Laura and Sheldon


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Laura & Sheldon

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap]n March this year, My Fiancé took me to Zanzibar. We stayed at the beautiful Seacliff resort. Our anniversary was the end of January, so we said instead of celebrating then, we will celebrate it in Zanzibar.

On the 5th March- it was my belated moms birthday, my fiancé planned to fulfill my lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins on this day- which did not happen due to bad weather that day. We were both a little disappointed but I just couldn’t understand why my fiancé was so overly disappointed. The bad weather stayed with us for 2 days and eventually we went swimming with the dolphins on the 7th, and we planned to have our “anniversary” dinner that night- just a nice romantic dinner- that’s all (so I thought)! So a little burnt and tired from the days adventures, we got ready for dinner which I thought was at the hotel’s restaurant, the next thing we are lead to a private balcony upstairs that is overlooking the ocean. It was set up beautifully. I still didn’t think anything of it except a nice way to celebrate our anniversary. My fiancé was a bit flustered but I just thought it was because we had had a hectic busy day. We ordered a cocktail each and he said “let’s go look at the view”, so we were standing on the balcony, he was telling me how he is so happy to be with me and can’t wait for us to have a family, I’m his best friend and nothing will ever change that…. He then got onto his knee- I burst into tears and he asked me if I’ll make his wish come true by marrying him so I can be his best friend forever. We both were a bit teary, had a lovely crayfish and lobster dinner.

To this day I still get Teary eyed thinking of it and how amazing it was!


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  • sheldon


  • Kenny Gird

    Hope Sheldon and Laura win, they so deserve this.

  • Michelle

    Voting for Lau and Sheldz, Hope they win 🙂 🙂

  • Gavin Rash

    I’m not one for love and all, however I am a sucker for the perfect story. This right here is sweeter than candy, sweeter than granny’s applepie.

  • Grant Douglas

    Win shelds

  • Justin Bezuidenhout

    Fantastic story! Made me wish i was proposing again!

  • Roxanne Adams

    Lau and Shelds definitely deserve to win! Good luck guys 🙂 🙂

  • Michelle Jennings

    Great Story 🙂 WIN WIN WIN

  • Jenna Pickford

    Hope my amazing sis and her fiance win this awesome prize!you deserve it!

  • Shireen

    So lovely & a beautiful proposal 🙂

  • Oliver

    Wonderful story

  • Laura Pickford

    Holding double thumbs as Sheldon and I need to go into the main draw as we cant afford a honeymoon this year after our wedding. 🙂

  • laura

    Gorgeous couple, they deserve to win!

  • wendy

    Laura and Sheldon deserve to win 🙂

  • Tarrryn Sinclair

    Goooo Sheldon and Laura!! These are the winners right here 🙂

  • Jackie

    What a lovely proposal – what girl wouldn’t like to be proposed to in Zanzibar? They should definitely win!

  • Sarah-Louise Gibson

    Such a gorgeous couple. Good Luck

  • Jo-Anne

    LAU and SHELDZ = match made in heaven! They deserve to win!

  • Mich

    Hope you two win 🙂

  • lea

    Awesome Story

  • Ruth

    No one deserves an awesome wedding more than these 2 people!!!!

  • Carey


  • Eileen Peel

    Good luck to both of you. A lovely romantic story!

  • aysha

    Good luck you guys, hope you win !!!

  • Joanne Pickford

    Hope their dreams come true- best couple in the world <3

  • Aimee Joy

    Lau and Shelds for the win!!! 🙂

  • Taytum

    awwwww…..hope you guys WIN:)

  • Father-in-law with shotgun

    Good luck to you guys. I hope you win! Lau – your mom would be very proud of you x

  • Adele Kimble

    Laura, perhaps your late mom didn’t feel like swimming on her birthday as she was celebrating yours and Sheldon’s love in heaven and instead, chose 2 days later to swim with them so that you could have your own special date 🙂 With an angel to watch over you both, I hope you win! Your wedding will be three-dimensional 😉

  • charl

    Couldn’t.think of two people who deserve to win this more!! xxx

  • Mariaan Spangenberg

    You deserve to win – and I hope you do!!!!

