Janke & Barnie

Janke & Barnie

What was suppose to be another fun get away weekend turned out to be the best weekend of my life!!!

We always go away for random weekends, my fiance lives in Caledon and I work in Cape Town so distance is a bit of a problem, so once every 2 months or so we organize a nice weekend away for just the two of us to be with each other and spend some quality time on our own. The weekend of the 26th January it was Barnie’s turn to organize our “weekend away”, he said he wanted to keep it a surprise so i just got in the car not knowing where we were going and we started our road trip.

We arrived at Botlierskop Private Game Reserve Friday afternoon, i was a bit sad that we didn’t go to the sea like we always do (i am a total summer, sea and sun child). As we get to reception the receptionist said they will take us to our tent we have to take our baggage out of the car because we cant drive there, my heart dropped – we have never gone camping and this wasn’t one of my ideal weekends i had in mind, so instead of the sea will are going to be camping…

As we arrived at our “camping spot” I was once again surprised that the tent we where staying in was this amazing luxury tent, it was unbelievable! We had our own little private swimming pool overlooking the reserve, all the animals and even a rhino came past it was absolutely breathtaking!

Saturday morning we booked an elephant ride, Barnie fell in love with Sam the big male haha… Afterwards he said he booked me in at the spa for a manicure and pedicure, i was once again taken aback. I first didn’t want to go without him because i didn’t want to be away from him for so long and the weekend was slowly creeping to the end. I eventually went to the spa, Barnie said he would get me at the restaurant afterwards because we are going for dinner somewhere so i had to take my clothes with me and change after my spa treatments.

We had a glass of wine at the restaurant, Barnie said he had to make a quick phone call. I was sitting on the deck looking at the horses down in the valley when the ranger came and said he took Barnie down to the tent he wasn’t feeling well. I was so disappointment because it was our last evening together and he planned this amazing evening and now he wasn’t well.

When i got back to our tent my heart began to race, on the little path that led up to our tent there where with roses and little candles in jars all the way up the pathway and fairy lights everywhere in the trees. At first i just stood there frozen not knowing what to do… As a walked towards the tent i saw Barnie on top of the stairs, with a big sign covered in fairy lights and the words “Marry Me”. I burts out in tears (actually I did the ugly cry hehe) and Barnie went down on one knee and asked me to marry him and off course i said YES!!

Afterwards he arranged champagne and a cheese platter (my favorite) and the two of us celebrated the beginning of our new life together. I asked him where he got the sign that said “Marry Me” and he said he made it himself and hid it under the rubber mat at the back of his bakkie haha he said he wanted to make a sign that said “Trou met my” (we are both Afrikaans) but it didn’t fit in his bakkie 🙂

So that is our story, 5 months ago our journey began and in 3 months time we are getting married and i just can’t wait!!


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