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Justine & Carl

[dropcap color=”rosy”]C[/dropcap]arl & I have been dating since Matric. We were in the same large group of friends and had been aware of each others’ presence since about Grade 9 or 10, but only started becoming really good friends in grade 11 over a shared love of music, strange sense of humour and the fact that all my other friends dropped Afrikaans First language to go to second and the only person I knew in that class I sat next to – Carl. We started chatting and I realised this guy is such an amazing listener. We fast became very close and in April of our Matric year he asked me if I would be his date to the dance, to which I enthusiastically said YES (I had been hoping he’d ask or I would’ve asked him ;)… This led to us spending even more time together, and soon before the dance even came around we were inseparable. The Matric dance came around and was one of the most magical nights of my life, but what I won’t forget about that night was the look Carl gave as I stepped out of the room when he came to fetch me for the dance – he looked at me and audibly breathed in deeply and with a ‘wow’ still on his lips he placed a corsage on my wrist… That year sped by so fast and as we contemplated the future we were scared as to what it would entail – Carl was starting his LLB at UCT the next year, and I was taking a gap year to work and build up a portfolio in order to apply to art school…but we needn’t have worried, we helped each other get through the aches and pains of growing up (the law campus became my ‘escape’ from the craziness of the art world and I became Carls safe place to let go and laugh and be silly away from the seriousness of his degree), and together we grew from two high school kids smitten with each other to a young man and woman madly in love. Fast forward seven amazing years…

October 2012. It had been a long winter (or so it felt like) I had been longing to get out in the sun – I think I was suffering from a bit of post winter cabin fever. And I had just been to two weddings (which means two kitchen teas and two bachelorettes) in one month so I was basically busy every weekend. Earlier in the year Carl had started talking more and more about OUR marriage and wedding and future…but it just felt like nothing was happening…and I was SO longing to start a new phase in our relationship. (although I had been told he WOULD say no should I even try to ‘take the proposal away from him’ :D) We had known for a long time that we wanted to get married but we just hadn’t been in the right place in our lives – with studies and looking for jobs etc.

Now, seemingly frustrated that I was SO busy every weekend planning and being involved in wedding related festivities one for my cousin and another for a good friend; Carl “booked” me for the 27th because we hadn’t been getting any time to spend together. I came to know that he was thinking of doing a picnic, as the weather was finally starting to lighten up…I was enthusiastic as I love picnics and summer and I’m outdoors in the first hint of sun,  so I thought it was just a lovely ‘finally summer’ picnic kinda thing.

We got up early on the Saturday morning, and ended up driving toward Franschoek where I had been longing to take a drive to. We got to our destination Mont Rochelle Wine Farm, just after 12, collected our (delicious!) gourmet picnic baskets Carl had preordered and set up picnic next to the lake under a large lovely oak tree. We had such a beautiful relaxing chilled day, just talking and relaxing and laughing and catching up…at one point toward the end of the afternoon I looked around at the picturesque scenery and said “I don’t think you’re ever are going to be able to top this…!” (how wrong I was). At around about 4pm it was getting chilly in the shade of the tree, so he asked me to come sit in the sun near a willow tree where we chatted (as he sat behind me with his arms around me), he was being all romantic and telling me how much I mean to him and how he could never see his life without me (i just thought it was because of the mood of the day). About 10minutes later he asked me to to stand up quickly (I didn’t think twice – just thought he had a cramp or there was a bug on me or something) so I stood up. Because I was facing away from him I turned around to look at him, and i saw him on one knee, an open ring box in his hand, with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face, but tears running down his face…I immediately broke down crying! I managed to hear the words “Justine, will you marry me” while he slipped the ring on my finger, I couldn’t speak immediately but nodded my head eventually managed a yesyesyesyesyes! And as he stood up to hug me my knees literally went weak and he had to hold me up. Eventually i got a hold of myself and realising what we had both been longing for for SO long had just happened, I shouted and started hopping around – its a wonder he wasn’t like “I’m marrying a crazy lady!” haha. It was an amazing afternoon. A picnicer on the other side of the lake had heard the commotion I made and (upon realising I wasn’t being attacked) kindly snapped some photos of the precious moment and came to congratulate us. After popping some champagne (and a little more tears), it was time to leave. As we left he put in a special CD he had made that had all these songs that has meant something to us over the last 7yrs…Suffice to say the drive home was teary as well. Nearing Cape Town, he said we’d stop by his place first and then to mine to see the parents (as we live about 30km apart). As we near his suburb he puts on a really special song and tells me to close my eyes and take it in. I do this as he pulls up right in front of his house, and he guides me inside. As his mom opens the front door, I see that all my and his family is there, shouting surprise! (Cue more crying).