  • Mandi Ashby

    hope you win my lau-lau

  • Jan Lewis

    Go Lau and Sheld

  • Samantha Mullins

    I really hope Laura and Sheldon win. This is a beautiful story 🙂

  • Liam Shimmon

    Beautiful! You got my vote! Wish you both an amazing future!

  • Yolandie Lavery

    Such a nice story! I truly hope you guys win!

  • Norm

    Hope you guys are happy for ever.
    Please remember to call your 6th child after me, hope its a boy….

  • karen Matthews

    Beautiful story! You deserve to win! Xxx

  • Ronel

    Lovely, brought a tear to my eye…. It will be well deserved if you win xx

  • Catherine

    Congrats!!! you get my vote 🙂

  • Anita

    Good luck 🙂 Hope you win!

  • Ceara Swift

    Naww adorable!

  • Derbhail

    That’s a lovely story! Hope you win 🙂

  • Shirlinia

    What an awesome genuine love story.
    Sheldon and Laura’s love is so pure and amazing
    They deserve to win.

  • Mel

    Enjoy ur honeymoon 🙂 u shall get it 🙂

  • Shell

    Hope u win, Lau! You deserve to – you’ve given so much of yourself – to mom when she was ill and to your family!

  • Zoe-Derrin Brien

    Two people that couldn’t deserve this more 🙂

  • deborah

    Such a beautiful proposal in Zanzibar, after a swim with dolphins- doesn’t get more romantic than that! I hope you win, you two definitely deserve to!

  • peter hidden

    You guys should win, stunning story.

  • Maeve mc donald

    Good look 🙂

  • Michele

    Had me in Tears AGAIN!
    GO Sheld & Lau

  • Stephanie

    I think these 2 really deserve a beautiful please give them one!

  • Wendy

    After reading that romantic story about the well planned proposal, they deserve this honeymoon !

  • Steve

    Touching story, hope you guys win!!!

  • Farrah

    Amazing! Hope you guys win.

  • Pieter Oosthuysen

    Laura, I can imagine your tears – what a wonderful way to honour your Mom’s memory.

    I sincerely hope you and Sheldon win. You have my vote!

  • Tia

    ….perfect story!!!! hope u guys win 🙂

  • Antoniette Fourie

    Good luck, hope you win, holding thumbs.

  • Norma Pickford

    Awesome story!! You both deserve to win, may you wishful dreams
    come true

  • Paula Held

    Good luck

  • Valerie Gore

    Holding Thumbs for both of you.send some pic’s when you win Good luck

  • Jacques

    Good luck to both of you, hope you win!

  • Breda Stanley Pickford

    Good Luck, may all your wishes come true,

  • Samantha

    Holding thumbs, hope you win.

  • Neels van Niekerk

    My mascara is still running. What a lovely story. You deserve to win!!!

  • Tiega


  • Amy

    Nobody deserves to win this more! Laura and Sheldon, what a couple 🙂

  • Karine

    Good luck. Hope you win.

  • Britt

    Very cute story

  • Thereza

    What a beautiful story and the lovely gesture your fiance made for your mom. you deserve to win….


    love makes the world go round and a bette place and this is a perfect example.

    Wonderful to see , what 2 people can do for each other and I hope their dreams come true.

  • Jacqueline Marsh

    Made me cry

  • Amanda Meyer

    Good luck with wedding planning and always keep this story close- once in a lifetime

  • Zanelle Klip

    so inspirational

  • Nonsi Nthaba

    love makes the world go round and stories like this make it so worthwhile.

  • Annelie Potgieter

    Sitting at worlk in a cold UK reading these lovely posts, hard vote but this one for the win 🙂

  • Courtney Henning

    you look like a wonderful couple, wish you many happy years together.

  • Jessica

    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

  • Birgit

    So sweet

  • cathy strydom

    Wonderful story, What a wonderful way to “remember” your moms Birthday from here on..You have my vote.. Good luck guys

  • Lily

    They SO deserve to win!! Awesome couple!!

