Lauren and Barros


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Lauren & Barros

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap]t was my birthday November 6th of this year , he told me we would be going for supper to celebrate the day. I got ready and we were on our way, whilst driving he was busy on his phone all the time telling me the manager of the place says our table was not ready yet. Then we carried on along the road pass the place we were suppose to have supper at we continued on driving got to a robot and he made a huge u-turn at a place we were not allowed then we over took a double cab  police van which then put on his siren.

Really scared we then pulled over and the police came to the window told him to get out and hand over his licence. I was still in the car not sure what was happening, they proceeded to the boot and when they opened the police said there was a bullet in the car, they then came to my door and told me to get out of the car at this time I was in tears thinking we would be going to jail.

As I tried to touch him the officer said I was not allowed too and that they needed to follow procedure it was then when they started to put the handcuffs on him.

I turned around to cry on the back of the car thinking how would we get out of the situation, with this he called my name and he was on his knee with the ring in his hand.

It was then when he asked me to be his wife and spend my life with him.

He had planned the whole episode with the cops. Definitely a day I will never forget.


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  • Lee-ann Steyn

    Who would have thought of something like this, only Barros!

  • Caryn Williams

    Awww sweet man, Lauren men will only go through so much trouble for someone they truly love. He is a born romantic all the best for your guys future I hope you win

  • Trudy Rene Barros

    Best Wedding Proposal Ever..

  • andrea

    What an awesome proposal bid ups to my cuz and Lauren!

  • Brynley Barros

    Well done guys.

  • Grant Barros

    I Wonder Who Is The Master Mind Behind That Proposal lol.All I Can Say Is You Better Marry Him Coz He Sounds Crazy Bout You Lady.Even Tho You Forgot To Mention That It Was Publicly Done in the middle of Voortrekker While people all pulled over and applaud.Anyway You Got My Vote Baby.

  • Dominique

    Wow girl!!! You really lucky, won’t say lucky!!! You blessed to have such a romantic, handsome, sexy and brave man like him!! Its very rare that you get men that will go to that extend for their women! So hold on to him cause you found yourself a diamond! Wish you both everything of the best and God bless you both!! Barros you really found yourself a fine, hot and good looking women! Mwah

  • Jill

    Good story! Very Creative 🙂 definitely has my vote!!!

  • amanda

    Oooooooh dats so swt of u my 4riend shme man maar hoe kan j vi lauren so laat skrik but never mind that c will always love u Mwahzzzz

  • Nikesh Kassen

    This story I’ve heard a few times and simply just can’t get enough! This is just how Grant and Lauren are! They most definatly should win this competition! Good luck you two!

  • Wagiedah

    LOL cute 🙂

  • andre

    I think it is very well thought out by Grant there was a a lot of thought and planning that went into the propoasal and I think they deserve to win

  • Malikah


  • Jenny

    That proposal was unique, one of a kind……….. Very, very romantic

  • Ronese Samuels

    Totally unique with getting the cops involved… Brownie points to you Grant for thinking out of the box

  • Lauren

    this made me cry….all the best you guys

  • Bronwyn

    Really romantic,def one of the best proposals I heard of! Go grant!

  • Bronwyn

    One of the best proposals i heard of, Grant” MR ROMANTIC”. Very romantic!

  • Tracy

    Very Unique & Romantic

  • deepa kassen

    All the best and good luck

  • Kaylyn Watlington

    Oh my gosh….this is extream I’ve never heared of something so hectic yet so sweet at the same time…wish you guys everything of best.

  • shanaaz

    so unique – everything of the best to u guys.

  • Chantel

    Very romantic. Good luck guys!

  • Dalene

    Truely unique and sooo romantic.

  • Wilma

    Trust Grant to be so crazy. Well done though, I would probably have punched you. All the best. Love you 3 guys

  • Carl Lowton

    Hi. I’m the Carl from
    I know this is a competition, and that comments mean votes, but to me it is more than that.
    This is about marriage and the people who take that step. You have chosen this path, and my wish is that your relationship may be blessed.
    Congratulations on your engagement and all the best for the big day – and every day of your journey together.

  • Hayley

    That was very unusual and unique at the same time, good luck to both of you 🙂

  • Megan Coetzee

    Beautiful..wishing ypou guys all the best.

    Hope you guys win this competition,Rickety Bridge is beautiful,my sister had her wedding there:)

    Keep the love guys!!


  • Chanelle Heynes

    Wow, this proposal is something else hey. Well done Grant, you guys deserve the prize!
    I wish you all the best, and may you continue to sweep your lady off her feet. Next time dont scare her so much,hehehe
    Good Luck 🙂

  • Mrs. Fiona Hayes

    Best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you definetly have my vote.


    extemely unusual, scary but meaningful and romantic,
    well done LAUREN and Grant

  • Rene Cozett

    It will only be Grant who will come up with something unique as this proposal. You are a very lucky girl Lauren. All the best

  • Renz

    One of the best proposals I’ve ever heard about. Good going Mr Barros.

  • Cecile-Ann

    Definitely deserve the prize – A unique proposal.

  • jody

    That’s the way to pop the big ?

  • byron

    Unforgettable proposal…that future Manchester United star Tylor got a clever daddy 🙂 Well done!

  • Lynette Roelf

    Wow 2 heart racing moments in one night, awesome

  • natasha

    Love this story, hope you guys win 🙂

  • Amanda

    Best proposal ever..

  • Yentl

    well done, Barros!

  • Luke Jansen

    Well done boykie. Very original.

  • Celeste

    Julle kan nou gerus kla maak en trou. Well done Boets

  • Franky

    Well done Grant you deserve to win this prize. All the best with the wedding arrangements.

