Christy & Terry

For my birthday this year, Terry promised a surprise, but I was horribly sick and man-down with flu and didn’t question him. I had honestly expected a ring soon, but Terry hadn’t made such a fuss about the ‘surprise’ and had thrown me a curve ball earlier that week complaining about how quiet his business had been.

So on my birthday, he asked me to meet him early as his place, wearing old clothes. Hmmmm …

And so just after 6am, we started our adventure to what I assumed was an outdoor activity. He dropped subtle hints about other people being there, and that we would be releasing something – like a bird or an animal. I guessed a rhino!

We drove almost 2 hours inland from ballito, onto a sugarcane farm, down into a wild litchi orchard, and landed up at an old campsite and waterfall. WOW! He handed me a thick PVC pipe and gave me a backpack (no peeping allowed). He also had a backpack and PANGA! Yes, we panga’ed our way up the side of the waterfall only to be met with a breathtaking view that I know only a few people have ever seen – the type of view you cant help but scream to hear your own voice echo. He laid out a typical terry picnic on the top of the waterfall and celebrated my birthday together. He dove into a speech about how some birds like penguins (my birthday card) had to endure the toughest hardships just to naturally stay with their mate, and how we too had endured such hardships over the years blah blah blah … I wasn’t really listening because it was all written in the card and I would read it later 🙂

We spoke about how beautiful this area was and he confessed he was here earlier in the week to make sure he knew how to find it. I didn’t believe him because we panga’ed through some serious bush! To prove it, he said he had written something on the rock for me. He led me to this rock, and he asked me to read it. It had rained and the writing had faded somewhat. I recognised an R and then another R, then the M … heart beating faster … ahhh … the sun was behind us, and I saw his shadow next to me – he was holding a box. I knew what the message said, and I knew what he was holding, but I didn’t say anything, I took a moment to take it all in – 9 years of missing each other, the heartache we had been through, the incredible love I have for this man, and how God must have been cheering us on …

The rest is a blur – I danced, I screamed, I shouted, we hugged, I almost cried 🙂

We continued to panga through the bush for another three hours, and on our way back, we slid down the waterfall as a baptism into our new life together. I have never felt more alive! And loved!



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