  • Di

    Didn’t know Sheldon was such romantic. Lovely way to remember your Mom and a great start to your life together

  • mxolisi

    Go Lau and Sheld, I hope you guys win cause we all praying you do

  • Wesley

    Good luck guys

  • Jason Dewaal

    awesome guys

  • craig

    good luck friends

  • calvin

    done voted

  • bryan eames

    awesome proposal, good luck

  • Bridesmaid

    Cant wait to party!

  • thomas ratau

    nice one guys

  • charl

    good luck china s !!!!!!

  • Jo Jo

    Best wishes

  • Derrick

    True love i would say! VOTE

  • dave smith

    good luck my boy

  • Nkosi Nxsana

    Go homies- go for the win Gs!

  • Farrah Bossmon

    Made me all chocked up! Beautful, will pray you win

  • Bianca

    Awesome story! All the best! x

  • Chantal

    Good luck guys – wishing you all the best of luck!!!

  • shaun

    Good Luck Sheld

  • Jenny

    Such a beautiful story Just know you guys will be so happy together xxx

  • Nicolette Strydom

    sweet <3 🙂

  • willem


  • Graham

    voting from London

  • Roxanne

    Made me teary! Wow!!!

  • Charne


  • cath

    oh my word, gorgeous

  • Nadia

    Hope you guys stay in the lead, il pass word on!

  • Liam

    Freezing here in the UK, hope my vote counts

  • Nadine S

    NUMBER 1!

  • Gazza

    I vote you

  • Cleora Swannepoel


  • gavin nash

    you two deserve it

  • Lyndie Bowyer


  • aimee j

    🙂 cant wait for the big day

  • Craig Findlay

    like an OX!

  • carmen rose

    the best story in this competition hands down !!!!!

  • jannie

    go for it

  • Keagan


  • Kyron A

    Pumping story

  • Jane Kirwin

    Not sure what to say here but wow and good luck to you both

  • Kim

    Go my UNISA buddy!

  • kerry Gailis

    Come on Friend, i got high hopes here

  • Angela Roodt

    So inspiring to see young people so inlove <3

  • Michelle

    Nice one Sheldon

  • Allo Anumbosi

    Holla, peace!

  • Chantel VB

    I want to go to Zanzibar! I vote you guys

  • Jessica

    Thanks for sharing x

  • Andrew Aguilera

    nice one bruv

  • Jenny

    best of luck, will keep an eye open- hope you win

  • Dean

    Brilliant guys, go for gold!

  • Teacher Nix

    Wish i could vote for all my kids too but heres my vote. 🙂

  • Daniel Bezuidenhout

    VOTE guys

  • Elli

    great couple

  • K G

    Looking forward to your wedding Lau, keep head high

  • Gina

    Love from Aussieland

  • Jade Atrash

    High 5 Friends

  • Ginelle

    Love this romantic story

  • Jennipher

    Im in on you guys

  • Heide

    Wonderful proposal, good luck

  • Jen

    Vote, vote, vote! U can win this u two!

  • Annemi De Vries

    you guys must win

  • charmaine chetty


  • Dillon van Niekerk

    nice one bro

  • holly and jakey

    all our votes x 100000000

  • janet

    good luck guys

  • jaycee

    nice one guys good luck

  • Dolly

    May Sheldon & Lau win a very special honeymoon!!

  • Angelique

    Beatiful Story, Good Luck 🙂

  • ryan

    good luck guys

  • carla

    how romantic

  • linda spruit

    good luck to you

  • marilyn

    hey guys good luck from us all

  • justin bell

    nice story

  • kirby townsend

    go LAURA !!!!!

  • hannes treu

    good luck my friends

  • sarel de kock

    nice one guys wow

  • quinten

    thats my boy

  • amy swart

    wedding bells

  • ashleigh

    hey guys wishing you all the best

  • eva mcguire


  • Ray

    So romantic! Good luck to you both!

  • benjamen ward

    i dig this story

  • Regine

    That’s so sweet! I wish you lots of happiness and a big family!

