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Amanda & Stephen

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap] need to start with some background, as a kid my dad use to take me to the beach and I use to get extremely excited and had a little beach dance/walk that I use to do for him. He always use to tell my fiancé and everybody this story about when I was little and how excited I use to get when I could swim in the sea.

My fiancés family have a holiday house on the south most tip of Africa where we sometimes go to relax, it’s like a piece of heaven and Stephen and I went on a horse for the first time there on a long open beach, I’m talking white sand and no one to be seen for miles.

Now my story is properly very different because its real and romantic at the same time. And that is what I always wanted and couldn’t plan.

My fiancé is a lead singer in a band and he always has gigs on the weekend but during the week of 20 Feb 2012 he said baby, let’s go away to the holiday house (22-26 Feb), now I’m a control freak and have to plan everything and everything must be easy so I say we can’t go as he has a gig on the Friday night. So he makes me do what I normally never do and says be spontaneous, lets live a little, we can leave after the GIG.  Now this is spontaneous for me because we hadn’t planned it for months and we would only be there for the Saturday and made no sense for me to drive for 3 hours for just the Saturday so I let me logic down for one moment and say ok, but please don’t drink at your gig as you need to drive for 3 hours.

Well to say the least he drank a lot, properly nerves, he drank so much he couldn’t drive and I had to drive 3 hours by myself well he slept in the car the whole way. So as you can imagine I was furious, I was so cross that I had to drive alone well he slept at 1am in the morning for 3 hours just to spend Saturday in Cape Aghulus.

So we woke up in the morning and Stephen turns to me and says lets have an adventure and I am still angry and say are you mad I am not interested in doing anything with him because I am very upset. So he starts getting angry with himself and goes to the kitchen and wipes badly which makes me laugh and forgive him, so all is well.

He tells me he needs to go to the shop and I must get ready so we can go to the beach, which I should of thought was weird as he hates the beach but thought he felt bad for making me drive. We went to the beach which is long white open beach for miles with no people there, just him and I and we sat down to have lunch, which was not good, lol the food did’t taste good at all so Stephen told me to run into the sea like I did as a kid, so I ran towards the sea in my weird and wonderful way, he came behind me, as I jumped up I saw a bottle come floating towards me, like right towards me and I screamed at Stephen look it’s a message in the bottle, this happens to nobody, as I said nobody, I realised it doesn’t happen to anyone, lol but still thought he was just being romantic, we looked for a rock and we smashed the glass and cleaned the glass and I started to read my beautiful poem, which he is great at as he writes all his music for the band. As I got to the end of the page, my world stopped, I will never forget that feeling, and it’s so hard to explain but I felt like it was just the 2 of us in the whole entire world, everything around you doesn’t exists except the other person. And he was on his knee and asked me to marry him.

For me it wasn’t just the message in a bottle but everything that lead up to the moment of just him and I in a bubble that made this the most romantic proposal. We were on white open stretches of beach on the southernmost tip of Africa and I got a message.


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