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Daniella & Marc

[dropcap color=”rosy”]C[/dropcap]onspiracy, so that I would not suspect anything: Marc arranged a voucher from the restaurant that we were going too (On the Rocks) and gave it to Nicole Van Rensburg(My maid of honour). He told her to offer the voucher to me and say that Myles(her boy friend who is a CA) was given it for helping with an audit and due to her father having cancer at the time they did’t feel comfortable having a good time while he was ill and that it would expire soon. So I took the voucher and suggested to Marc that we use it for our 6 year anniversary in March.

Marc suggested we rather use it for the 11th Feb, as he wanted to get me used to going
to fancy restaurants(As we had planned to get engaged some time this year). He was also working on Valentine ’s Day and he had a really cool idea
for the day that he wanted to do.

On the day:
He picked me up at 12:00 on the Saturday and we went to his house and he made me lunch. Before we left the house he gave me an empty book and then the 1st few chapters of a book he wrote for me. (To answer all your questions, I didn’t suspect anything, as Marc is a real romantic and he often does amazing things like this for me.)

We then went to the 2 oceans aquarium, where we had a wonderful time looking at the fish and drinking slushies’. I even got to go into a nemo fish tank and hold a starfish.

After the aquarium he gave me the next few chapters of his book and an envelope with money in and a note, explaining how much he loves me and that I deserved to be spoiled, and how I should buy something for myself, maybe something for our future home. We then proceeded to willow bridge were we had that really nice expensive gelato at cafe magnifico and shopped at Woolworths and @ Home. I bought a lasagne dish, napkin rings and a vase. We then went back home and got into our fancy smart clothes and thanks to Juanelle Du Plessis, my hair was already done up beautifully.

Now we were using my car and we had to stop for petrol and I left my petrol card at home, so I asked Marc if he could put in R100 and I’d pay him back, he said it was fine and asked me to pass him his wallet. Thinking the wallet was in His blazer pocket, which was in the back seat, I leant back to pick up the blazer and was sternly told “ It’s not there it’s in the front!!!!!!!!!!!!”
(Still I didn’t suspect anything). Then on our way to the restaurant Marc started looking very nervous and then all of a sudden proceeded to tell me that he was upset with me. Thinking that I had felt the ring box in his blazer Marc told me that he had something small for me in his blazer and he was worried that if I felt it I would get the wrong idea about this evening. This is when I started to suspect, but I still thought there was no way he was proposing on a voucher that was given to us, as he is not that cheap. So I thought maybe he was lying and at the last minute he would take me to another restaurant and proprose. When this didn’t seem to be happening and we were getting closer and closer to the restaurant I started to think that it probably wasn’t happening tonight. Marc confirmed this when we arrived at the restaurant and he started digging in his blazer and looking under my car seats. He looked disappointed and told me he thought, that my small little gift dropped out or he left it at home. Now I thought that there was no way that he would be proposing, because we were eating on a voucher and if it was a ring, there would be no way that he would have left it behind.

We had a lovely time at the restaurant and it had a beautiful view. I had duck la orange with orange and coniac and Marc had calamari with coriander. By now I definitely thought it would not happen and while Marc went to the bath room I smsed my brother to tell him to have vampire diaries ready for me when I came home and I even ordered my desert as take away, as I thought I would enjoy eating it while watching vampire diaries. After the restaurant we took a walk along the beach and watched the sunset. We eventually got to a bench and sat down, Marc then gave me the last few chapters of the book. He made me read it out loud and in the story the main character proposes, when I stopped reading and looked down Marc was on one knee holding a ring. He told me that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked if I would marry him. I was in so much shock I didn’t hear a single word he said, he then pulled me up and hugged me and then proceeded to put the ring on my finger, realizing that I hadn’t said anything, let alone yes yet, he asked “ You do say yes, right?’

He had asked for my father’s permission the night before and arranged with his Mom, Leanne (His sister), Michael(brother in law), my parents and Ross(my brother) to be at his house when we arrived home. Aunty Isabel had a whole lot of eats prepared and they all congratulated us and we let the rest of our family and friends know.

Underneath is the storybook Marc wrote for me and attached should be photos of the day.