  • chris maingaurd

    i remember this while working in zanzibar, it was epic

  • charlie ross

    good story

  • micheal moore

    i will definitely vote to help you guys win

  • rich gomes

    te amo

  • chantelle price

    go for it my cousin

  • louis peters

    good story guys

  • nicole

    Hope Lau and Sheldon win, u guys deserve it!

  • Charmaine

    What a lovely story, hope you win!

  • Carmen

    This is the cutest! I hope you win 🙂

  • Tracey

    This is so romantic

  • brendan

    happy days

  • Steph

    Congrats Lau and Sheld

  • Caroline M

    Adorable story

  • Shainaaz

    Wow breathless friends

  • C Kritzinger

    hope you win

  • Lade

    will love to see you both get far in this competition, holding thumbs

  • Mickey Jordt

    you have my vote

  • Sibiya


  • sivewe

    Holla, dope storey

  • Unisa Friend

    Go Laura

  • Zikho


  • Christelle

    Will share with everyone i know from unisa Lau, well done

  • Johannah L

    Inspirational afta wat u hav gone thro

  • Mmasontaha Mokoena

    Love this story

  • MS MN

    Memories are lovely

  • Sherley

    made me so happy, great couple <3

  • Tish

    pretty please let them win

  • Naz

    Razzle Dazzle your way to the top guys- keep sharing

  • Dani M

    Goooooooooooooooooooo win win win

  • Tirhane

    love is true!

  • Fiona

    Shine like a Diamond in the sky*

  • Radia Adam

    Instant goosebumps- zanzibar is lovely

  • Papier

    love and light to you both

  • M Stemmer

    Good luck

  • Amy

    Love Amy 🙂

  • Sherls


  • Megz

    Didnt know my friend was so lucky!

  • deidre

    im going to Zanzibar in August- yay

  • Zola

    You very lucky laura, i was proposed to in my bedroom :/

  • Yolande L

    Sending hearts <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Danine VS

    You guys deserve so much in life

  • R. Verster

    I lost my mom and i think its truley amazing you can remember her birthday and your engagement together

  • Natalie

    Aw too awesome! 😉

  • Mucha

    Hope you both win- praying for you

  • Sandi V

    Dolphins… now you have my vote

  • Getta

    Thanks for sharing

  • Avi Levy

    Pretty decent proposal 🙂

  • Megan Morris

    Hope you have this memory forever

  • Tame

    Great suprise Sheldon

  • Phillippa

    I will dream for one day

  • Kurt


  • Phumzile

    hope you win

  • Max

    Vote Sheldon and Laura

  • Jane

    Beautiful engagement

  • May-Lizette

    So happy for you both

  • Ronel Dunn

    Cobgratulations 😀

  • Lindi

    please win

  • Toboho

    Teb votes you- good luck

  • Shantz

    Whats the main prize? im voting for you

  • Masebolelo Milly Lethule

    All the best

  • Kago

    you look like a cool couple

  • Leenershree

    really cool set up

  • maggie

    You will look beautiful on your day

  • Nicolene

    Wonderful stories, hard decision but because i love romance and dolphins this one wins

  • Sarah

    Please vote for this couple, they the best <3


    Aunty says win!

  • Sheryl Barnard

    Very Nice guys 😀

  • Izzi

    amazing stories

  • Itumeleng

    Yoh, Verry Luckie

  • Jacqueline Weideman

    Hope you have a wild honeymoon

  • Claire

    Plz win

  • Lucy


  • Lerato

    Didnt read all the stories but i like this one so far

  • Kamogelo


  • Liza Kruger

    Sheldon for president!

  • Sharon

    Love IT to bits

  • Monica Maskowitz

    Lovely, beautiful, wonderful

  • Dalene

    exciting start to life together

  • C Bowers

    True love at its best

  • Leatitia Scheepers

    Romantic couple

  • Lydia Troskie

    good luck

  • Rene

    I hope to heck you win

  • Carol


  • Julie

    Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh made me cry! lump in throat and all!

