Richard and Juline

I obviously wanted to surprise my bride to be, so I ‘arranged’ for us to go snorkelling at the Ushaka Marine World pools. This got Juline to pack her costume and be very excited for the day.

Meanwhile, I had booked months in advance to meet the dolphins, an experience which is a life dream for Juline. We arrived at Ushaka, went through the aquarium where she was soon getting cold feet, seeing the sting rays amongst which we would have been snorkelling.

We went for a walk to where the dolphins are kept, and upon Juline seeing the dolphins swim around, got very sad as we could not rather swim with the dolphins than do the snorkel. Little did she know!

I sprung the surprise on her as time came to get ready, so that she didn’t have enough time to wonder whether a proposal was on the way. We sat through the briefing of how the dolphins would react to us and in the pool we went.

After 20 minutes of feeding the dolphins, kissing the dolphins and petting the dolphins, one dolphin arrived bearing a message in a bottle. The message inside was the big question, with me beside her, on one knee, ring in hand.

As you can see from the attached photos, she was very surprised! A successful day in my book.

PS. She said yes!!

Dbn Richard Ferguson

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