From a surprise engagement to a surprise engagement party too, it was a heavily emotional day -I ever thought I’d ‘ugly cry’ when I got engaged, but hey. Whatever. it was amazing. And I am now engaged to my best friend and love of my life and planning our February 2014 wedding… And I know – theres still SO much more excitement in the future! ♥

Thank you for allowing me to share our little story with you – Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite ♥♥♥


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  • Lana Badish

    Now I’m crying! That was very well thought out, the timing of getting back to CT for the engagement party and the CD with all those special songs. Well done Carl! No engagement is complete without an ‘ugly cry’ from the bride-to-be!

  • simone carolissen

    The two of u really give me hope…I’ve had the priviledge of knowing the two of u for a few years now…and I’ve only just eva saw the two of u together!!! A lawyer and an artist…oddest couple ever…but the most loyal and dedicated to eachother…if anyone deserves to win this, its the two of u…and carl…what a proposal…I’m so proud of u…

  • Carl Lowton

    Yes, I am the Carl so fondly referred to above.

    And four months on, I still can’t think of that day without becoming misty-eyed…

    I almost can’t believe this is real; that it is finally happening. But come Feb 2014, two best friends will become family.

  • Justine

    Best day of my life…so far ♥

  • enrico coert

    Hey u two I wish u the best in this world and the next love is not a game to be played with and u two love birds got something that not a lot of people have and that’s hope ur studies was hard ur dreams r big but the hope u have in each other brings u two together and remain strong I’ll always keep a pray open for u two god really spent a little time on the once who has hope love u guys and good lucky to ur future together

  • Lauren Fortein

    Beautiful story… A love to last a life time!! God bless the two of you!!

  • Michelle

    Love you guys 🙂 What a great story

  • Ezra Delport

    Great every blessing to you guys

  • Gillian Hendricks

    I’ve seen the two of you grow up together from two gangly, gawky teenagers to a handsome young man and gorgeous woman. I’ve amazed myself at your friendship over the years and seen how good you are for each other and how good you are together. Both of you deserve only the best. Just a year and a few more days, then together forever. I’m so very proud of both of you and the decisions you’ve made thus far in your live, and I love both of you so very much!

  • Carol Byett

    lovely to be able to read your story .. I’m sure God has many blessings in store for you as you plan your future together

  • Tasneem Joshua

    Its like sumthing out of a movie.You guys r clearly ment 4 eachother. Both r hopless romantics.my engagement was more like a business agreement.lol
    Luv u both

  • Jackie Wyman-Seale

    Such a beautiful story…..it makes hopeless romantics like me believe that fairytale moments do exist in reality. Treasure those moments Justine & Carl….

  • Danelle

    Aaaw you guys, I’m so happy for you! But you know that already! hehehe
    *sniff sniff* :’)

  • Ricki

    What a beautiful story…sitting with a huge smile on my face! Wishing you both many blissful, love-filled years together!

  • Megan Hines

    Yay, such a sweet story 😉 Love you guys.

  • Alison Dixon

    Carl I have known you all your life. You and Justine have been so fabulous together I can’t actually remember you without her. You make a great couple and I admire the respect you have for each other it is wonderful to see the values your parents have instilled in you and how you live those values daily. You are truly an inspiration to young couples out there.

  • JP Senekal

    Ah my friends! I am so happy for you both! Many blessings for the big day and many more for every day after it!

  • Pen

    Too excited for the two of you, you really deserve this and i’m glad the day finally arrived for you!!! Have an amazing build-up to Feb 2014! And all the best for your future together!