  • Violente Dewet

    Sweet 🙂

  • Ebeth


  • Liz Longbottom

    So so stunning

  • Roxxi

    Go Lau x

  • Naomi Fourie

    Cant believe we went to primary school together and now we all grown up and ready to start families! good luck

  • Freda

    Hope you win, i will keep sharing

  • Cindy Lotz

    Love you both

  • Marie Reid

    Cant wait to see you in December

  • Esther Kalambaie Ilonga

    gagner- win in french!

  • Petro van der Walt

    ag man so wonderful

  • Rose

    Not easy losing a mom! all the best

  • Odette Thomas

    Bravo 😀

  • Tansyn Neethling

    Laura and Sheldon, you are both so young and i hope you have the best life together

  • Rina

    I vote you

  • Linda Van Heerden Denys

    Forever and ever <3

  • Estelle Erasmus Botha

    You are going to have the best wedding

  • Ruth

    So talented hey

  • Zelda Spamer

    going to be a beautiful bride

  • Elmari Steenkamp

    cant wait to see the winner

  • Natasha Scholtz

    make your mom proud dear

  • Bianca Els

    this story should win

  • Lisel Engelbrecht

    so so so 😀 awesome

  • Gillian Hastie

    super amazing Laura

  • Bernadette Smith

    was an awesome engagement celebration

  • Elize Vollgraaff

    sweet, true romantic story

  • Megan

    Such a beautiful story xx Lau and Shelds, I hope you win

  • Nelia Lila Fourie


  • Thuraya Martin

    Really hoping you both win this!

  • Adri Nel

    whoopie go guys!

  • Sonia Scheepers-Ernstzen

    lovely stories from all you love bird couples- but i like this one best

  • Cornel Jankowitz

    I want to get married again- such a magical time

  • Carina Fourie

    So Wonderful- best wishes

  • Riana Zander

    counting down til the big day

  • Marieta Woudstra

    WiN WiN WiN!

  • Michele

    Lovely story

  • Rob M

    I vote Laura & Sheldon

  • Yvonne van Schalkwyk

    True Love! beautiful couple

  • Angelique Roodt

    I hope you win guys

  • Chantel Seaman

    Best Couple Ever <3

  • Delicia De Vos

    🙂 😀

  • Jan

    beautiful grand daughter

  • KARA K

    hope you win

  • sheldz

    smashing stuff guys

  • Suzette

    Hope you win !

  • Candice

    voting for you guys

  • Breda

    10 months

  • Tamlyn Springer

    what a stunning story <3 just love it

  • Berend

    good luck Lau

  • Chris Stanley

    Go Sheld and Lau

    you got this, keep telling everyone to vote

  • Jane Kirwan

    hope you win

  • Anabela

    Good luck to your amazing story

  • Nicky Ray

    wow 😀

  • Janice Postma

    Win x1000000000000000000000000000 🙂

  • shinade-leigh Groves

    i will pass on the word, hope you win

  • D. A. Allo

    im going to propose like this- its boss!

  • Carrianne

    Not fair- i want a romantic man like this

  • natasha davey

    yes please- hope you win

  • enhle sibiya

    cool proposal

  • Leonard

    you so lucky to have an experience like that

  • Kelly Cotterell

    Go Lauz!

  • Carol

    Hope u guys win.

  • Gina Hanekom

    hope my friends win… you deserve it

  • Vicky Hewitt

    ah this is so inspirational.

  • Kim Joselowitz

    You so deserve this, bring on the wedding and hopefully the best honeymoon- i will tell everyone i know to vote

  • Benita

    Thanks for sharing on fb guys! lovely story

  • Riana

    win win win win vote vote vote vote!

  • sarah kannigadu

    So happy to see your guys story here- holding thumbs

  • Craig

    Win Shelds

  • Janice Lavine

    Hey you two all the best & WIN xxx

  • Michelle

    very romantic 🙂

  • Karen

    Awesome couple. Hope u guys win

  • Izak

    such a sweet story!


    hope you win

  • Mohamed

    close comp- please win

  • Jennipher

    such a cool fun couple- hope you both win

  • Carol

    Such a awesome love story, they definitely deserve to win.

