Heidi-Jane and Morne


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Heidi-Jane and Morne

[dropcap color=”rosy”]S[/dropcap]aturday morning, 28th July 2012, a normal day except it was my birthday.. He wished me at midnight already so the hype wasn’t as before when 1 would get this feeling of “something’s going down…” It was a dull start to the day, I just washed, got dressed and sat down in the lounge waiting to be surprised. Suddenly he calls me and I start getting excited, he comes around with his father’s car and says he just wants me to go with him to check out a car he wants to buy and I’m all moody because it’s like he just wants to do what he wants to do on my birthday…

However, I go along, no time for make up or even to dolly myself up a bit, plain Jane as it were. We drove and finally got to view the car and he was disappointed, so we left and just drove around aimlessly.. I started getting irritated because he lost the plot and has no goal for the day… Eventually I yell at him ” why are u driving around here!!?? Let’s rather just go home…” He looked at me very calmly and stopped at McDonalds, gave me some money and told me to get us breakfast, burgers and drinks, so I get out and still slammed the door thinking that this day is just going downhill, boring and stupid! I get back to the car not knowing that he quickly set something up that would knock my socks off, so I continue to be moody because there was like NO CLUE that he is ever gonna do something that day, not even a hint of at least going to the beach. So I handed his burger to him in a very abrupt manner as he took a turn past the Botanical Gardens, he mentioned that his burger needed sauce (which was weird, he never does that) and he then asks me to get some sauce out the Glove compartment, I still grind my teeth as I opened to get the sauce out…… As I opened the glove compartment I almost choked at the site & size of the Ring that stared me in the face with a little note that said … “Will U marry me?” .. I started shaking, tears flooded my eyes, its a kinda feeling that makes u wanna cry, laugh & shout simultaneously, my head was overwhelmed with so many thoughts, as he stopped the car and took the ring, placed it on my finger, looked me in the eye and asked, ” what is your answer lady (with a smile)…” ….I screamed … “YESSS, OH MY WORD, YESSS!!!..” As he drove I shouted with happiness to everyone who passed us as we drove back home to tell our Families.. Then remembering a wish I made a year back after being pampered with a pedicure at this prestigious hotel, the same evening he just told me to get dressed smartly.. We just took a drive and when I opened my eyes we were seated at the Crystal Towers Hotel Restaurant with a full 5 course meal, romantic setting and good ambiance for the remainder of the evening…. We’ve been together for 4 amazing years… And I cannot wait to be his Mrs on Good Friday, 29 March 2013…

Heidi jane and morne

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  • ILse

    Awseome proposal…I LOVED it….Congrats again! x

  • Inga Wessels

    That was really a well thought out plan, I to would have been mad.. But he made your day and years after all the screaming you did, shame poor guy.
    I wish you all the luck and blessing in the world.
    Good Luck

  • na-eema Saban

    Wow what a beautiful way to propose….they should definately win.

  • Andile

    This is such a romantic story! Heidi you’ve got yourself one of the good ones 🙂
    You have my Vote 100%

  • Insauf

    To Heidi and Morne’,

    Everything of the best for your wedding day on the 29th March… Hope you guys win this one this wedding proposal brought tears to my eyes!!

  • annalies langeveldt

    Congrats again

  • Charne' Conway

    You guys make a super extra special couple. I wish you guys all the best xxx Mwah and God Bless

  • shameema ajaraan

    What a wonderful surprise @least ur frustration was soon changed in2 happiness. Wish u guys the best of luck. The best story eva !!!!!!

  • Ryan Conway

    Fantastic couple xxx

  • munirah

    Omw! this is such an awesome proposal…definitely 1 for the books! Well Done Heidi and Morne


  • Carolyn Festers

    Wow something different- we ladies hey – we are not called to be understood but to be loved- Hope you have a blessed and fulfilling life together as a couple- it is hard work everybody will tell you – but with God as you centrepiece- nothing can go wrong if you are faithful to him- all the best Carolyn

  • emile

    very sweet, definitely a winner!

