Susan and Wouter

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Susan & Wouter

[dropcap color=”rosy”]I[/dropcap]t was 31 December 2012, the last day of the year. We ended the year with a braai and having some friends over at our place.

The whole day I was very excited to go to the beach to watch the fireworks from there on New Years Eve, but as we all know, the wind in Cape Town can be somewhat unpleasant, so I was unsure if we will be going. It was the first time ever that I could be on a beach and see all the excitement and fireworks to start of the New Year.

We made it just in time for 12h00 on the beach where we hugged and wished each other a happy new year.

While standing on the beach and watching the amazing fireworks, I wanted to take photos, I noticed him just standing there and watching the view and he told me to put the camera off and to just enjoy and watch the fireworks. I knew from his side, okay that is a little strange and he would usually just let me take photos. But I switched the camera off and watch it with him, holding each other and that is the best feeling ever to start the New Year.

As we were standing on the beach I turned towards him and told him this is amazing and I love it, where he was totally smiling at me the entire time, holding my hand, and looking back into my eyes, it was so cute.

Short-thereafter he took something out of his pocket and I though “is he” and he asked me to marry him.

I was so excited. Words can’t describe the feeling and it was the most romantic idea ever. We got engaged on 1 January 2013 and I feel truly lucky.


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  • Natasha

    Ag sweet . You are a lucky girl to start your year with a engagement!

  • Sanette Truter

    2 sulke mooi mense verdien geluk en ook DIE mooiste troue!

  • Riekkie Howell

    Dit was ongelooflik romanties en ek het nie geweet Wouter kan romanties wees nie. Om daardie rede weet ek dat hy jou ongelooflik baie Lief het en twyfel ook nie aan jou liefde vir hom nie. Julle is vir mekaar bedoel en wens julle net wonderlik jare saam. Geniet Elke oomblik terdee, Lief julle baie!!!

  • Maryka

    Cute, hoop julle wan:-)

  • Susan

    :)) happy!

  • Maryka

    Cute, Hoop julle wen:-)

  • Machiel

    Congrats you two… may you have a happy and wonderful life together.

  • Orzilla

    So cute! Love them!

  • Danell van Staden

    Baie stunning storie en met ‘n “happy-happy new beginning”. Glo dat julle baie gelukkig saam sal wees.

  • Esther

    Dit is sooooo romanties!!!
    Hoop die res van julle toekoms gaan net so opwindend wees!

  • Phillip

    Very sweet, they deserve everything that a couple can get.I hope that u get this an may it open more doors for u’S in the future.

  • Lyon

    Congratulations guys. So happy for you

  • susan

    Ek is n trotse moeder van hierdie “bride to be” en is baie dankbaar dat sy n wonderlike huwelik instap saam met haar wonderlike toekomstige man en om hom as my aanstaande skoonseun te he. Ek is baie trots op julle, onthou Glo en Vertrou altyd op jul Heerser en in mekaar. Wens jul net die mooiste seeninge toe saam.

  • Jaco Venter

    Blessed marriage life in front of you, God’s love & Grace upon you lives!

  • Phillip

    Hi Susan en Wouter wil net vir julle se dat julle verloofing verhaal Pragtig moes gewees het! Baie Geluk julle en alle sterkte met die kompetiesie, mag jul n wenner wees.

  • nasima

    Realy awesome.. Good luck with your new adventure

  • Veronica

    Awww sweet, geluk!

  • Wayne


    hope this new adventure and romance will last you forever.

    very Romantic!

  • Philip

    congratulations cuz! so very pleased for you! you are a wonderful couple with a great life ahead. enjoy every moment!

  • Orzilla

    Goeie begin vir n goeie jaar!

  • Annet

    What a romantic story. So cute and wish you the best of luck and happiness for the future.

  • annetjie

    Wouter en Susan,
    Baie geluk met die groot stap in die regte rigting. Ek hoop dat 2013 die jaar vir julle sal wees en dat al jul drome waar sal word! Mag al jul besluitnemings vir die groot stap met die seen van die Here geskied! Sterkte en bly die pragtige paartjie wat julle is. Voorspoed en liefde word julle toegewens!

  • Eugene

    Baie geluk!

  • JT


  • Carl Lowton

    Hi. I’m the Carl from
    I know this is a competition, and that comments mean votes, but to me it is more than that.
    This is about marriage and the people who take that step. You have chosen this path, and my wish is that your relationship may be blessed.
    Congratulations on your engagement and all the best for the big day – and every day of your journey together.

  • Gerhard

    Baie mooi storie en paartjie,weet julle gaan gelukkig wees!!!

  • Alice

    Baie geluk julle!

  • Morné

    Baie geluk!!!

  • Alex

    Great stuff … good luck to both of you ;0)

  • Paul van Vuuren

    Baie geluk, net die beste vir jul vorentoe!

  • Dalene

    Great. Love ya xxxc

  • Jaco Cordier and Charmaine

    Congratulations, that is so romantic. We hope that you guy’s will be together for ever. You both deserve to be happy. Wishing you all the best. We hope that you win, you deserve to have a fantastic wedding, hope you win.


    That is so Romantic….Of course she said yes……You two are perfect for each other and you should win this hands down from the others I have read…….

  • Natasha Ross

    Baie, baie geluk julle 2tjies! Mag julle jare en jare so geluk he & kinders by die dosyne teehee 🙂

  • alta van wyk

    Baie geluk julle 2tjie!

