Vanessa and Dwayne


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Vanessa & Dwayne

[dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e met in a club on the 1 September 2007 at that stage I did not want a guy my studies was on my mind and just wanted to have some fun… With my parents going through a divorce at the same time a guy was just another thing to focus on for me.  But that night was different I went out to as normal with friends just to have fun, turning around from the bar in the corner this strange guy was right behind me, being polite I smile and walk around him… not knowing that the polite smile is what had him fall head over heels in love with me. He had followed me around the whole night I was highly irritated and just wanted him to leave me alone, but that never happened…

Skipping to the engagement day 4 years later on the 1 September 2011…

I was wishing for this day to happen since we where together for two years already, but being a man he also said he does not feel readyL. I made hints for it to happen an for him to know I’m 100% ready. I studied travel and tourism to go travel the world, but I left that idea because I wanted to be with him forever and he knew that. I even moved in with him in July 2011 hoping he will see how much I want to be by him J

So the night of 1 September 2011 we celebrated our 4 yr anniversary together. I came home from work and there was a gift on the kitchen table… Lovely perfume and a stunning Fairy (my favourite). He then told me we need to get done because we have a dinner reservation at 19:00 in town,  I did not think weird bout it cause we always go eat out for our anniversary, what was strange his he would not tell me where we going, at the same time my mind set was HIS NOT READY. As a female I was a bit late and we rushed down to the car, he then says to me he forgot his wallet in the flat an runs up.

We landed up by window table looking out at the lights by the harbour by Quay 4. There we had a three cause meal with fun and laughter not once did it go through my mind that it will happen….

At 22:00 the evening we head back home, but from Quay 4 to our car is a distance and the weather was storming, the rain was falling buckets forming a small river in the path way and the wind was so strong, we had to run from one under cover roof top to another… like a real movie moment. Finally getting to the car park soaked… I take my boots off in the middle of the car park him looking at me saying there is only one of me. J

At home I say thank you to him for a wonder full night and I had real fun THINKING THE EVENING WAS OVER. I head to our bedroom to get out of my soaked clothes, laying on my pillow is a little red box I walk towards it confused not sure what is going on, I picked it up and opened it when I turned around he was behind (not on his knees) shivering so nervously he asked me, “met die ring will ek weet as jy vir my die gelikegste man in die werled sal maak en met my trou” as a typical female I start crying my eyes out hugging him… he then pushes me away and asks me what my answer is J and of course I said yes. After I had calmed down I asked him how did he get it on my pillow he then said his wallet was on him the whole time when he saw the weather he decided to go put it on my next favourite spot and that my pillow next to him J   Now my wedding date is Saturday 31August 2013 a day away of the 1 September 2013 and I can’t wait to Mrs Griggs.

Our friends still joke and say I never wanted anything to do with him at first and look now.

Might not be as romantic as some, but for the type of guy he is this 100% romantic and i love him the way he is.


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  • zack

    Perserverrances is key 🙂

  • Lizahn

    Sweat like chocolates!! Lovit

  • laurel

    who could of thought dwayne had it in him. 😉

  • Joanne

    I will never get the night u guys meet, u were so pissed about this guy and then when u showed me and I knew who he was……till today we laugh about it, but u know what, he ur sould mate, he makes u happy in every way and seen u so happy is the best thing to see! I know he will take good care of u he has done so till this day! Cnt wait for the wedding I’m super excited ! Wish both of u the best for the futur and very hounored to be part of it! Big hugs!

  • lynette ogilvie

    Love you are a lovlie coupel

  • jp

    Ja nee vanessa,dit is nogal soos jy se,jyt niks verwag en dit het nogal goed afgespeel. Ons mag dalk nog spot daaroor lol,maar ons is almal so bly vir julle.


    Ons weet sommer dat julle die beste couple gaan wees. Sterkte met al die reelings. Oom Hennie & tannie Marinda

  • Carl Lowton

    Hi. I’m the Carl from
    I know this is a competition, and that comments mean votes, but to me it is about more than just winning a prize.
    This is about marriage and the people who take that step. You have chosen this path, and my wish is that your relationship may be blessed.
    Congratulations on your engagement and all the best for the big day – and every day of your journey together.

  • Chantel Bruwer

    I am proud to be calling Dwayne my brother inlaw soon. All that counts is that your engagement was special to the 2 of you. Luv u guys

  • Jason Bruwer

    Cant wait for the wedding. Another one bites the dust. LOL.