    Congrats Morne and Heidi

  • qaanit

    Great proposal

    classic and unique, only the best for the best *goodluck for the future guys*

  • Ashley Mae

    Aww that is so sweet and a memory that you will never forget. You’re going to be a beautiful bride. Wish that I could be there to see it.! Here’s to a lifetime of happiness. Love you.

  • Kim Abrahams

    So sweet! You never saw it coming hey! Congrats hun! Goodluck with all your preparations for the big day! May you be happy together forever 🙂

  • Lynnesay Melvin

    HAHAHA Oh my goodness!!!!! Love it!…. Over the moon with happiness for both of you and could not think of a more deserving couple!..Love you guys!..

  • Kelsey

    That was really Awesome!! How he planed everything and Heidi how could be so rude. But it was sweet Good Luck

  • Glenda Langeveldt

    What a beautiful story and Morne waited for the perfect time to propose… So ENGAGEMENT is the time between two people to make them truely realize how important they are to each other. Wishing you both a LIFETIME of happiness.

  • avril paulse

    Congratulations yes sometimes we women take our men for granted. Appreciate,communicate and love one another.

  • Tasliem Cloete

    We must win!

  • Rene

    May ur marriage be as beautiful as the proposal

  • Nina

    Awesome!!!! I loved it! Made my day 🙂 <3

  • Vivienne

    So happy for you and Morne.Too cute!

  • Bronwyn Hartzenberg

    Hey bbz wat an awesum proposal n I tort mine waz gud but damn gal u tke da cake gudluck mwa***

  • Vivienne

    Very Happy for you and Morne.
    Too cute!

  • V Muller

    That’s soooo sweet. Congrats XXX

  • V Muller

    That’s sooo…sweet. Congrats XXX love the proposal.

  • Carl Lowton

    Hi. I’m the Carl from http://saweddingvenues.com/proposals-2013/justine-and-carl/
    I know this is a competition, and that comments mean votes, but to me it is more than that.
    This is about marriage and the people who take that step. You have chosen this path, and my wish is that your relationship may be blessed.
    Congratulations on your engagement and all the best for the big day – and every day of your journey together.

  • faye muller

    Aaaah! So special.You guys deserve only the best.xoxo

  • Chernelle

    Beautiful proposal!! Its all about timing, and it looks like Morné got it just right! All the best with your magical wedding day!

  • Loren

    Love it! You guys should win this!

  • morne


  • Kelly

    Congrats again guys, may you have a prosperous future together

  • Annette

    Soooo very sweet!! 🙂 Congrats again!

  • Janine

    So sweet!! U guys are truly an adorable couple!!Mwah<3

  • Jozelle

    Congrats cuz and future cuz :-)! May you have many happy years together! Xoxo

  • lauren

    Aaaaaw Sweet and congrats again…
    Goodluck Guys

  • Amy Biggs

    Awesome story 🙂

  • Chleshade Stokoe

    Well done Morne! And CONGRATULATIONS to you both! May your wedding day be everything you want it to be and your union be blessed for all the days of your lives. Xx

  • Estelle

    Love it! Congrats again.Wishing you a lifetime of happiness:)

  • chad

    Congrats guys

  • Keagan

    Awesome man! Win it!

  • Kelly Pereira

    Very cute story. Lovely.

  • Saar-rah

    You are such a lucky lady, congrats!

  • Tanya

    Sweet man… Congratulations!

  • Viveca

    Morne definitely knows his sauces… Especially the ones that gives positive flavouful results…nice one. Congratulations …may ur marriage always have the right amount of saucyness 🙂

  • wendy visagie

    I love it!! Congrats Heidi & Morne

  • Jane-Lee

    Great story! Congrats!

  • Raymondi Haskins

    Very sweet proposal!!! I wish you all the best with your preparations for your special day!May you have a beautiful wedding and future together!

