Maureen and Miguel


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Maureen & Miguel

[dropcap color=”rosy”]M[/dropcap]y name is Maureen , I would like to share my proposal with you ,

My fiancé Miguel and I have been together for 11 years ( on and off ) and have been through some ‘adventures’ together

Good and bad and I believe that being soul mates we reunite each time and our bond is stronger than ever and loving each moment. People say we are a funny couple – finishing each others sentences , knowing just by a wrinkle in a lip that I am in a bad mood , or a naughty laugh that he is up to mischief. Our Friends like teenagers giggly , but we know each other SO very well.

We spoke a lot about taking the next step forward and getting married …. However this was halted as I fell pregnant , coming from a very strong Italian family and he from a Portuguese family being out of wedlock was well not great BUT quickly over looked as both families were excited to have a grandson on the way… I soon forgot or rather put the thought of marriage away as a new chapter of our lives was in the making.

I was 8 and half months pregnant heavy and uncomfortable, Miguel decided it was a good idea to host a dinner /get together for our family and friend as a pre-Christmas and pre baby arrival. This is a normal thing as we always hosted a pre-Christmas do for our family and friends each year before everyone headed their own direction for the holidays.

Little did I know that there was more to this day….

In the background of this – Miguel had been planning more to this day – he had met with my mom and my sister to ask them if he could have the permission to marry me J this means the world to me as my father abandoned our family as a toddler and my mother is the head of the home and SO important to me and my mom’s blessing would have been the most important thing to me.

He has ordered  non- alcoholic champagne and flowers and cakes etc …. Having the get together was a PERFECT cover up.

Days leading up to the “proposal day” Miguel was acting so strange , and being pregnant and emotional I was worried at why this man I knew so well was acting weird , I put it off eventually that it was pre baby jitters as our son was due any in 2 weeks.

Our family and friends arrived and the festivities started as normal, I was so preoccupied with showing friend the nursery chatting to the other “mommies” about my worries…. That I didn’t notices Miguel and our 2 best guy friends running around putting bottle of champagne in the freezer , getting flute glasses in place etc ….hiding them in strange places.

For the first time in the history Miguel seemed to be able to have kept a secret – this TRUST me is quiet a miracle as I just have to look at Miguel’s face and I would KNOW he was keeping a secret and he would crumble and tell me – we share ALL our stories and secret he is my BEST friend. This is why he was acting strange and avoiding me hahaha.

With the sun rays bouncing off the pool as it set Miguel called to me to come to him , when I got there Miguel picked up a glass and announced to everyone … what I thought was going to be the normal – Happy festive season , best and safe travels speech….

Miguel started the normal speech and then turned to me ( I was chatting to my friend who quickly  told me to shut up and listen) ….. the most amazing words came out his mouth , I was IN SHOCK …. Miguel has never been a romantic person at all and in front of our family and friends he announced  how much he loves me and how much our journey the last 11 years and that I was his soul mate , lover and best friend …. And he bent down on one knee and as me to make him the happiest man and start a new adventure as husband and wife.

I sat there for the first time in my life speechless ( this does not happen often lol the not been able to speak hahah) and he still had to say BABE you ok ? SO what’s your answer ….. it was so quiet in the room I swear I heard the crickets outside…. I shout Yes babe defiantly …… then I stopped and said DID you ask my mom … everyone roared in laughter and cheered …


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  • Carl Lowton

    Hi. I’m the Carl from
    I know this is a competition, and that comments mean votes, but to me it is more than that.
    This is about marriage and the people who take that step. You have chosen this path, and my wish is that your relationship may be blessed.
    Congratulations on your engagement and all the best for the big day – and every day of your journey together.

  • Candice Walker

    All the best Maureen and Miguel

  • Firdows

    Aww Hun,

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you

  • Rene

    What a beautiful journey together

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