Melissa and Marnitz

Marnitz and I met in 2010  through friends at a club. Both of us are very loud and full of jokes, so of course we were like two peas in a pod!! On the 23rd of july 2010 we had all met out for drinks at a club. Marnitz persisted on his jokes of how he was going to marry me one day and I thought it was the cutest thing ever we shared our first kiss that night.

From then on we were best friends and soul mates. Our lives had changed. Little did we know they were about to change drastically, in 2011 my family were getting ready to move to Australia we had got through all our protocol medicals and were ready to start moving, until my medical exams were pulled back for some reason by the immigration medical board. We thought and feared the worst cancer, or some illness. We waited on a clearance for my medicals. Until the 16th of May 2011 early hours of the morning I fell violently sick at Marnis  house and being such a cry baby I begged him to take me home so I could sort myself out. We thought I had a tummy bug so my mum sent marni home so he would not catch it with work. An hour down the line I had reached a point where I could barely stand so my mum rushed me to the hospital, where we found out I was in labour and about to have a baby! With all of this Marni and his friend went searching hospitals to find me. No one could believe this shocking news of a baby! In the 15minutes I had giving birth and found out that I had two wombs.

We were always planning on having children but not at 21 and 22..  So our family grew bigger and went through ups and downs but our love never stopped growing stronger. We would go and look at rings every time we were at the shops. We had put two different rings away but each time something would go wrong and the search would carry on.

I never wanted a big and fancy proposal, I just told marni that when he does make sure our family is there and photos are taken. In  the beginning of this year I had found my ring called the queen of my heart, we put a deposit down on it and waited till we could pay it off. Little did I know Marni had already done so! My mum and I decided in March to do the bridal fair with her dresses and the first show everyone was dressed and ready for the fashion show. Marni had been trying organise to propose to me on stage went it was my turn to model but they would not allow it so he did the next best thing he could and I am so happy he did. Everyone was getting ready in the ladies bathroom (our change room) for our turn on stage and whilst lining up my friend Kristi bought my daughter through and her camera. My daughter then handed me a red box and Marni followed behind to ask me for my hand. In a wedding dress and veil I said yes!!  Just the way I wanted it simple but special to us. And I had my family and friends there too! Our joke now is we will always have many poops together!! Hehe you don’t have to put that in just a little giggle 🙂

Dbn Melissa B

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