  • Jenay

    Aaw…The things our loved ones do for us 🙂

  • Helga

    I vote for you!

  • Helga Jacobs

    Fantastic! Win this!

  • HJ


  • candice

    Really an AMAZING couple! Just like a princess and her prince! i dont have to wish you a great future as i know you both will have a fantastic life together 🙂

  • Brunhilda

    Love it 🙂

  • Angelique

    Congrats Heidi and Morne 🙂

  • Renee

    So beautiful. May you always cherish the moments together, and when it seems boring, know that it is up to you to
    bring out the best in each other. God bless you on your “life” together.



  • Sharon

    Absolutely love this! Xoxo

  • Fabian

    Awesome story! You guys should win this! Congrats!

  • Geraldine

    Too sweet! Love it! Win it!

  • Sharon

    Very special! You two should win this!

  • Alex


  • Andrew

    Congrats!!!! Love this proposal guys

  • Candice

    Beautiful and special! Love it Heidi

  • Celine

    Super duper story! You never saw that coming.. Haha! Congrats

  • Cheryl-Lynn

    Congrats Heidi-jane and Morne. Hope you guys win

  • Zuleikha

    You really gave him a hard time. Great story! Thumbs up to morne’. Goodluck with the plans

  • Venise

    Congratulations to both of you! Nice photo too 🙂

  • Tianah S

    Winner proposal

  • Elizabeth Joy

    Well said and done, God Bless

  • Amber Samuels

    LOL!! Nice 1
    I would have reacted the same

  • aaron

    You’ve gotta win this

  • Brittany

    Super sweet!! 1 for the books.. Great story.. Lovely couple xxx

  • Faren

    Congrats xxx

  • anthea

    Beautiful 🙂

  • meagan

    Congrats Heidi. All the best to u an ur future husband I believe you will win as Gods blesses his children with only the best all the best for the future

  • Shahieda

    Hahahahahaha!! You totally caught her by surprise morne’. Great one

  • Greta

    Fantastic! Hope you win this competition. You deserve it.

  • Brett

    Very nice guys! In it to win it!

  • jessica

    You’ve got my vote.Stunning couple

  • Cheryl

    Winner story!! 🙂

  • Thando Nkosi

    Molo! Thumbs up buti

  • portia

    Lovely story people. Please win!

  • Sacha

    How sweet!!! I wish you both the very best 🙂

  • zivia hockey

    I love it guys. Hope u win!!! Good luck

  • Marjo Price

    Congratulations guys. You are such a lovely couple. I believe you truly deserve to win this compitition. You are genuinely such an awesome couple. I wish you only the very best for your future together. This comes with tons of love .xx

  • Taryn

    Romance always wins!!! Stunning proposal! Stunning couple! Go team Heidi and Morne:-)

  • Joy Yeung

    Wow he did surprised you! How romantic! Congratulations to both of you^^~~~

  • Lezel pereira

    Such a beautiful story cuzzie xx you two are a wonderful couple and there is always a beautiful vibe around u both xx all the best for your wedding plans and a beautiful long connection in life xx

  • Ricardo

    May your marriage bring glory to God!

  • Heidi

    Super sweet 🙂 Good luck! Win it!

  • calvin thompson

    Congrats guys,what a unique proposal.Goodluck guys.

  • coleen balie

    Congratulations Heidi & Morne, that is so sweet.

  • Melissa

    Very sweet! Congrats x

  • shauna

    What a wonderful way to propose ! He kept you in suspence all the way ! Congratulations Heidi & Morne ! God Bless!

  • Lydia

    So sweet!!

  • Eathan

    Awesome one! Winner couple

  • harriet


  • g mathidza

    Ooh I like it.. Pretty dress 🙂

  • Kimmy C

    You guys are super cute! You’ve gots my vote;-)

  • colleen

    Beautiful couple. Beautiful proposal. God Bless.

