Chandre & Seth

We go back to school days, where we knew of each other, even sat next to each other in Maths and never spoke a word. So how this many years later do we end up a few months aways from getting married?

We have starting dating a year after school when ‘a hook up’ in a club sparked something in me to get his number through a friend. Yes well we might consider that a bit stalkerish but I persisted and after a few weeks we started dating.

We are both 24 years of age and 26th of October last year he popped the question. The evening of the 25th my Seth called me to say he was taking fri off and wondered if I was keen to go up to the midlands for the day as I was off on Fridays. I said that sounded great, little did I know that he spent so much time planning this day. He even brought the proposal forward a day due to a huge chance of rain that sat. Fri morning we set off for the midlands and stopped at piggly wiggly for a cup of coffee before heading off to the cheese farm. The cheese farm is one of my most favourite outings as I love cheese, wine and feeding the goats.. As you can see by the pic he set up the most romantic picnic and literally thought about every detail..after a few hours of chatting, eating and wine he decided it was time for ‘dessert’ . He spun me a story about a company in durban that made funny fortune chocolate boxes. (In reality a friend of his mom made this chocolate box) when I then opened it, still clueless, I opened the scroll awaiting a joke and out of nowhere I saw the word “will you marry me”. Seth spent months and months designing and getting a ring made for me which is so personal. Through a lot of tears I finally said yes before I even looked at the ring.

I have the most amazing good fortune of marrying my best friend 10 Aug 2013 at our home. Our wedding to us is about “us” its going to be fun, personal and about celebration.


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