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Laura & Sheldon

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap]n March this year, My Fiancé took me to Zanzibar. We stayed at the beautiful Seacliff resort. Our anniversary was the end of January, so we said instead of celebrating then, we will celebrate it in Zanzibar.

On the 5th March- it was my belated moms birthday, my fiancé planned to fulfill my lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins on this day- which did not happen due to bad weather that day. We were both a little disappointed but I just couldn’t understand why my fiancé was so overly disappointed. The bad weather stayed with us for 2 days and eventually we went swimming with the dolphins on the 7th, and we planned to have our “anniversary” dinner that night- just a nice romantic dinner- that’s all (so I thought)! So a little burnt and tired from the days adventures, we got ready for dinner which I thought was at the hotel’s restaurant, the next thing we are lead to a private balcony upstairs that is overlooking the ocean. It was set up beautifully. I still didn’t think anything of it except a nice way to celebrate our anniversary. My fiancé was a bit flustered but I just thought it was because we had had a hectic busy day. We ordered a cocktail each and he said “let’s go look at the view”, so we were standing on the balcony, he was telling me how he is so happy to be with me and can’t wait for us to have a family, I’m his best friend and nothing will ever change that…. He then got onto his knee- I burst into tears and he asked me if I’ll make his wish come true by marrying him so I can be his best friend forever. We both were a bit teary, had a lovely crayfish and lobster dinner.

To this day I still get Teary eyed thinking of it and how amazing it was!


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