  • Geraldine

    this is so cool my best friend love you lots

  • Julie Smith

    Good luck!

  • ray-jean


  • Upriis

    Good luck

  • Sharon

    Was seker moeilik gewees vir jou om daai kamera neer te sit!! Haha! Baie geluk! Alles wat mooi is vir julle. Hope every day together is worthy of a photo in your heart!

  • aude

    Nice picture. Great stuff … good luck.

  • Jill

    Soooooo Cute! GL!

  • Pete

    lovely, all the best 🙂

  • Johan van Tonder

    Geluk! Julle verdien dit 🙂 Mag dit vir ewig hou!

  • Elsa Kumst

    Baie geluk en julle is n pragtige paartjie

  • maggiee

    such a great story, I hope you guys win :]

  • Nico


  • Peet

    Baie geluk julle!

  • Candice Marais

    Good Luck! Sweet story, I really hope you win!

  • Mathilda

    oulike fotokie geluk meti troue meisi…

  • Gladys Jefferies


  • Adam Mathews

    Very sweet and touching, best of luck 🙂

  • Sam

    Great news! Wishing you all the best! 🙂

  • Christine Maher

    Hope you win! Good Luck!

  • Jody

    So cute! Congrats! 😀

  • Susan

    Thank you for all the comments so far, appreciate it so much 🙂

  • jay

    best of luck

  • Dion

    That is an awesome story.

  • Chris

    Nice story good luck, cute couple

  • Lizelle

    Cute couple! 🙂

  • Marcia

    Congratulations! You make a beautiful couple!!!

  • Maritza

    Baie geluk jul 2. Mag God jul ryklik seen in julle huwelik wat voorle. Wees altyd so oulik couple soos nou.

  • Keegan

    Beautiful story.

  • Darby

    Such a cute couple!

  • bassman

    Awww sweet, geluk!

  • Alocin

    Good luck with your new adventure

  • kokos1405

    So cute! 🙂

  • Jay

    Hi there,

    Both of you look so sweet together. God Bless you both. It was lovely reading about your experiences.

  • Tracey Wolverson

    Such a lovley couple 🙂

  • Sarah Taylor

    Good luck

  • Zoe

    Good luck!

  • charlie

    awwwwwwwww cute. 🙂

  • Danell van Staden

    Common choose Susan and Wouter now. There story is sensationable.

  • Rumané

    I hope your marriage will be as special as your engagement and your lives together filled with even greater joy!

  • sasmg

    great story….

  • Stacie

    Best Wishes to you both!

  • cynthia heyneke

    Congratulations susan and wouter. May you be blessed with many more wonderful years together.

  • Sherry

    What a sweet story! You two look fabulous together.

  • Jeff

    Much love and best of luck

  • Christine Maher

    Gorgeous Couple!

  • alicia

    beautiful story! congratulations 🙂

  • Allison

    What a wonderful story! <3 Congratulations!

  • Jonathan

    Best of luck to you!!!

  • Johannes

    Baie geluk julle twee!!

  • Hanna

    so cute!!!

  • ashley

    hope u win!

  • Halle Nelson

    Awwwwwww this is so sweet wish both of you the best of luck 🙂


    Good luck!

  • Mia Griffiths

    What a romantic story! Congratulations 😀

  • Jen

    Wish you the best of luck!

  • Gianna

    Voted, good luck! rtf (:

  • dean

    Good luck guys

  • Maximilian

    nice story, cute couple… i wish you the best!

  • Lilly

    Awwww this is so sweet. You guys are such a lovely couple.

  • Darian

    So sweet!♥ Good luck!

  • John P

    Wow, that’s a lovely story. It’s so romantic!
    Good luck, and I hope you win!

  • Stephen H

    good luck! 🙂 beautiful couple

  • Michal

    So happy for you guys, best of luck.

  • Krystle

    Beautiful couple. Good Luck!!!

  • Upriis


  • Shirley

    Wish you the best of luck!

  • Robyn

    Gorgeous story, hope you win 🙂

  • Adam W.

    Such a sweet story. Good luck to you two in your life ventures.

  • Liandri

    Susan and Wouter,

    Through all the difficult times the two of you survived but your lives together are only starting now. The beginning started picture perfect and that is exactly what you guys deserve.


  • Makinzee Love


  • Chloe

    Best of luck! ♥

  • Kristina Ortiz


  • Vitalka

    That is awesome 🙂

  • anastasia

    you are beautiful Susan!

  • Shannon

    What a beautiful proposal story! I wish you happiness in abundance! Good luck!

  • Annelise

    Mooiste paartjie ooit! Julle is stunning! Als wat mooi is! 🙂 xx

  • Natalie


  • Mark Cobb Law Group

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  • Mohamed Shehata

    good luck

  • jacinta boys

    Aw this is beautiful!!

  • Mike

    Me encanta mucho

  • mel

    That’s so sweet :3 Congrats x x

  • Melissa

    Best wishes… awesome story. Good Luck

  • Hannah

    Congrats & best wishes! 🙂

  • LL


  • Jaci

    Great story!! Best wishes to you both!

  • steve

    I vote for Susan and Wouter.

  • Scott KS

    That’s amazing! I wish you all the best. There are so many good, loving people and stories out there.

  • Drea

    Awesome story congratulations! Good luck 🙂

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