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Samantha and Riaan

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Samantha & Riaan

[dropcap color=”rosy”]O[/dropcap]ne of Riaan’s clients is the exquisite 5-star lodge, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. After his first business trip to their establishment, he immediately told me that he plans to take me there for a weekend. So he asked me to give him a weekend I wasn’t working so he could arrange. So on the 6th of October we road-tripped to Grootbos, just outside Hermanus. I was taken aback by the complete beauty of the reserve and the modern 5-star lodge. We were welcomed with big smiles and bubbly by the Front Desk staff. They invited us to sit down in the guest lounge, which overlooks the reserve and the ocean. The staff brought us our check-in form to complete at our comfortable seats in the lounge.

Included with the Accommodation are complimentary activities the lodge offers. One of the activities is a guided tour to the Klipgat Cave and then a walk along the beach. Being absolutely in love with the beach, we arranged to do this activity at 3pm that same afternoon. Our tour guide took us down to the cave and we got some beautiful photos. Thereafter we walked onto the beach from the cave, when our tour guide got a “mysterious” phone call. He said that someone had reversed into his vehicle in the parking area and had to go check it out. So he told us to keep walking along the beach to where the rocks were, he would catch up with us. So being the compassionate person I am, I offered that we go with him. Obviously, Riaan said “no he will be fine, let’s keep walking.” So we walked on the beach, which was covered in blue bottles. This made it difficult to walk and I was getting tired and frustrated. I told Riaan maybe we should go back, but he insisted we keep walking.

Eventually we got to the rocks and he invited me to sit down on one of the rocks. When I looked in front of me, there, on another rock, was an ice bucket with a bottle of my favourite bubbly in and a platter of chocolate truffles and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Riaan came to stand in front of me and started telling me how amazing our relationship has been and that he is ready to take the next step. Then he got down on his knee, in the beach sand, dug a small box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. He opened up the box to reveal the most beautiful diamond ring, just my style in every way! I had so many butterflies in my tummy and I automatically said yes, a few times over! The tour guide popped out of nowhere and offered to open the bubbly and take a few pictures of us. We enjoyed the yummy chocolate treats while sipping on the bubbly. Clearly there was nothing wrong with the tour guides’ vehicle in the parking area!

Once we were ready to go back to the lodge, there was a 4×4 waiting at the top of the dunes to take us back. When we returned to the lodge, we were welcomed (and congratulated) with more bubbly by the Grootbos staff! Our room was decorated in flower petals and soft candle light and that evening we enjoyed a scrumptious 6-course dinner, a true fine dining experience to end off a perfect day.

Riaan totally exceeded my expectations in the way he proposed and all the elements he arranged to make the weekend the most special and memorable one ever!

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