  • J Groenewald

    Hi Heidi-Jane and Morne

    This is a very lovely story. All the best for you wedding next month.


  • Jill



  • Romeo

    Must win!!

  • cindy

    Aaaahh very original!!!!congrats

  • gretchen

    U got my vote, goodluck

  • angelo

    Us guys and our cars.. Lol great way to get her man

  • loren


  • Tini

    Ooh I love it!

  • Ashton

    Vote 🙂

  • Mohammed A

    Cool proposal

  • Carlyn

    lovely, Heidi!

  • Bianca Cupido

    You gots my vote!

  • donna leigh

    Very special!!!

    Love it

  • clint


  • Albert Noble

    Congratulations to this beautiful couple!

  • Elaindre

    Brought tears to my eyes. So sweet

  • Amy Sampson

    Soooooooooo cute-pie!

    Ooh love your dress Heidi-Jane

  • brad

    Cool story bud!

  • candy

    Candy likes this 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • A Crowie

    Super! Win it guys

  • Piet

    Greatstuff! Congratulations

  • Eddie Muller


    Good luck

  • Kurt S

    This is my vote for you dude

  • Fiona Hendricks

    Stunning guys

  • Christopher

    Heidi-Jane!!!! Very good story 🙂

  • Kaylin

    Cute!!!! I also wanna get engaged on my bday.. Hint hint to my bf… Haha!

  • enzo

    Very cool! You should win

  • Baron

    You’ve got my vote 🙂

  • A. Davis

    Its awesome! LOL!! Way to go!!

  • Khan

    Very nice proposal


  • Beryl Rhode

    Absolutely sweet…. All the best with you plans…

  • Mishon

    Very sweet! I will be married 5years on 29 March,thats a great day:D!
    God bless you as you start your journey!

  • Odile

    Awesome proposal!! Hope you win this competition 🙂 Good luck!

  • jade

    You have my vote!

  • Hayden Isaacs

    Super story! Awesome couple!

  • Bonita Johnson

    Lovely Heidi-Jane and Morne

  • Eamonn

    Great proposal

  • Dale. M

    All the best H and M!!!

  • Sheree

    Good luck Morne! Hope you win this! 🙂

  • Julliette

    Good Luck Morne and Heidi 🙂

  • Kadi

    Hahaha!! Super!! Well done

  • Odile

    Awesome stuff guys , hope you win , goodluck

  • Chante 'tigger' Haskins

    As young as I am I really think this is like sooo sweet. ItS a winner!!! Just beautiful:)

  • chad

    Very nice proposal

  • Wesley

    Awesome stuff man all the best

  • singeress

    AAAAHHHHH! sweet man….

  • charl

    sweet proposal

  • charlene

    congrats heidi and morne….wishing all the best for the future, WIN THIS!

  • charlton

    Cheers!!!!!!! i love it….

  • chaswin

    This guy definitely knew what he was doing….everything of the best heidi and Morne

  • chien

    very lovely proposal…:-)

  • avril

    Im so loving this story….sweet

  • aviva

    if the proposal was this awesome….can only imagine what the ceremony and reception is going to be like….


    goodluck , hope u guys blow the roof off this competition and have a blast , yolo!!!!!!!!

  • Yaaseen Jappie

    One Epic Love Story. Well Done Heidi.
    Hope you Guys live Happily Ever After.

  • mildred

    So romantic and so unpredictable. He is very good at acting and not giving the game away. Congradulations guys!

  • Roxanne

    This was so lovely to read. Hope u win

  • anthea


    God bless your marriage

  • James

    Very nice couple

  • bradley

    Congrats guys!

  • brandon

    Goodluck you two! All the best.

  • Candice

    Love you guys. Keeping my fingers crossed. Morne, well done!!

  • barbara

    Congratulations to both of you. This was a long time coming. You are Blessed! X

  • carl

    Way to go!!!!! You guys deserve to win this!!!! Hopefully you do 🙂

  • cayden bell

    Aaaaah so sweet man. You are such a beautiful couple. Congrats!

