Stacey-Lee and Heath

On Saturday the 23rd Feb, Heath had planned to “go fishing” with his best bud Dayne, and I was going to meet my best friend Candice for coffee at 9am.

Heath was set to go fishing at 6h30 in the morning, and so when he woke early and left – I thought nothing of it.

At 7am, my alarm on my cell phone went off (thinking it was the alarm I had set to let the maid in).

As I got up out of bed to go turn my alarm off – there was a rose with a little note attached to it. Heath being quite the romantic – at this point I didn’t think too much of it until I read the note:

So off I went to find my brown bunny… who had a note tied around his neck:

By now I had clicked what was happening – and got extremely excited for my quest.

Heath had picked out a dress and told me I had to be at my first destination by 9 am – for the first time in my life I was ready early – and sat waiting patiently on the couch till I could leave.

First stop was Audacia Manor on Morningside, where I picked up a rose and note (each note had a small write up on a memory we share at this place and then the clue to my next destination.

Form Audacia Manor I went to Market in Glenwood where he had ordered me a cappuccino and breakfast and then got my next clue.

I went on to a special tree in the Durban Botanic Gardens where I found my next clue which took me to Ushaka Marine World where we had our first date. From there I was taken to Moses Mabhida where I went up the sky car and received my next clue.

Off to Virginia Airport I went… Virginia is a special place for us as this is where we met and flying is what brought us together. I got my clue which told me: “X marks the spot – Find the X on the beach where your treasure is hidden”

I jumped into a helicopter which flew me over the Umhlanga lighthouse – where I saw a HUGE X written in the sand.

Once we landed I rushed off to the beach to find a spade – I dug out a mini treasure box with a padlock. A little note attached to the box said: “The key is at the end of the pier”

Off I went to the end of the pier – to find my future fiancé standing with the key.

We opened the box (he had even put little gold chocolate coins in as treasure) and he took out the ring box, dropped down on one knee – and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him…

And of course – I said YES – it was the easiest question I had ever been asked in my life.

Afterwards we went up to the Oysterbox Hotel for a drink – as he had arranged all our close friends and family to be there – and they could see from far the whole thing!

He put so much love and effort into it – just the happiest day ever!

I could not be happier – and am so excited to start the planning – and most importantly of all – to spend forever with the man of my dreams!

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