Once upon a time, in a land known to most as Garningvale lived a beautiful Princess. Unlike most other princesses she was smart, out-going and very friendly! Our princess had a lovely name – Danae.
(Danae is me, Dani)

Chapter 1 – The Beginning
Now Danae lived in a castle with both the King and Queen – her parents and their adopted son – her brother. Things were often quiet around the castle and very little excitement was to be had. Danae’s parents were very much slave drivers making her work for at least an hour every day! Be it washing dishes or cleaning floors, all of these of course suited for a common hand servant. Despite her parents obvious short comings she still loved them very much.
(My parents make me clean the kitchen every night and I always complain even though its not that much work and Marc always laughs about that.)

Our story now shifts over to a small cottage on the outskirts of the capital were a Mother and son lived. Strofix was an odd fellow, pale of colour and quite reserved. He spent most of his time staring at the small window in their cottage, he would stare for hours on end as if the window had a life of its own – his own small escape to a fantasy world. Other than his avid love for window staring he had a great appreciation for a certain sport and that was stone skipping. The aim of the sport was to skip stones against objects such as trees and rocks in order to make them bounce many times. This sport was widely known throughout the kingdom and Strofix had quite the knack for it!
(Marc is Strofix, as I want to name our 1st daughter Sarah and he doesn’t like the name, he said we can name her that but then the next child, regardless of the sex will be named Skunk Strofix. He often tease me about this. The small window is the fact that he plays a lot of computer games and the stone skipping is squash and he was captain of the 1st team in school.)

One early morning as Strofix was skipping stones, he came across something quite by chance, he had found it! The most perfect, beautiful, round stone. This was the one that stone skippers search their whole lives for. Dusting it off Strofix prepared his swing and with a certain flick of the wrist the stone flew through the air. As expected of a stone of that caliber it bounced easily off at least three trees and four rocks only to land in the bushes with a solid “ouch!”. Wide eyed Strofix wondered what could have made that sound, he slowly crept up to the bush and to his surprise found a well-dressed lady nursing her eye where the stone had hit her.
(This is how Marc and I met, through my mom. My mom saw Marc playing squash and asked him if he could be her squash partner. I was brought along with, as my mom didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. The incident in the story, is when by accident, Marc hit my mom in the eye with the squash ball and not only did she have a black eye, but her retina tore and she had to have it fixed. Just to add, my mom deserved it as she always gets in the way)

Meanwhile back at the castle Danae was watching “The peasants” – this was of course a production done by the peasants of their daily lives. Productions like these were gripping tales of lies, betrayal, love and deceit. Danae knew she spent a little bit too much time watching productions such as these but they were quite riveting. Today’s episode was titled “The soapy” and already Gretta had broken up with her long-time lover Henry and was now seeing Troy! As the production was just getting to a good part she heard a huge commotion outside. Danae quickly shooed the peasants out, as her parents didn’t like her watching productions all day long. Nothing would be worse than getting caught in the act! She quickly sat down on a large comfy chair and picked up a book in the hopes that they would presume she had been reading. Little did Danae know her life was about to change forever…
(I watch a lot of series and my parents don’t like me watching during the term, when I’m meant to be studying; so I watch when they are not home and I get all my study books ready so that as soon as I hear a car, I switch off the TV and pretend I’m studying)

Chapter 2 – Special Someone
Several months had passed since the incident, Queen Hathaway had barely a mark from the stone that had hit her. There had been many changes around the castle since then, Strofix came by regularly. At first it was to have games of skipping stones with the Queen but now his gaze had shifted toward the lovely Danae. They were almost inseparable, doing almost everything together from walks by the lakeside to cleaning out stables. Never had Strofix been this happy in his life and it was clear to all around Danae that she too had found someone special.
Strofix had soon become a part of the family, he too had built a friendship with her brother Fross. They shared a common interest and would often stare out windows together in quite the competitive way! Fross had an avid love for music and expressed himself though his collection of singing frogs

(Fross is my brother, Ross and he too loves playing computers and Marc and him often have computer lans. My brother loves music and he has been accepted to study composition, hence the singing frog collection. Queen Hathaway is my mom, as her name is Anne)

