Meg & Andy

We met 4 years ago on an adventure race and there was an instant click, however he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. 3 years later we saw each other again and got chatting, which then led to our whirlwind romance!

Just over 1 year later I get a call from one of my girlfriends inviting us out to their farm for the weekend (her parents own a game lodge and spa) and is a place close to my heart. Off we set for a fun, but freezing cold weekend away.

We decided to go up to the lodge to see their new chapel being built, once we got there I ran inside, straight past a table set up with flowers, picnic basket and champagne glasses, completely oblivious! I take a look around and notice the table, I burst out with “Oh how romantic!! Someone must have had dinner here last night!”

Finally Andy turns to me and says “if we ever had to get married here, where would we stand and say our vows?” I look at him as my heart jumps, but then think no, I would have seen this coming. So I run to the front and say, “well I would stand here and you would…..” I look up and he is standing in front of me. He hugs me and says “I love you so much” we pull apart and I notice his hands are shaking, so clever me, I say “oh my love, are you cold?” he responds with “freezing” and grabs hold of my hands.

He looks at me so seriously and says “I have something really important to ask you” my heart stops and he drops to one knee, I start crying as he pulls the little black box out of his pocket and says to me “Megan Jess Norton, will you marry me?” while I’m blubbing going “no, no, no ,no ,no” he stays down on one knee wondering if that’s my answer when I burst out with “Of course, YES!” so followed a romantic picnic, after he pointed out the table was in fact actually for us! With real champagne and a romantic night at the lodge.

We will be getting married and saying our vows in the exact spot he proposed to me.


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