  • Hadlee

    Congratz peeps

  • Kaydee Baugaard

    Aaww Heidi & Mo!!! So happy for you!!! Win this competition guys!!!!

  • Germaine Louw

    Awesome stuff man!!

  • D Moodley

    Lovely story people

    All the best

  • Clint Blanch

    Good 1 buddy hope u win

  • Joseph

    Very nice you two!!!

  • Grant Arendse

    Yebo!! U go guys!!

  • Jodi-Jade Gordon

    Sooo cute!! All the best for the competition and weddings plans

  • Alex Trout

    This proposal rocks! Wish you guys all of the best on your journey

  • Aliya Schuurmans

    Hope you guys win this competition. You make an awesome couple. Goodluck

  • jodi

    Love it

  • Aliyah Davids

    Aaaaw this is so special you guys should really win this.

  • Allan Tomlinson

    This is so beautiful the best proposal ever. Win win win

  • Candice Jones

    Amazingly beautiful proposal.

  • Christell

    Heid and morne winning couple

  • Jessica

    Adorable! Gotta luv this proposal.. Xoxo

  • Joshua

    Voting for this proposal

  • Euan

    Love this!!!

  • danielle

    Go for gold! U deserve it!!

  • Grant Lesch

    You guys are really an awesome couple. An example to many.

    Keep on being inlove 😉

    Best wishes

  • jermaine

    Using the car thing was great. It really made her think it was all about u on her birthday. Good going guy. Clearly she was over the moon. Good luck with future plans. Enjoy

  • J Lee Wilson

    I luv romance

    You guys are such a cute couple

    I reeeaaaalllllly hope u win

    Lots of luv and hugz

  • Chad Jooste


  • Joe

    Awesome stuff guys

  • Jamie lee

    Love it man xoxo

  • Jabo

    Julle twee is die couple wie moet wen. Ek hou baie van julle storie

  • Justin

    Winner couple for sure :-)))))

  • davine

    Aaaaw so romantic , tears of happiness, heidi that’s a beautiful story

  • cj

    Wow, nice guys, all the best for the wedding and competition.

  • H. Lang

    You gots my vote xxxx

  • Anika

    This is so sweet

    Congratulations Heidi and all the best with your plans

  • Athena

    I really love this 🙂

  • Nathan

    You guys have my vote!

    Everything of the best!

  • Shaneez

    Aawww Heidles!!! I am so happy for you!!! The wedding is gonna be even more beautiful, I know it!!!

  • Zee

    This is too cute! *pure happiness*

  • Jerome

    Lekker lekker!! Win the prize 😉

  • Kylo

    Love it cuzo!

  • TJ

    Goodluck 🙂

  • r isaacs

    Great proposal guys
    God bless

  • loren

    Sweet 🙂

  • Tina

    You two have my vote!

  • liz

    Very sweet all the best

  • Celestine

    Congratz Heidi!

    Goodluck with everything

    Hope you win 🙂

  • Nawaal

    Oooooh I love it guys!!!!!!!!

  • Jade Rory

    long overdue vote that had me all in tears.. you however forgot to mention how when you got home the Japmotion car club lined up in the road to sing happy birthday and congratulate you as you drove down the road:)

  • Lee-Roy

    Haha! Sneaky nogal using a Big Mac as a skelm lol.

    So Morne normally rides around with sauce in the car lol hahaha!

    All the best =)….. God Bless you two.

  • Shelley Oppel

    Awesome! Congrats 🙂 xoxo

  • Garth O

    Lovely stuff 🙂

  • Candice Marais

    Good luck, Heidi!!! 🙂

  • germaine

    Gr8 stuff.all the best wt planning.

