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Jade and Jonathan


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Jade & Jonathan

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap] had been stationed up in Kakamas, a small town in Northern Cape, for work for the duration of 6 months. This was in order to fulfil the experience requirements to apply for my professional registration. Due to the nature of the work requiring a 7 day work week and the return price of flights from Upington to Cape Town, I wasn’t able to see Jonathan as often as I would have liked during the contract.

It was to my surprise one Saturday morning that he knocked on my hotel door at 6:00 in the morning, saying that he came up with the overnight Intercape bus. Shame he was a bit tired, so he caught up a few hours of sleep while I went to site and made sure nothing needed my attention that evening or the following day.

When I got back, he told me to pack my bag and that we were going to stay somewhere for the night. Of course my mind was racing, definitely thought that something was in the works. On the way we had a relaxing afternoon going for a swim and lunch, we then arrived at Dundi Lodge near Augrabies falls which was gorgeous. We watched some rugby (go Stormers!) and made our way to the beautiful restaurant for dinner. We were the only ones there, I thought with the restaurant to ourselves he might pop the question. But he didn’t, instead he said I had to wake up early the next day.

5:00am and we set out on dirt roads, to come across a hot air balloon being blown up. Little nervous and extremely excited I looked at him and he just smiled back. It was breath-taking, the wind wasn’t as strong as the pilot (Andrew) had hoped but we managed to fly over the impressive Orange River and see the lush green vineyards.

Jon turned to me, and said he wanted to ask me something. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, including all the cute personal things he loved about me. I couldn’t stop smiling and said Yes right away (I thought I could be one of those girls that jokes No but he had me completely in awe). I loved every minute of it from the floss he tied around the ring in case he dropped it out of basket, the locals coming to see what the balloon looked like when it landed and of course the feeling of complete happiness. I don’t think my Engineer did too badly.


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