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Vanessa & Dwayne

[dropcap color=”rosy”]W[/dropcap]e met in a club on the 1 September 2007 at that stage I did not want a guy my studies was on my mind and just wanted to have some fun… With my parents going through a divorce at the same time a guy was just another thing to focus on for me.  But that night was different I went out to as normal with friends just to have fun, turning around from the bar in the corner this strange guy was right behind me, being polite I smile and walk around him… not knowing that the polite smile is what had him fall head over heels in love with me. He had followed me around the whole night I was highly irritated and just wanted him to leave me alone, but that never happened…

Skipping to the engagement day 4 years later on the 1 September 2011…

I was wishing for this day to happen since we where together for two years already, but being a man he also said he does not feel readyL. I made hints for it to happen an for him to know I’m 100% ready. I studied travel and tourism to go travel the world, but I left that idea because I wanted to be with him forever and he knew that. I even moved in with him in July 2011 hoping he will see how much I want to be by him J

So the night of 1 September 2011 we celebrated our 4 yr anniversary together. I came home from work and there was a gift on the kitchen table… Lovely perfume and a stunning Fairy (my favourite). He then told me we need to get done because we have a dinner reservation at 19:00 in town,  I did not think weird bout it cause we always go eat out for our anniversary, what was strange his he would not tell me where we going, at the same time my mind set was HIS NOT READY. As a female I was a bit late and we rushed down to the car, he then says to me he forgot his wallet in the flat an runs up.

We landed up by window table looking out at the lights by the harbour by Quay 4. There we had a three cause meal with fun and laughter not once did it go through my mind that it will happen….

At 22:00 the evening we head back home, but from Quay 4 to our car is a distance and the weather was storming, the rain was falling buckets forming a small river in the path way and the wind was so strong, we had to run from one under cover roof top to another… like a real movie moment. Finally getting to the car park soaked… I take my boots off in the middle of the car park him looking at me saying there is only one of me. J

At home I say thank you to him for a wonder full night and I had real fun THINKING THE EVENING WAS OVER. I head to our bedroom to get out of my soaked clothes, laying on my pillow is a little red box I walk towards it confused not sure what is going on, I picked it up and opened it when I turned around he was behind (not on his knees) shivering so nervously he asked me, “met die ring will ek weet as jy vir my die gelikegste man in die werled sal maak en met my trou” as a typical female I start crying my eyes out hugging him… he then pushes me away and asks me what my answer is J and of course I said yes. After I had calmed down I asked him how did he get it on my pillow he then said his wallet was on him the whole time when he saw the weather he decided to go put it on my next favourite spot and that my pillow next to him J   Now my wedding date is Saturday 31August 2013 a day away of the 1 September 2013 and I can’t wait to Mrs Griggs.

Our friends still joke and say I never wanted anything to do with him at first and look now.

Might not be as romantic as some, but for the type of guy he is this 100% romantic and i love him the way he is.


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