Leslie & Enver

Leslie & Enver

[dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap] e were high school sweet hearts, each others first loves and spent almost 2years together on high school. I broke up with him in 2002 for simple reasons in fact I didn’t have a good one I just wanted to be with my friends. We always wrote to each other and in my last love letter I told him I would always love him and that one day we would be together if we are meant to. ( Cliche I know)

10 years past and we happened to bump into each and it was love at first sigh all over again, we went out for lunch and all our old feelings just resurfaced and were inseparable ever since. Last year the 6th Dec at my end of year school concert after my class had done all their songs I was more than happy to get off the stage when Enver and my entire family came barging in, he came up on the stage apologized for taking over the concert and asked for me to step forward. He then told every mother, father, granny and grandpa all about our love story and how much he loves me and went down on one knee and asked me to be his wife :). He also had the older girls go out and fetched a board that read will u marry me. It was the sweetest most romantic thing ever.

We will be husband and wife on the 16th of Dec in the Castle of Goodhope.


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