Maretha and Nati


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Maretha & Nati

[dropcap color=”rosy”]T[/dropcap]his has been a day I was waiting for a very long time. I do have a bad habit of always finding out if my boyfriend (now fiancé) is planning a special dinner, surprise or even buying a present.  My biggest worry was that I would know when he would ask me the big question. I REALLY wanted to be surprised and my o my did he totally surprise me.

On the 7th December 2012 was my last working day before going on holiday for the first time in 5 years as well as the first proper holiday with my boyfriend in the 5 years we have been together. That week I was so busy with clients functions and year end functions. I was so happy when Friday arrived and I was officially on holiday. I did ask my boyfriend to please not plan or arrange anything for the Saturday (especially his work that has been calling him randomly to do stuff). I wanted to PLEASE sleep in a bit on the Saturday.

Saturday morning 7am he got up and quietly went out the room. His work phone rang that immediately woke me up. My 1st thought in my mind was O NO!!! Please don’t tell me he must go to work. I pretended to sleep and hope that I could quietly go back to sleep when he slowly stepped into the room. He woke me up and the time was 7:10am. I was furious. He informed me that worked called and he must go pick up one of the bakkies and lock it in the warehouse before we go on holiday. The twist was I had to get up and go with him to Houtbay (1hr from where we stay) because I have to drive one of the bakkies back to Durbanville. I was as you can imagine NOT a happy bunny. Eventually I got up, got dressed in a jean and tshirt and went with him. Moaning all the way and also going on about how unorganised they are, we finally arrived in Houtbay just before 8am. He got out of the bakkie to give the bloke a call who is bringing the bakkie to us. Apparently the guy was running late and we were just going for a drive up Chapmans Peak. Not suspicious of anything I was still upset and not most talkative. I just wanted to get back and relax at home.

On top of Chapmans Peak he stopped the bakkie. He got out and was looking over the beaches. He asked me to get out and have a look at something he saw in the water. I just answered yes but would not get out. He tried another trick and stubborn me just sat there and told him I am cold and will not get out.

After trying everything in his power to get me out he turned around and said, *please get out of the bakkie, I want to ask you to marry me.* Totally, totally surprised I looked at him, asked him if he is making a joke and still not realising this is his plan the whole morning. No bakkie to pick up, no blike meeting us there for work. Looking in his eyes I could see his is actually serious and not joking. I wanted to kick myself. Getting out of the bakkie – FINALLY – I started apologising for being so silly. All he could say was – ARE YOU NOT GOING TO SAY YES THEN.

And YES the answer was.

For me it was the BIGGEST SURPRISE ever. I always wanted to get engage near the beach. He knew if he took me out for dinner or planned something special I would have known. He managed to surprise me in the best possible way without me suspecting a thing. That to me was the most ROMANTIC thing ever.

Me and Nati

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  • hermien

    This is so stunning, I just love – it 🙂

  • Helene

    Na so baie jare het diy uit eindelik gebeur. Sien, dit is waar wat hul se dat die vrou wat due blomme vang op n troue en die man wat die garter vang op die selle troue, hulle trou op die ouend. Bly julle was die mense wat dut gevang het op my troue. Dit is n great manier om jou te vra. Lief julle baie en mis julle!!

  • Martelie

    So oulik vriendin, net jammer sy is altyd so hardegat hehehe. Ek hoef dit nie eens te se nie jy weet ek is so gelukkig vir julle altwee. En ek weet julle gaan so gelukkig getroud wees want julle 2 pas so mooi bymekaar. Love you lots my friend…..

  • Carl Lowton

    Hi. I’m the Carl from
    I know this is a competition, and that comments mean votes, but to me it is more than that.
    This is about marriage and the people who take that step. You have chosen this path, and my wish is that your relationship may be blessed.
    Congratulations on your engagement and all the best for the big day – and every day of your journey together.

  • Walter Hayes

    I got so much joy out of reading the above, as I did the day you told it to me. Its like a comedy with the perfect love story ending!

  • Niesa Hermanus

    So special…Love how it all came together. Best wishes for your future.

  • Tina Kleyn

    Im a true romantic but love a good laugh! Guys your story was very cute and so romantic! Love it!!

  • Tala Brink

    Like I said – Typical “Maretha Style”. I cried and laughed at the same time when I heard this story. Maretha, you are meant to be together. Deksel en Pot – het ek nodig om nog meer te se? Mag God julle seen.

  • Tina Kleyn

    I am a true romantic, but love a good laugh too! This story made me laugh but with a huge heart filled with love and happiness for you both. Love your story!!

  • Elzette

    Baie, baie geluk! Mag julle vir altyd so verlief en gelukkig wees soos die spesiale tyd van julle lewe.xx

  • Clinton

    Congrats guys! Nati, you set a high standard, you’ll now need to maintain this going forward – every special day!

  • Ester

    Ja hardekwassie – mag hierdie pad vorentoe vir jul besaai wees met seeninge – mag jul altyd bewondering hê vir mekaar – moet nooit die sprankel vir mekaar verloor nie. xx

  • Angie Kelland

    “ Congratulations to both of you. You have found the person you can spend the rest of your life with. Have a happy life together!”

  • Riana

    Baie geluk skattie!! Ek is so bly vir julle 2’tjies. Mag julle vir altyd so verlief bly!

  • Janine

    couldnt have happened to a more deserving couple. so happy for both of you my friends. cant wait for the big day!

