Kirsty and Marc

Well my fiancé’ and I got engaged at the end of December last year! I have been in love with him since I was 13 years old. He was and still is my first love and literally is the man of my dreams.

We have been family friends for almost 14 years. He took me to dinner at the Oyster Box Hotel and well it was actually quite an eventful night for him. After being seated at the restaurant he realised he had forgotten his wallet at home and had to have his sister drop it off. The night continued and everything was perfect and I could see he was a bit antsy. Anyway we had finished our meal and he asked if I wanted pudding, and I said no, and I always usually wanted pudding!! So he ended up ordering pudding. After that he left the table for a while and came back. Then all of a sudden our waiter was standing next to our table with a tray on which there was a bottle of champagne; two champagne glasses and an open ring box with my engagement ring in it and the next thing before I knew it, he was on one knee asking me to be his wife. The whole restaurant stood up and clapped, and this was extremely over whelming for me since I do get easily shy. I was unaware of this at the time, but during the whole proposal he had one of his friends come and take photos of it all, and captured our special moment- I only found this out the next day. After we had finished our dinner we went up to the bar area where I was told I had another surprise.

Now in order to understand the surprise I have to explain it to you. When I was in matric I had asked my fiancé’ to my matric dance but he couldn’t come cause he had a girlfriend at the time. So my surprise was a limousine drive to moyo’s by Ushaka for celebratory cocktails and then to drive where ever else, and he said he was so sorry he missed my matric dance and that this was his way to make sure I had the fairy-tale ending to my night.

And that’s how he proposed and now we are so excited to be getting married next year March.



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