Chapter 3 – Good Times
There came a day that Danae decided it was time to explore the world outside the castle walls. She packed excitedly for her day’s trip to the market, three large bags later she was ready to leave. Nervous but excited Danae kissed her parents goodbye and braved herself for the challenges ahead. As she exited the castle walls, quite to her surprise stood Strofix. Although a trip to the market was all too familiar to him Strofix knew how much it would mean to Danae to support her on the small journey.
They spent hours walking around the shops laughing and enjoyed spending time with one another. Danae was overjoyed by the sights and sounds available to her. Not once had she ever dreamed of watching a chicken race or eat smoked squirrel on a stick. As the sun started to set they came across a small run down shop in a secluded alleyway. The sign on the shops door read “Be that it may, so that it may be”. The door creaked open as they read the sign and an old gentlemen with a hunched back beckoned them into the store. Danae unaware of the dangers that were present outside of the castle walls excitedly went in before Strofix could stop her.
(I come from a very sheltered life, where my mom did all the cooking, shopping etc. I never went into checkers to do shopping on my own and had no concept for how much this cost. I also over pack for every occasion.)

From the second they entered the store Strofix was uneasy. Inside it was dark and a damp stale smell hung in the air. The small man welcomed them with a toothless grin, welcome to my little store “Kings Row” the crowning jewel of our fair city. I have everything from Hick Naks to Nik Wacks and for the daring, some games of chance. Danae’s eyes lit up with the mention of games, she considered herself to be quite the natural when it came to most tests like these. A short while later the old man and Danae were in a heated battle of “nine question trivia”. Danae had four out of eight answers correct, if she got this final one right she would win! The old man was not used to losing and in a final attempt to win he decided to switch up his strategy. Instead of asking questions involving advanced counting and history he decided to go for a simpler approach. Dear Lady, he said, tell me, how much does a loaf of fresh bread cost from the baker?
(Kings Row is checkers and the question is because when we started dating Marc threw 10c away and I got upset and said we could have given it o a beggar and they could have bought a loaf of bread with it.)

Chapter 4 – The Promise
The walk back home was far easier on Strofix, certainly one bag was far easier to carry than three. Arriving at the great castle doors Strofix and Danae looked up at the bright night sky. Lit up with countless shining stars – that seemed to shine more brightly than ever before. Strofix knew this was the moment he had been waiting for and took out the small piece of purple linen he had bought from a side store. As he tied it around Danae’s finger he told her that this was a symbol to show that they would be together one day and that he would do all he could to make sure they were one day betrothed. Danae knew that he was the one that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and that one day a time would come when Strofix would replace the small piece of material with a ring like none had ever seen before. That evening Danae lay in bed thinking over all that had happened at the market, it seemed so perfect almost like they were meant to be together. She knew that nothing could ever tear them apart.

(This is when Marc gave me my promise ring, saying that he intended to marry me one day and that he would protect my purity till then)

Chapter 5 – Regrets
A few small disagreements, that’s all it took. To Danae and Strofix it felt like the world had been ripped from under their feet. They had made the worst decision, that they would take a short time apart in order to clear their minds. Simple things such as walks in the park and catching fireflies seemed empty without one another’s company.
To make matters worse winter was upon the land, it had been many years since the kingdom had seen a winter as bad as this. Trees had been upturned and trail paths washed away. Strofix missed her smile, he knew he had been wrong, nothing should have ever come between him and his love. He yearned for a second chance but the winter was relentless. The days passed, then months all too long since he had seen his love.

(This is when we broke up)

Chapter 6 – It all fades away
King John had refused to let anyone leave the safe comforts of their home as many bandits had taken to attacking poor travelers struggling to find their way through mud that had once been roads. With the first signs of spring approaching the royal party decided to take a trip to see
what damage had been done to their lands. It was at this time that Strofix decided to go out to the market in order to buy some nails in order to repair the damage that had been done to the cottage. Walking through the streets he saw a loud commotion from the central plaza. He rushed over to see what all the fuss was about. And that’s when he saw her again, could he possibly have forgotten how beautiful she was, for seeing her again had left him speechless. Danae spotted him from the crowd, it had been so long but yet seeing him again brought back familiar and fond memories of their time spent together. All that had happened between them, the arguments the disagreements all seemed so foolish now. She wondered how they could have ever let each other go.
(This is when we got back together)

Chapter 7 – The meeting
The setting was beautiful, they had planned to meet and this was the perfect spot. Seeing each other again Strofix and Danae knew nothing could ever keep them apart again. He looked at her and knew she was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Now was the right time, he had spent so long planning how he would do it. And with that Strofix got down on one knee.

After this he was on one knee and proposed.


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