  • Canvas co

    Julle maak so n mooi couple, alles van die beste en sterkte met die kompetiesie.

  • Simone

    I am so happy for you guys.
    Al the best on your future together 🙂

  • carol

    Julle is so ‘n spesiale paartjie. Hoop julle wen.

  • Dad

    Wishing you the best as always 🙂

  • Nicci and Lourens

    I must say that is ADORABLE !!!

  • Heidi Lampies

    D & N – you are a perfect match!!!! Your love is so strong _ keep it up and stay as wonderful as you are!

  • Evan Kuhn

    Kaptein en Vanessa – julle is great saam! Pas mekaar op and let the love flow 🙂

  • Fay

    Such a special couple. Wishing you love and happiness forever

  • Jean

    Every engagement is special, in its own way… What counts is that he makes you happy and you make him happy, may you 2 have all the love in the world to give to each other.

  • Debbie

    what a lovely story, full of fun and romance. So happy it will be their turn at last, and no doubt the best co-ordinated, organised wedding of 2013!!!

  • Allyson

    Wishing you and Dwayne all the happiness for your future together 🙂

  • Tania

    Wonderful couple and a very romantic proposal

  • Tracy

    Vanes – my baby cuz. You so deserve this. And Dwayne, welcome to the family, not that you aren’t already 🙂 Happy for you both…

  • Adeeba

    Dwayne is such a romantic I so jealous just joking…..
    I’ll read this whole day so sweet

  • terence

    Two are better than one, hope you two will have many years together. Good luck

  • Fareez

    its not a noun, its a verb. Its something you get. Its something you do. Its the way you love your partner everday.

    Remember this and good luck

  • jeanrie

    oooo i sommer get goooosbumbs:) lovely story!! you deserve to win!!

  • nita

    Lovely story – wish you all the luck and love for a lifetime together

  • Evan

    Hoop die kos gaan lekker wees.

  • RC

    Cute couple. Hoop julle geniet elke oomblik

  • Nicky

    This is a lovely romantic story, I wish you both happiness and love forever and always. God Bless You Both,

  • Alan

    Everyone has a unique story and the sentiment is priceless! Go team V&D!

  • craig

    You guys are great together. I hope you win!

  • annelize

    wat an amazing story
    good luck

  • gillian

    wishing u guys all the happiness in life and all the love possible.

  • faldielah

    Good luck u deserve to win

  • munira

    everyone should have a fairytale ending hope u get urs. good luck

  • robyn

    what a magical moment.

  • sideeqah

    holding thumbs for u 2

  • Aziza

    may ur love last forever and many special moments together

  • Dorothy

    Hi, congrats you guys!!! Hope you are very happy!!!

  • Nigel and Kathleen

    Congrats, hope you win

  • marius erasmus

    Beautiful,can’t wait for the big day

  • Aneesah

    What an amazing time of your life, good luck.

  • Monique

    So sweet 🙂

  • megan

    what a stunning story.

  • Lisa Renda

    Whoohhooo!! Go Vannessa & Dwayne!

  • Mariaan Renda

    What a sweet story. V&D

  • Beverley du Toit

    This is going to be one amazing adventure in your book of life! God bless you both in taking the next step

  • David

    U guys are an amazing couple an deserve to win

  • edwin

    Hope all the best for your future.

  • francois

    baie geluk julle 2 hou duim vas

  • charlene

    May ur marriage be blessed

  • Zaida

    So happy for u 2… goooood luck 🙂

  • channelle

    Amazingly stunning couple… Gr8 example to the rest

  • Edward

    Inspiring story

  • Carla

    Goodluck with the wedding love the story really

  • Linda

    All the best for u 2. Keep strong with the wedding plans

  • Beckie

    Goodluck in the future all the best

  • Bianca

    Adorable couple 🙂

  • sonja walker

    so mooi!!

  • Marlien

    I do not know Dwayne very well, but he must be a very wise guy, taking enough time to make a well thought-through choice of taking you as his partner for life! Keep making one another happy and may God bless your marriage.

