Wanda and Bertus

When I met my fiance 7 years ago he was one of those real ‘bad boys’ on the outside but a heart of gold on the inside and he absolutely captured my heart and soul. From day one he always said he will never get married, that he is not built for marriage. Never has he been engaged or ask anyone to marry him.

I was so in love with him that I accepted that fact and was more than happy to continue a life with him being unmarried and only being his girlfriend. 3 years ago we moved in together and day by day our love grew so strong and we got to know each other so much more in depth like most couples do when you share a household together. My father and stepmother lives in Dubai and I knew it has always been a dream for my boyfriend to go to Dubai and go and see the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalif.

So last year December we flew over to visit my parents and knowing that my boyfriend wanted to go and see this building my mother put that our itinerary of things to do while there. We were standing there on the viewing platform on the 124th floor admiring the view when my boyfriend came up behind me and held me and said that now that he has me at the most amazing place in the world, on top of the world, will I marry him? I was so shocked but ofcourse said yes immediately. He told me that for a long time he could not think of something to do that will be out of this world when proposing to me and when we had our travel arrangements booked he knew that this was where he would propose. How many other people can say that you got engaged in Dubai at the highest building in the world. I even got to go choose my ring in Dubai. How do you top that!!!!! We are getting married on 15 March 2014 in Richards Bay…..six months to go whoop whoop!

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