  • Lynn

    Awesum way to propose very original but yet nervewrecking. All the best

  • Chante

    Congratulations Grant and Lauren. You should definitely win this prize.

  • TrudyC

    Geluk Grant en Lauren. Alles van die beste vir die toekoms

  • Sam

    It can only be my brother who would think up a proposal like this one. All the best with the wedding arrangements. Sorry that I wont be at your wedding we must celebrate in style when I get back.

  • Curly

    Brilliant!!!! Good luck

  • MoniqueD

    Excellent and so far the best proposal I’ve eva heard of .. very original Grant.

  • Monz

    Congrats Grant and Lauren. You should definitely win this prize

  • Faika

    What can I say … it must have been very scary for Lauren but the outcome of was ecstatic. All the best with your wedding arrangements

  • Nuraan

    Slamat Grant and Lauren. Perfect crime scene to steal a heart .. All the best

  • Jay

    Congrats Grant and Lauren .. most original way to propose ..

  • reneD

    Perfect proposal calls for a perfect wedding day ..

  • Samantha - Norway

    This is just the beginning for you guys, hope you have many more great stories to follow this one.

  • Judy

    I agree that this is thee MOST unique propsal! Go Grant! I’m so excited for you guys! Congratulations and I pray all the happiness in the world for you both!

  • Deon

    What a couple. I still get goosebumps when I read this. This is a story you will tell your kids one day because this proposal will never be boring and will always put a smile on your face. Well done Grant and I hope your wedding day will also be as special as the day you got engaged.

  • Rene

    Creative indeed!

  • Kareema

    Well done Grant and I hope your wedding day will also be as special as the day you got engaged.

  • Ada

    Beautiful couple. You two so deserve all the happiness and love that you give to one another. Let this be the beginning of a beautiful life together

  • Crystal

    What an unique way to propose wishing you both love, happiness and prosperity in abundance. God Bless and happy planning your wedding.

  • Faradieba

    Absolute love that story!!! Congrats!!

  • Hayaat

    Grant, you and Lauren bring out the best in each other. What a special story to tell your children and grandchildren one day!

  • Rob

    This story is completely different to all stories I’ve heard. Scary but yet romantic and funfilled. May you continue to have an amazing and blessed partnership

  • Nawaal

    Congratulations, one of the best proposals ever!You make such a beautiful couple and I know you will be very happy!

  • Quanita

    Wow, memories are made of this! Congratulations Lauren and Grant – wishing you long life and love

  • Raees

    A very special couple and a wonderful proposal story. I have no doubt they’re going to enjoy the path ahead of them and that they’ll be delighted with the surprises and good times and will tackle the tough times together. Their love for each other has brought them thusfar

  • Vanessa

    This is by far the BEST proposal i have ever heard!!!! May you be blessed with an eternity of love and happiness.

  • Washiela

    Congrats Grant and Lauren – all the best with planning your special day

  • Alana

    Very original, good going.

  • Belinda Barros

    Will just be Grant to work Lauren’s nerves up like that and the bring her down with a proposal like that

  • Candice

    How romantic…. Very cute! Best of luck to you guys 🙂

  • Leticia

    You sure made Lauren’s fairy tale come true! Congratulations! An original proposal!

  • Linda B

    Congrats you guys!Thinking oiut of the box Grant!

  • Nicole

    Congrats on your engagement. Well done Grant.

  • Devenia

    Lauren and Grant I wish you many years of good memories and happiness.

  • Jessica

    I am so happy for you guys. All the best for your future together.

  • Nisaa

    Congratulations on your engagement. May you have an awesome wedding.. You both deserve all the happiness God has in store for you!

  • Alex

    Congratulations. Its a very special moment and start of a new life together. All the best

  • Lulu

    WOW! So happy for u. All the best with the wedding arrangements. God Bless

  • Mish

    I am so happy for you guys. You make a great couple.

  • Zeera

    You a match made in heaven all the best for the future.

  • Tamsyn

    Lauren and Grant heres to wishing you all the best for the future. May your love for each other grow stronger and stronger. God Bless

  • Anthea

    Congratulations Lauren and Grant. I wish the two of you much love and happiness for many many years ahead.

  • Tracy

    Lauren you are one lucky lady both you and Grant deserve nothing but happiness.

  • Valda

    Such a special couple. Wishing you love and happiness forever

  • Bronwyn

    You have my VOTE. I wish you both all the best for your future together

  • Tilly

    Lauren and Grant you make the most amazing couple. All the best with the wedding arrangements. God Bless

  • Anthia

    Congratulations! Such a great story. Good Luck

  • Nuraan

    So excited for the two of you, you really deserve this. Have an amazing build-up to your wedding day. All the best for your future together

  • Lucia

    Always love and cherish each other. Treat each other as you would want to be treated, with respect and admiration.

  • Tercia

    Congratulations to you both, I wish you two an eternity of happiness together. That is a really an amazing story.

  • Brigitte

    Congratulations you two! I wish you only joy, laughter, success and a very healthy romantic marriage!

  • Cyril

    Absolute dig this story. Well done Mr Barros

  • Shan

    All the best and God bless

  • Edwin

    Congrats on your engagement. Well done Grant

  • Lache

    Congrats you two. May you have a happy and wonderful life together. God bless

  • Reggie

    A very unique proposal with lots of effort and planning. Well done Grant

  • Rose

    Very clever idea Grant .. who wud have thort up something so unique. All the best with the wedding arrangements

  • Kesiah

    Wow. Congrats Lauren and Grant.

  • Ciciele

    Great stuff Grant well planne and thort out. All the best with the wedding arrangements

  • Peggy

    High-five Grant. Awesum and unique way to propose .. there was no way she wud have said no

  • Lydia

    Well done. You deserve to win

  • Raeez

    Good catch Grant. May you always find happiness within each other

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