Irma & Justin

Irma & Justin

[dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]e and My Fiancé, Justin Cupido met in 2004 and became best friends almost immediately. In 2011 we started a romantic relationship and in 2012 he Proposed.

He took me to a romantic restaurant in Stellenbosch, De Oewer Restaurant ( Beautiful setting under the trees with the river flowing while you dine under the stars and lamps that create a romantic atmosphere. We had a table on the river bank with fires that burns and ferry lights.

Justin loves Phineas and Ferb (the cartoon) and I don’t like it cause the one girl (Candice) in the cartoon is loud and rude. So I hated watching in it but because he likes it so much I didn’t mind just sitting there and be next to him while he enjoys it. I knew Candice irritates the living hell out of me. Justin works for Worcester Standard Paper (Media24). He told me that he came upon this article of a couple who’s name are also Phineas and Ferb and I should read the article. He suggested we move to the more relaxed patio furniture while I read the article. That was also the sign for the waiter to get the champaign ready (I found that out later) I read the article and I was stunned and so happy at the same time. He went down on one knee as he saw I realized what he’s doing and opened the box with the most gorgeous ring in. I was so stunned I didn’t answer and he just asked worried is it a yes? And I obviously said YES! I will never forget that day.


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