Denice & Preshan

On the 18 November 2012 my fiancé and I celebrated our one year anniversary. The week before we could celebrate this awesome event my fiancé was acting so weird he was doing unusual things like secretly speaking to my mum asking her for my rings and he took measurements of my ring finger he even took one of my rings without me knowing a thing, but he did an excellent job keeping it away from me, because I still did not know anything. The day finally came when my fiancé said that he was taking me for lunch after our church service he surprised me @ the Moses Madiba Stadium when we arrived there he had already made arrangements with the people working there that he was going to propose… So we finally got onto the sky car we were the only two people in it, it was a journey up the arch of the stadium overlooking Durban’s most beautiful beaches. Once we got to the top it was the most beautiful site I’d ever seen, whilst talking to my fiancé and holding each other he takes out a gorgeous looking ring and asks me to be his wife. I was so overwhelmed that I just cried but said YES…. My handsome fiancé name is Preshan Ramjanek and the love of my life.


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