  • Tanya

    What a wonderful, funny, romantic story!! Definitely a winner for me! Congratulations

  • Zuhdi Abdullah

    Veels geluk Magriet.

  • Laans

    Baie geluk aan 2 stunning mense! Mag jul lewenspad vorentoe ryklik geseen word met net mooi dinge en baie liefde en geluk.

  • Dawn

    Really such a wonderful event. So happy for you two! Things have finally gone your way, may God bless you with a very long and happy wedded life together. Always thinking of you xxx

  • Ockie

    Uiteindelik!!bitter baie bly vir julle!!!baie geluk nig!!

  • Marlee

    Dit is ook net my niggie wat so hardegat kan wees. Ons wag al so lank vir hierdie dag. Baie geluk en ek weet sommer julle gaan baie gelukkig saam wees.

  • Jolize

    Uiteindelik! Baie geluk julle 2. Kan nie wag vir die groot dag nie! xx

  • Marisa Hayes

    Julle is stunning!

  • Elize

    Beautiful julle!

  • Annene

    Baie geluk Maretha en Nati! Die lang gewag is uiteindelik verby! Julle storie is oulik en so uniek! Mag julle vir ewig so gelukkig wees!

  • Thea

    Baie romanties,ek is so bly vir julle part.Sien baie uit na die troue!

  • Thea Botha

    Baie romanties,so bly vir julle part.Sien baie uit na die troue!

  • Brenda Perring

    This story gave me goose bumps and quite a few tears were shed! So like you to be so difficult Maretha! Congrats to you and Nati, wishing you much happiness. All the best with the Wedding plans.

  • Maryna

    Hope your wedding day will be like a fairy tale – congrats!

  • Michelle Le Roux

    Ahhhhhh, baie geluk julle 2’tjies! Julle verdien dit sooooooooo om te wen!xx

  • Nafeesah Abdullah

    Best of luck for you and Naati. Congrats!!!

  • Elna


  • Charl Kelland

    Congratulations!! May your love for each other only strengthen as time goes by. All the best with your wedding plans and for the future

  • Carien Malherbe

    Liewe Maretha en Nati

    Sit ek en lees die stuk by my werk en begin amper in trane uitbars, want Maretha ek kan net imagine hoe bevoeterd jy was daai oggend en ek kan net jou gesiggie in my gedagtes sien en arme Nati wat jou probeer ooreed om uit te klim. Dit is so oulik en Nati, jy kort ‘n “tap on the shoulder” jy het regtig goed gedoen. Baie baie geluk, julle pas so mooi by mekaar en het al so baie struikelblokke oorkom. Liefde het gewen en ek is so bly dat julle dit nou met die wêreld kan deel en dat julle spesiale dag om die draai is. Baie geluk weereens, wens julle al die liefde en geluk toe wat die wêreld het om te offer.

  • Edwina

    Congrads Maretha and Nati you guys make a cute couple

  • Shauneen

    This is soooo romantic…… all the best hey

  • Emma

    Maretha & Nati,
    Baie geluk!!! Ek is ongelooflik bly vir julle twee. Geniet al die trou reelings en hopelik sien ek julle op die groot dag, dan skoffel skoffel ons lekker die hele aand lank net soos ons altyd Uxindon Hill se kombuis vloer blink gedans het.
    Liefde Emma

  • toy pelser

    Baie geluk julle 2 en njoy dit !!!!

  • Charmaine

    Baie oulike idee Nati! Geluk aan julle albei en geniet die res van jul toekoms saam.

  • Enrique Taljaard

    Baie geluk julle en sterkte!

  • Dorette Taljaard

    Well done Nati! Baie geluk en sterkte met al die reelings xxx

  • Letitia

    Ag my maat ek kry sommer hoendervleis! Soooo bky vir julle! Love u long time!xxx

  • Lianie

    Hierdie awesome mense het lang pad gestap tot waar hulle vandag is.Baie swaar gekry met tye,maar het mekaar altyd ondersteun en lief gehe.Ek haal my hoed vir hulle af.Mag julle baie gelukkig wees,mekaar altyd liefhe en altyd mekaar se maatjies wees.Baie lief vir julle

  • Barbara Swart

    Nati, well done!! Om vir Maretha so te verras, wil gedoen wees. Verseker die mees romantiese proposal ooit!! xx

  • Andrico

    Julle is twee dierbare mense wat ek baie na aan die hart dra! Ek is vreeslik opgewonde vir julle en weet sommer dat die toekoms saam ‘n blink ene gaan wees. Nou moet ons net die besigheid vier met ‘n lekker opskop. Kan nie wag nie!

  • Charlnel

    Baie geluk Maretha! Wat n oulike storie! X

  • Caron

    Baie geluk vriendin!!! Jy verdien dit en jy gaan die beste VROU in die hele wereld wees! Here’s to a life filled with love and happiness and all the blessings in the world!!!

  • Jolandi Greeff

    Ah, Nati, jy het haar definitief surprise! En sy het heeltyd gesê sy gaan weet as die vraag kom! Geluk julle 2 – nou begin ‘n ongelooflike paadjie vir julle twee saam! baie liefde xxxxxxx

  • gabrielle

    Wow ! Absolutely romantic and original 🙂 So very happy for the both of you! Can’t wait for the big day.

  • Danica & Dan

    Just typical the two of you. Glad the big day finally came. Congrats!

  • Joleen

    LOL! Shame – die arme man! Hy’t hom seker simpel gestres toe jy nie by die plan inval nie! Baie Oulik – LOVE DIT!

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