  • Neoza


  • Marlin


  • Keno

    Awesome guys ……..hope you win

  • laurina

    Congrats the best of everything for u guys

  • gadija

    Absolutely beautiful love ur story.. Congrats 🙂

  • Warren

    Go Heidi Go Great Wedding Proposal, Luv From Canada

  • Sacha

    Beautiful Heidi, I Hope You Guys Win… You deserve it…..

  • Natalie Germishuys

    Super-sweet! Good luck xxx

  • Joanne McDermott

    Here is to your union, all the best. You have my vote

  • Tashwin

    Truly a blessing from GOD use look beautiful guys everything of the best.

  • Angelique phillips

    Nice guys!



  • Krissy

    Awwwee too sweet, you have my vote! Congratulations Heidi & Morne xo

  • Brenda Danson

    Wishing you years of happiness and lots of surprises to continue leaving you each very happy.

  • Laura

    All the very BEST and many more years of great memory’s!

  • Cindy

    Well done guys…
    You deserve to win!

  • Sadea

    congrats morne and heidi 🙂 soo sweet 🙂


    WIN WIN WIN!!!!

  • Priscilla

    lovely story, go for it !!

  • Lynne

    Unusual way to propose!! Good story. Lynne

  • Keenan Hill

    Well done Morne. Congrats and all the best to you guys as you anticipate your big day.

  • Nicole

    Might I just add that I am patiently waiting for my boyfriend of 6 years to propose 😉 and your story sound like my perfect scenario

  • Garth

    Keep it up all of the best you deserve this venue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justin


  • shaneez

    By far the best proposl I have ever heard of…brought me to tears…many blessings on ur ,marriage I know u2will make each other happy

  • Bianca

    Nice! Have my vote

  • Kirby

    I’m voting for them 🙂 good luck guys and all the best!!!

  • Lester Royine

    Win! Gods richest blessings guys!

  • Andrea Govender

    Unexpected moments are always the best, I wish you guys enough love to last a lifetime
    I don’t see why they don’t deserve to win (:

  • tania

    congrats everything of the best..much love

  • Sharon

    Congrats to you both 🙂 good luck.

  • Sam

    Awesome… U guys ahve a great life together lots of surprises in store..

  • Roxy

    Congrats best wishes..

  • Daverine

    Blessings on your engagement and good luck for the future…

  • len

    Winning the only thing

  • Nasreen

    Congrats! You guys look so cute together! All the best xxx

  • Nasreen2

    Another one for luck! 😉 – Hope you guys win!!!

  • Esmeralda

    i wish you a wonderful and most fantastic time and your storry is very beautiful, i hope that you win we cloetes are WINNERS LOL!!!! GOD BLESS AND CONGRATS FOR YOUR UPCOMING WEDDING !!!!!!!!!!

  • shalayne

    he is so romantic an he sounds lyk all da happiness an joy u deserve, i reali hpe u win, u guys are so cute plus i want an invyt lol…mwah

  • Biance

    Congrats…so sweet

  • Tina Laren Willard

    Aaaw congrats Heidi & Morne…hope ya’ll win 🙂 !!!

  • Vicky

    Congrats to you both!!

  • Yasieg

    Cool story.. Win it Heidi

  • Kelly Chahbar

    So sweet

  • Pete Davies

    These are special moments to be treasured forever .good luck

  • Carol

    Very beautiful proposal. My prayer is for God to bless you both in your marriage and as you plan your wedding.. All the best! Hope u win, u deserve it

  • Sam

    So sweet! Congratulations!

  • kezia

    Such a beautiful proposal.u deserve to win

  • ILse

    You guys have to win…this by far is the best proposal I ever heard….xxxx

  • Sheena

    nice story guys!!

  • Derek Oldjohn

    Nice going Morne and Heidi

  • lorenzo

    win win win!!!!!

  • Sean

    All the best for your future guys

  • Riaan

    Super cool story Heidi! All the best! You’re gonna win 🙂

  • waseema

    Congrats ths is a diffinite win

  • Phillip

    Nice… I hope you will win 😉

  • Christel

    Too amazing for words, I love it!