  • Eugene

    A sweet story of a sweet couple. It’s obvious how strong your love is for each. Your “Happily Ever After” started the day the two of you met. 😉

  • Amy Roseveare

    Oh my goodness! I have just arrived at work and thought that some early morning reading would be great over some tea. WELL! I am on the verge of tears and am all emotional now 🙂
    It has been such a privilege watching two of my close friends develop this love and life together. The kitchen tea is going to be awesome, the bachelorette’s is going to be a p-a-r-t-y(!) and the wedding is going to be magical.
    I love you Justine and Carl! Thank you for letting me witness this beautiful love story x

  • Tessna Hendricks

    Wow!!! Sooooo not cool to be teary-eyed first thing in the morning – hahaha! But what a beautiful proposal. Congratulations Justine & Carl, all of the best with your wedding plans.

  • Taryn J. Nutt

    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Love you two! So great <3

  • Chanel

    Oh my word guys-what an amazing couple-highschool sweethearts…woow tears so early in the morning you yugs nooo lol,so very beautiful Justine and Carl, everything of the best with the planning of ur wedding…

  • Denise Lowton

    Denise Lowton February 6, 2013
    I receive this email at work and now, how do I face my colleagues with red eyes and smudged makeup? I am Carl’s mom and yes, he is a very special and unique human being. And so is Justine, an amazing, bubbly girl who I cannot wait to have as my daughter-in-law.
    Carl, you surprised even me with this romantic proposal!
    These two share a special type of love… clean, deep and spiritual.
    I have seen this relationship grow from friendship to two young people planning their wedding and all we will do is support them as best we can.
    To Carl and Justine, I love you and thank God for both of you. Good luck as you continue this wonderful journey.

  • Dee O'Donoghue

    Carl, I’ve known you since you were very little – well done you so deserve all the happiness in the world. Congrats on keeping the surprise element and may this be the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

  • Safia

    Congrats to you both, you guys share such a romantic journey together! You really deserve this I hope you win xxx

  • Susan

    Thank you, I agree 🙂 best of luck for you 2 too. http://saweddingvenues.com/proposals-2013/susan-and-wouter/

  • Hubert

    Well done Carl, there is far to little romance in this world of ours. As I work with Carl’s dad, Peter, I have heard of how the relationship has grown and how happy Carl and Justine are. Congrats

  • Wendy Josephs

    Hi, I am Carl’s aunt and have known him since birth. What a true gentleman. I am proud to say that he has chosen Justine, a beautiful and respectful lady. Carl and Justine I wish you God’s richest blessings, and always remember and cherish the thought that it was the Lord’s decision to bring the two of you together. You two are so in admiration of each other, respecting each other, love shines through always when you are together. Your journey together has really made me proud being a part of your lives. You deserve all the happiness in the world and you deserve each other. Love you both, Aunty Wendy


    What can a proud and happy dad say that has not already been said….?? Well done Carl and Justine. You both fairly obviously have extremely good taste in partners. May your future be filled with blessings and happiness. MAKE US PROUD. Love you both. Daddy.

  • Monique

    Wow 🙂

  • Lyall Golden

    Congrats guys. You deserve happiness and I trust you will continue to bring each other happiness from hereon outward. Love truly is a beautiful and powerful thing.

  • Michaela

    So romanticle! Best wishes guys! <3

  • Candice Walker

    Fantastic!thank you for the well wishes

  • Carla

    SO cute 🙂

  • BenJamin

    Congratulations Carl and Justine! We wish you all the best for a happy and long marriage…our campus days would definitely not have been the same without the two of you! Proud of you Uncle Carl 🙂 love, BenJamin

  • Kenny

    What a great proposal! Well done Carl and good luck to you and Justine.

  • Lauren Losper

    Justine! This is so beautiful! It made me absolutely weep – more than the photos did!
    What an amazing love story <3
    You are both such sweet and lovely people and the love you have for each other just radiates.
    May your lives together be abundantly blessed!

    I hope you win!!!!

  • Romi

    Ah, my sister… Love you guys both so much! Cant wait to be one of your bridesmaids! Xx

  • Dimitri Nutt

    Awesome 🙂

    I can attest to the “ugly crying” 🙂

  • Ben

    Congratulations guys!!