  • Mo

    During breaks at work, most men tend to chat about things that makes them the most happiest people around.
    I realized that whenever Mr Griggs and I went out to lunch or a coffee, all he spoke about was “Vanessa this and Vanessa that”.
    Being in the IT department, we are all passionate about computers and technology and this makes us all tick, for Mr Griggs, his passion was his soul mate and this made him the happiest person around. Good luck to the two of you and may you share the rest of life’s memories in happiness!!!

  • D


  • Jean Fletcher

    whoooohoooo…. go vanessa and dwayne.

  • Serge

    All the best Dwayne and Vanessa, I wish you a happy love journey….

  • Marissa

    What an stunning story and amazing couple.

  • Shane

    will be holding thumbs for u 2.

  • Lorenzo

    I have the privilege and opportunity to be working with Dwayne, he is a great standup guy, and he comes across as a very level headed person, always wanting to assist and being helpful

    I haven’t had the opportunity to meet Vanessa, but I feel as if I know her already, as Dwayne is always talking about her(all good things…lol)

    All I can say is Congratulations! I wish you guys many decades of wedded bliss

  • Nicole

    well done Mr Griggs… U surely won the lucky prize

  • Chantal

    Love the story, you guys Rock.

  • Samantha

    Romantic. You guys are a awesome special couple. All the best

  • Hendriette

    Wonderlike storie, baie spesiaal

  • Joanne Jewell

    I know vanessa for many years already, and was she fussy with what guy she had in her life, but im glad she met dwayne he makes her the happiest ive every seen her.

  • Matthew

    What a stunning story. you guys seem like a lovely couple.

  • Maureen

    Good luck on your special day, may you have the worlds happiness and love to full the marriage

  • Adri

    wat a go getter dwayne u knew wat u wanted an never stopped.

  • Angela

    Congrats and good luck.

  • Anneka

    holding thumbs 🙂

  • Andre

    good luck U2.

  • brian

    😉 may your day be blessed

  • esmie

    good luck with all the plans

  • Colin

    What a lovely story you guys sound so happy.

  • Elmarie

    Alles van die beste vir die komp.

  • Elize

    May you two be blessed in every way. Good luck

  • Dirk

    Julle maak n oulike paartjie alles van die beste vir wat voorle.

  • Faye

    AAAAAWWWWWWWWW………..a typical Dwayne moment, Vanessa you definitely got the cream of the crop. You lucky fish …..
    i am a colleague and Dwayne’s an awesome guy ………..All the best

  • Moana

    sweet 🙂

  • yoli

    Congrats and all d best to u guys

  • Mario

    Good luck guys

  • Vinoliah

    Congratulations!! Wishing you much happiness, joy and many blessings. All the best with the wedding plans

  • Rose

    🙂 How romantic

  • Mirinda

    Wat n wonderlike storie, ek dink dis oulik.

  • Henry

    Hope you guys win, well deserved.

  • Jeanrie

    Stunnnnnning story!!!!

  • Rohlene

    Ek is mal oor julle storie alles wat mooi is vir die toekoms.

  • Leon

    😉 Happy memories to treasure forever

  • Susan

    What an amazing story you guys look so happy together.

  • Ria

    Once a little girl now all grown up and taking the extra step in life. Best of luck

  • Ciska

    Baie Geluk en Sterkte!!!

  • Caval

    Good luck

  • Nicky

    Lekker, hoop julle wen!

  • Dawn Naude

    Ek moet se hulle lyk na die pragste paartjie wat ek in lang tyd gesien, hulle lyk regtig baie oulik en ek moet se ek weet dat julle gaan wen. Julle lyk pragtig en baie gelukkig en so romanties, julle pas so oulik bymekaar.Sterkte byt vas julle is die beste…

  • Angie

    May GOD bless you both richly! Remember always communicate with each other and never go to sleep angry with each other. Love, Aunty Angie.

  • Lezahn

    Goodluck Guys! Have a beautiful day.

  • sylvia

    Looking forward to being part off your special day.

  • Marius van der Westhuizen

    Great storie! Sien julle op die groot dag!

  • Dean Hewitt - DJ Dean SA

    Beautiful couple – many blessings to the two of you!

  • Juanita

    Baie mooi story.

  • Jill

    Good luck guys

  • Sanet

    Dis n kosbarre storie alles van die beste vir die toekoms

  • Dawn Naude

    Hulle is die pragste paartjie wat ek ken en julle pas so oulik bymekaar en so gelukkig.

  • Dawn Naude

    Dit is n baie oulike storie good luck .

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