well done Elize & Steyn – what an amazing intro to a lifetime of LOVE!! Make every second count!

  • Nicola

    What a great idea! Hollywood directors can take a couple of notes for the next Romantic Comedy!

  • Lerissa Mathias

    Best proposal – well done!

  • juandre Peters

    What a wonderful proposal, you two are stunning

  • Koos Niven


  • Dawie Odendaal


  • Tarryn Smith

    goergous guys, best proposal ever

  • Taya leigh

    wow, how amazing??? what a video clip!!!

  • Ferdi


  • Nelly Donvulo

    Ek hoop julle kan geluk in julle troue wees. En eendag kan julle ‘n oulike ma & pa vir julle kinders wees en al die families. Ons sien julle van nou van die begin af. Liefde, Nelly.

  • maralize

    best looking couple by far, you have my vote

  • Sidney


  • Jon Bung

    best story ever, you guys deserve this. wishing you many happy years together

  • Craig Ferguson


  • Elmien

    Wonderful story, sharing this

  • Sari Malnita

    you guys deserve this, STEYN you out did any other guys proposal.

  • Francois Duvenage

    You have my vote… Congrats…

  • David Ngumi

    eish bro, what a legend

  • Candy Cloete


  • Ilze

    This was really something else. It was so beautiful, I watched it over and over again. Congratulations you 2!!

  • Deklyn davis

    go Sister

  • Candra

    you got my vote

  • Alta

    best wishes

  • Ryan

    Good job!

  • Catherine

    Most amazing proposal of all time! Congratualtions guys xox

  • Blaine

    This is really awesome. Well done guys! Congrats!

  • Kerryn Karssing

    So special and romantic 🙂

  • Susan

    Congratulations Steyn!! Well Done

  • Chiara

    Congrats Steyn and Elize, may you share a lifetime of love and happiness!

  • Julian

    Thats simply incredible, well done! I could not believe it when I heard it!

  • Nikki Smith

    Congratulations to you both! Such a creative and unique proposal! x

  • Henriette

    Beautiful!!! Congrats!!

  • Leonie

    What a beautiful couple! Steyn I know you as a very gentle person, but your proposal to Elize is mind blowing!

  • Sharon "Elsie"

    Like I said to Elize, Steyn you are a keeper for sure (and so is she, so glad you take such good care of her). I know you will be content together for a lifetime because you are such good friends. Love you to bits – love seeing you so, so happy, enjoy every heartbeat.

  • Marlize Joubert

    You have our vote for sure!! Makes going on one knee look very old fashioned! Congrats to you!! Hope that married life will be just as joyful to you as it has been to us.

  • Melanie

    One of the most romatic proposals, and the fact that he included your loved ones makes it so special. You guys desreve to be happy together and we wish u all the best. Xxx

  • Develin

    Steyn, what a creative and stunning proposal, wow, well done. There is no doubt in my mind that your proposal will be rated number one. x x x

  • Emmeline

    Absolutely stunning!

  • Marlise du Plessis

    I had to reach for the tissue box – this proposal fills me with hope for the next generation. May you live happily ever after!! (And may you win the prize for the most romantic propsal – you certainly deserve it!!)

  • Michelle Roux

    Absolutely brilliant! Best proposal ever – love it!!

  • Gerdien

    Always the innovative one! Very well done Steyn and congratulations!

  • Monica Mentz

    Congratulations to the beautiful couple!!! Steyn, you are a hopeless romantic, and Elize is such a lucky woman. May your days ahead be filled with sunshine, happiness and lots of love! You deserve to win!!!!

  • Janice Barnard

    That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I vote this one!!!

  • Marta

    What a lovely proposal and how romantic. Congratulations to you both!

  • Jana

    oh my word, i loved it and showed it to all my friends, well done Steyn. Elize you are a lucky lady.

  • Adri Conradie

    Ahhh, cannot stop the tears! BEAUTIFULL

  • Kavi

    Being a die hard romantic fanatic, hearing the romance in this story was just tear jerking. People always say what you shouldn’t live your life thinking that things will happen like they do in the movies but wow, that was just like something that would happen in a movie, well done to Steyn for pulling it off, I am very impressed!!! I hope that one day my proposal can be just as romantic!

  • liezel

    Wow, amazing!!! Really gives me goosebumps!

  • Tanja van der Merwe

    You do not expect anything less than the best proposal for the best couple! Well done Steyn! And congratulations to you both!

  • Garth Moldenhauer

    Very Romantic. Congrats to you both!

  • Natasja Els

    Very stunning proposal to Elize and Steyn

  • Marianta

    Absolutely beautiful! You have my vote!

  • Elanie

    WoW! I don’t know either of you – but Steyn you are a real trend-setter! Can imagine that your life together will be full of excitement if this is only the start. Congratz!

  • Luke

    Bood luck and best wishes for you both

  • Luke

    Good luck and best wishes for you both!

  • Jeffrey Morgan

    Very well done and original too!

  • antoinette

    Pretty awesome!

  • Buzz Lightyear

    rooting for you

  • Shelly Morgan

    So sweet! Congrats!!

  • petra

    something totally different

  • Reinette

    This is sooo cool! Well done Steyn! We really hope you win! You guys ROCK! xx

  • Lorraine

    Piglet: “Pooh,do you think we will be friends forever?”
    Pooh:”YES!Forever and longer!”
    Congratulations to you both!
    We share your joy!
    A million votes!

  • Marelize Schlemmer

    One of the most beautiful proposals I know of. And an even more beautiful true love story. You have my vote!

  • cozette beck

    Super cool Steyn, we are hopeless romantics and very impressed with your effort. Good luck and all the best.

  • Anna

    Awesome!!! Congrats to both of you

  • ray

    brilliant. congratulations to you both

  • Cilla

    Indeed a very creative proposal and, the weapon of defense, popcorn! A match made in heaven.

  • Andre

    Congrats you guys. such a creative couple. nothing but the best.

  • Christelle

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