  • Roaline Brown

    Wow u two!!!What a beautiful love story.Congrats to you!!

  • Trudy Grobler

    Its amazing, i am speechless. May all your dreasms come true and you were made for each other.

  • Grant Lowton

    Great story. Congrats and all the best to both of you B-)

  • Michael Dixon

    Hey C&J. Franschoek was a great choice Carl. I await my invite to the wedding venue then.

  • Richard Noor

    After 21 years of marriage I think I best go back to the proposal stage . Well done Carl . You have given love a new meaning which so many have failed . Proud of you both . And even I was misty eyed . Noggal .

    Congrats Peter and Denise .

  • Tracy Noor

    Take some lessons gentlemen . Here’s a real man . Congrats

  • Candice

    Beautiful story. Congratulations!

  • Patty Evans

    Congratulation Carl & Justine may this union be an inspiration for all young people. Love Patty & Franky Evans

  • Veronica

    Best Wishes 🙂 Awesome story, wish you all the best 🙂

  • Celeste

    Sitting and reading the story and it’s very difficult to hold back your tears…Congratulations…….

  • Andre Meder

    Awesome and wish you all the best as you guys are the sweetest couple.

  • Merlin Blanchard

    Congratulations Carl and Justine. Hard to believe that the quiet and reserve young boy from Youth is all grown up and getting married. Best of luck!!!


    hi i dont know any of you but… i thought id leave a comment you deserve the vote and to win so im doing my bit for your future plans
    good luck and all the best


    FANTASTIC “”””

  • alexus

    So so so sweet!

  • alexus

    So so sweet man! I’m all teary eyed!

  • Mildred Jutzen

    Congratulation Carl & Justine Best wishes for your future.

  • Nikki

    What a wonderful story! Very touching!

  • Janine (Nina) Beukes

    I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, what a dreamy and romantic proposal. Sweet, pure and just magical. You guys have certainly renewed my faith in love. To Justine who I feel like I’ve known a life time…good luck with the planning and the arrangements. I wish you both a beautiful, loving and prosperous union.

  • Elaine Holmes

    What a special moment and memory for you both. Well done, Carl. May God give you and Justine all you desire as you grow closer in this next phase of your life. Who would have thought that you would be sharing this amazing story with your Grade 1 teacher from many years ago. Lots of love to a special couple.

  • Laura S


  • LJ

    Lovely story.

  • Lenore and John

    This is truely a wonderful and romantic love story. Congratulations. All the way from Canada.

  • Merle Vrede

    I’ve seen Carl grow up at St Mark’s District Six, and perform the various rites of passage of church, career and life with total dedication, commitment and loyalty. He is sure to embark on the next chapter of his journey with the same passion. May God bless him and his wife-to-be Justine richly!

  • andrea chothia

    Justinos…Carlos. I know many people have told you how proud they are but I have to add. I haven’t known you guys for years and years but I’ve been around you both enough times to tell that this- what you guys share is the real deal. Its what the non believers secretly envy and I hope to share with craig. I feel so happy watching you two together and will be ecstatic if you two won this. Its hand down the best story so yes…please win and make us all jealous. I have faith 🙂 <3 love you guys

  • Maxine Jackson

    I got tears all over my keyboard. That is such a beautiful story and how cool that the stranger at the lake took photos of your special moment – I hope he sent you copies!
    Wishing you both a beautiful future together.
    From Maxine and Simone – both sopppy about love stories!

  • Lydia

    Wow what a great story. Awesome. I wish u all the happiness together

  • lucinda Consul

    wow. what a romantic story. truly a couple in love. Carl and Justine you deserve all the happiness. Good Luck for the future and God Bless.

  • Fatima

    What a beautiful story! Wishing you all the best and much love in future!

  • edith layman

    A lovely story which will encourage other couples to wait patiently. The Lord will come through as He did for you.:-)

  • Ash

    Congrats to both of you! *Such* a romantic proposal!

  • Laura Skippers

    Beautiful story! All the best for the future



  • Richenda

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….so beautiful. I know you two will be very happy.