  • Shelley

    Sheld an laura go guys u can do it love u guys a lot haha xxx

  • Judith Serfontein :)

    I am soooo happy for Laura & Sheldon. What an awesome story! They will remain last forever which they deserved it which is mean they are deserved to be win for their romance honeymoon 🙂 Love you guys xoxox

  • hayleigh

    such a great couple and sooo romantic hope you guys win!

  • Donna Forsgate

    Laura and Shelden deserve to win !

  • Jade

    go cuz xxx

  • Zoey

    hope you win xxxx

  • Darren

    go lau

  • Ron Pick

    hope you lovely love birds win x

  • Roy

    Better win it…cant wait for December!!

  • Darren

    Go Lau… Go Lau xxx

  • Jay

    Of all the stories this is far and away the most moving, authentic and real. I hope you guys win.

  • Liz

    Awesome man guys!

  • Samantha Wilson

    wonderful romantic story, hope you win

  • Kirstin Taylor

    Wishing you the best of luck, will tell all my friends and family to vote today!

  • Yolandi

    Sooooooooo close! im voting for you guys

  • Stuart Mcdougall

    Iv been sent from Kirst to vote, wishing you the best!

  • Celeste Dickason

    WIN WIN WIN Laura and Sheldon WIN WIN WIN

  • Deon

    Congratulations guys!

  • Jann Gregson

    Iv been ordered by Kirsten to vote- with her standing next to me! hope you guys win

  • Stephen

    Hope you guys win it, GO SHELDON AND LAURA

  • Lily Spruit

    Good luck sheld and Lau

  • James

    eek so close- pls win win

  • Njabulo Khoza

    happiness couple- they deserve to win

  • Kolelwa

    Go go gadget go!

  • Nupe Z

    So exciting guys, almost there

  • Thabile Mbuli

    WOWZERS, close competition but love this story!

  • Belinda De Beer

    Kirstin said i must read this proposal story and its really amazing, good luck

  • Uvesh

    Truley inspirational reading all these- cant wait til i propose

  • Anelie

    Finish line is close

  • Gry

    Wow Lauz, you so lucky!

  • Ishak

    Lovely proposal, so much thought went into it

  • Huda M

    I vote for this story



  • ST


  • Cleora Broens

    What a gorgeous story

  • Lesley

    So close guys, keep telling people to vote =)

  • Clarissa Pretorius


  • Johann

    Awesome guys!


    So so beautiful- dolphins are the best animals! so lucky to swim with them

  • Shayne

    Hope you win lau

  • Agrineth Dakile

    win please

  • Alta Klopper

    Hope you both win, seems like its a deserved one 🙂

  • Amy T

    Sorry its late guys, hope the votes still count 🙂

  • Carol Willis

    I wish i had seen this on fb sooner, i would have added my story too- so awesome

  • Christine

    hope my friends win- big competition

  • Dudu Ngubane

    Ah man so cute! hope u win

  • Fatima

    wow cool competition

  • Greg White

    crazy stuff

  • Irene Otto

    Good luck, holding thumbs

  • Jeanine Barnard

    match made in heaven i would say

  • John Wilson

    Still such an awesome proposal compared, genuine love

  • Kabelo

    cant wait to see who the winner is, hope its this proposal

  • Kate Read

    pleeeease wiiiiiiin, cant wait any more

  • Kerry Prince

    Good job spreading the word on fb, voting all the way from the UK 🙂 good luck

  • Kym Munro

    wow guys, you are the best

  • Jean Patterson


  • Hestie du Plessis

    such a lekker storie

  • Gillian Watts

    i wanted to cry reading this- i know what losing a mom is like. good luck with the wedding to both of you

  • Angela

    WOW <3

  • Bert De villiers

    My wife has been telling everyone to go read these stories and i like this one

  • Bianca

    Aw such a good proposal- so much love

  • Angela Potgieter

    dum dum dum love is in the air dum dum dum

  • Danielle

    You deserve a wonderful wedding day. Fingers crossed for you xx

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