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Thanks to all the couples who sent us their amazing romantic proposal stories. Now it is time to vote for your favourite story. There are some fantastic prizes for the winners and we will also be randomly selecting a few voters for a special treat courtesy of www.saweddingvenues.com

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Michelle & Jeff

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Here is my Romantic Proposal Story, Jeff proposing to Michelle and it included our 1 year old staffy, Tyson, he had his part to play too:

We always walk our staffy, Tyson (1 year old), after work on our local beach, Melkbosstrand, the day before my proposal (Thursday 29 Nov 2012) it was planned that we take some bubbly with us when we walk Tyson to celebrate one of Jeff’s exam results.

So Friday 30 Nov 2012 we go for our usual walk on our local beachfront just before sunset with our Staffy, Tyson. Bubbly was in hand to toast Jeff’s exam result.

So while we walking along the beach we choose a spot to sit, Jeff then takes Tyson further up for a bit of a run as his still a puppy and has lots of energy, I start pouring the bubbly, I see Jeff bending down doing the ‘usual’ adjustment around Tyson’s collar when his chain gets stuck. Then Jeff stands up and shouts from a distance to call Tyson towards me which we normally play tag and do with Tyson.

So i call Tyson and he comes sprinting along towards me, and then as our Staffy gets closer i see he has something tied around his neck, almost look like a BandDaner around his neck, at this time Jeff was running behind Tyson too towards me.

As Tyson got closer i notice its a Lanyard tied around Tyson’s neck, with a hand written message on it, and the words that stood out immediately was ‘Marry’ and ‘my Dad’.

By this stage Jeff was by my side, he took the lanyard off Tyson and it read: “Will you please marry my Dad, he really loves you with all his heart”

I was in shock and overwhelmed, then Jeff went down on one knee and proposed and he put my beautiful ring on my finger. The sun also started to just set right then, was the most romantic proposal …. Goosebumps

Attached is a photo of Tyson and the Lanyard message





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