  • Cheryl

    What a very sweet and different way of proposing. Congratulations to you both. My life lead to continued love and happiness. Blessings… =)

  • Zainab

    Great story

  • Latasha

    You have my vote 🙂

  • shakira gallie

    This story gives me GOOZEBUMPS(»»¤««) yol defnitley gona win this comp!!!

  • samantha

    Goodluck guys!

  • Marlon

    All the best!! Hope you win Heidi + Mo

  • Leroy

    Well done sis + soon to be bro inlaw… You guys deserve it!

  • Ruben

    Good luck with this competition! Great story!

  • CNT Weddings

    Congrats Guys 🙂 May u have many years of happiness. Cherish every moment with each other

  • kashiefa oldjohn

    Hi hope you guys win and my invite please you the cutest couple and diverse every moment of it God bless

  • Gerry

    Awesome!!!! My vote is on you.

  • Ann

    So sweet, I simply love it,

    You have to win

  • Jane Stuurman

    You two so have my vote!!!!!

    Enjoy and all the best!!!!!

  • Katherine

    Nice. You’ve got my vote.

  • Sania

    AWWWWW man thats such an amazing romantic story LOVE it! Wishing u guys all the best for your special day!

  • ilana

    LoL-classic way to surprise a girl 🙂
    All of Gods best:)

  • Logan

    Super awesome story. You have my vote for sure 😉

  • monica

    That’s an awesome story Morne , I hope you and your fiance’ get to have even more exciting times ahead

  • shameema ajaraan

    Great story definetly gt my vote

  • Domenique

    Love the story!!

  • Tamlyn

    Wow, you guys totally deserve to win!!

  • RJ

    Very beautiful proposal you deserve to win

    Good luck

  • shana

    Awesome man a winning couple indeed

  • Tania Tejada

    Classic and unique! Don’t think anyone has been proposed that way. I’m sure you felt bad afterwards lol! Congrats again!

  • charmaine hatting

    Congrats beautifull way of proposing hope u win guys and good luck with wedding

  • Abdul-razak

    That was lovely and romantic

  • Lechester

    Amazing stuff H + M

    You both deserve to win this man

  • David

    Congrats and good luck with the competition… I think we’ve got a winner here!

  • Lizelle

    WOW!!sooo romantic, and unpredictable…you guys should definitely win!!

  • Fairouschca

    heheheheheheheheheheh! i am even getting butterflies this has by far been the most interesting story ive heardm, never mind the only engagment story ive heard Happy for days

  • nadine

    congrats hope u spend wonderful years 2gether



  • Eustacia

    Love it.. my vote goes to you

  • fatima

    Congratulations! Hope you guys win

  • Sandy

    Soooooo Cute :)))

  • Razia

    Great Story. Congrats Heidi and Morne

  • Theo

    Goodluck Heidi

  • Rebecca Chambers

    So cute! God’s blessings on both of you! 🙂

  • Joy Cupido

    Congratz! May you have a wonderfull Wedding day, and blessings on the years that lies ahead. God bless

  • samantha michaels

    Congrats!!! Heidi and Morne , best of luck for the future. My vote is yours.

  • Ben


  • Jason

    Good Luck

  • Kelly


  • Lynn Brandt

    hope you guys get it! congrats:)

  • Rob

    Fantastic – congrats guys. You deserve to win!

  • Alley

    Very Original and sweet ! Congrats 2 u guys 🙂

  • Anisah

    Beautiful…all the best to you both!

  • Hildegard

    What a gorgeous proposal. Congratulations. God bless you both. YOU HAVE MY VOTE!

  • Sonia

    Congratulations Heidi and Morné! Hope you guys win 🙂

  • Yolanda

    All the best!!!!

  • Amy S

    Very sweet guy! Lovely story! All the best hope you win the prize

  • Lauren Abrahams

    Wow so Lovely.