  • Esther Bowes

    Who could have foreseen that the little U9 Cricketer and Soccer player would turn out to be such a gorgeous romantic! You’re a lucky lady Justine. Just love him to bits. God bless you both on the road you travel ahead together. Lots of love to you both:)

  • Lydia Vencencie

    What a beautiful story. Congratulations to both of you and may God bless your union together.

  • Razaan

    Aaw… Carl, that was so beautiful and may all your days be even more wonderful

  • June Snayer

    So romantic! What a beautiful love story.Congratulations Carl&Justine.

  • Kim Oaker-Daniels

    What a romantic proposal. Congratulations and good luck. xxx

  • Mike V

    Lovely story, Congratulations!

  • jessica Jaftha

    Really precious story guys. I hope you receive all the happiness you deserve.

  • Glenda Pieters

    Aaaah too beautiful. I’m so happy for you Justine. God’s richest blessings on your relationship with Carl and wish you loads of abundant joy and laughter.Carl, you have a jewel and I’m sure you are a fine gentleman.Everything of the best .

  • alexus

    Congratulations! Mwah

  • Pat Schilder

    What a beautiful story. Congratulations Carl and Justine.
    God bless you both.

  • Kevin Daniels

    I myself married my high school sweetheart, which is something of a rarity today(hope my second wife doesn’t see this) but in all sincerity you will love your spouse for the lifelong committment you made to each other and not the other way around.

    All the best.

  • Berenice Fester

    Aaah…so sweet. Congratulations!

  • Michelle

    Your love story is beautiful and one
    I hope you share with your children and
    grandchildren one day. You have restored my
    faith in love, romance and chivalry.
    I love that your friendship has blossomed
    into love and very soon marriage….. the kind
    that will last forever.

  • Alan Inglis

    Hi!Iam Carl’s Dad’s cousin and I’ve met him a few times.I must say he seems to be a nice level-headed,mature young man.I wish Carl and Justine God’s richest blessing and love on their wedding

  • Kim Sanders

    Beautiful story and all the best for the furure.

  • Noel Livesey

    A great love story. Congrats and every blessing on your lives together

  • Asa Jappie

    Congratulations. What a beautiful story. All the very best for the future. Asa

  • MJ

    What a special story. So happy for you guys. Good work!
    Now I’m trying to imagine Carl mist eyed 😉

  • Nicky

    Such a beautiful proposal! Good luck! x

  • Natalie Watlington

    Beautiful story-all of the best to you guys!

  • Edith Layman

    What an inspiring story. I wish them everything of the best.

  • Brenda

    Justine and Carl,you’ve proven that love and romance is alive and well.

  • Gaynor Johnson

    WOW Congrats guys. Everything of best for the future and have a great fun planning your wedding

  • Glynnis van Harte (Daniels)

    Wow, what an earth shattering proposal!!! (Now I am at work crying Denise…Lol)
    Congratulations Cuz and future Cuz… wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.
    You make me want to renew my vows!!!

  • Janine

    I think it’s so sweet and so romantic, makes me think of my own love story :-)Congrats!

  • Roaline Brown

    not surprise that u have made it thus far!!it is a beautiful love story.

  • Pamela Broadley

    How romantic! May you keep the romance alive today and every day and when you’re old and grey – remember that
    moment and recreate it if you can [you don’t have to go on one knee if the knees are playing up :)].
    You’re gonna be together forever. Good luck with the wedding plans and have a blast!
    Best wishes
    Pamela Broadley

  • Leigh Ross

    What an adorably cute pair! Wishing them happiness in abundance!

  • Genine

    So sweet!!! Love you guys and congrats!!! Xoxo

  • Lynette MacLean

    Hi Justine and Carl,

    Your mum will explain to you who I am. Congratulations on your engagement, by the way, it was on my 50th birthday.
    So we were all blessed on that day. Maybe one day you will visit us in Australia. Love and Blessings, lynette

  • Judy

    Justine and Carl,

    What a lovely story. Here’s to a wonderful everlasting relationship.
    ( Justine, I was at school with your mom in the ’60s)

    Very best wishes

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