Claire & Lex

On my birthday this year (which was on a Saturday) my (then) boyfriend asked if he could take me out that night and could we make plans with friends and family either during the day or the next day, so I did. We had a great day and that evening he told me to dress warm. He took me to Ushaka and we took a walk to Moyo for dinner. It was raining and I could see Lex kept looking outside. After a great dinner he suggested a walk on the pier, thankfully it had stopped raining. We saw a man on the sand making sand sculptures and one of the sculptures was a heart. Lex asked the man to write our names in the heart and take a photo with us behind it. We carried on walking and got to the end of the pier – it was cold so we headed back. I was walking in front of him and I turned around to see him putting his hand in his jacket, I asked what was wrong and he said he had heartburn, so I carried on walking. The next minute he said ‘baby’, I turned around to see him on one knee, and he asked me to marry him! Of course I said ‘YES!’

It was so special and perfect that it was such a magic moment with just the two of us, and with the most beautiful view!


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