    All the best to you Heidi and your fiance Morne may you be blessed in your marriage for many years.
    I hope that you win

  • Bianca

    Vote for you!

  • Bianca

    Love this, you my vote

  • Denver

    Nice story! vote!

  • Chad

    You have my vote!

  • Bianca

    Congrats Guys, this is my vote, all of the best 🙂

  • munirah

    Congrats heidi and morne….:-)

  • Yolanda

    Brought a tear to my eye….awesome proposal! definitely a winner….

  • Robyn


  • Monique

    Simply beautiful!!!Serendipity I tell you… 🙂

  • ntonmbi

    Gud luck beautiful ppl

  • Lubabalo Nama

    Good luck Heidi you have my vote

  • Grace Muller

    Well done my girl. Very sweet couple. You going to win 🙂

  • Ivan & Glenda

    The two of you make a PERFECT couple!! You deserve to WIN…xoxo

  • Zane

    Congrats!!!! Morné nd heidi i wish u 2 everything of the best

  • Lindsay

    Congrats Heidi. All of the best.

  • Gracie

    I can so picture this! How fun! So happy for you two!

  • Sharul

    You should win!

  • Loren-L R

    Absolutely amazing proposal Morne & Heidi

    So happy for you

    All the bst


  • Greta

    Congrats my friend Heidi-Jane. This is so romantic. I wish you all the best. Big hugs from Germany!

  • Jackie

    best of luck 🙂

  • Michelle Hazelwood

    Good luck, you have my vote for sure

  • Lizelle

    you have my vote…congrats…29 March is a awesome date.

  • Doné Else

    Vote. Good Luck

  • Susanne E.

    Love it! You guys should win this!

  • Lizelle Goliath

    Good Luck guys…all the best for your Future:)

  • blackpearlweddings.co.uk

    We love this story in the uk. This is a vote …. Good luck not that this fabulous couple will need it. Hope to see you in the uk one day.

  • jude

    wish you both a happy married life & sta blessed

  • rene dennis

    🙂 hope you win!

  • Ann

    VOTE 🙂

  • Kim

    All the best to you and your future husband

  • Cecile-Ann

    All the very best for the future.

  • shameemah davids

    Hi Heidi, great story I really hope u win this competition! U deserve it.

  • Ingrid

    Hj and Mo’ all the best on taking this step of marriage, I know u guys are going to win this…Yippeee:):)

  • Anthea

    Congrats to both of you. Wish you lots of happiness!!

  • Ursula

    Congrats to both of you.

  • Melissa

    Lovely and beautiful story. Definitely deserve the win!

  • Susie Morrissey

    Beautiful story guys….. Congratulations and I hope you win…. Love from Susie in Australia

  • Ingrid

    HJ and Mo’, all the best you guys..I know you going to win this one!!!

  • amelda

    mag julle lank en gelukkig saam wees.baie geluk.

  • Angie

    You guys have my vote! Cute xoxo

  • Ashley Phillips

    Well done Heidi & Morne! All the best as you embark on this new life.. Keep well

  • Seth

    Hope you guys win and Good Luck

  • Sabine


  • Lynne A

    AWESOME!!! You have my vote

  • Thalia

    What a great surprise! Wish you all the best!

  • Lisa Isaacs

    soo cute mahn 🙂
    good luck 😀
    all the best for the future 🙂

  • Mandy

    All the best to you both, hope you win.

  • amy saban

    Wow,amazing hope you guys win

  • michelle

    You have my vote Heidi

  • Paige

    Congratulations Heidiiiiii and Morneeee!!!!! Win win win

  • deidre young

    Beautiful go for gold guys

  • Andile Marman

    Awesome proposal

  • Andrea Govender

    Powerful they should really win

  • Andy Car

    Very special proposal,You guys have my vote

  • Andy Heynes

    Congrats on your engagement wish you all of the happiness

  • Sarah

    Congrats and all the best for your future together xxx

  • Leo

    All the very best! Great story

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